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Disney Class 02: Movement

Okay, I’m back.

Movement and how you present yourself is 90% of the whole thing.

First off, HANDS.

Hands are everything. I’ve been spotted as a “professional/party princess” outside of costume by people because of how I hold my hands. 

Ballet hands y’all, index finger up, middle finger down, ring finger somewhere in the middle and pinkie finger out.

Hands should be delicate and soft, think of them like ripples of water, they complete each movement just a few second after your wrist/arm. 

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bethyjones94  asked:

I hope if Mark actually follows through with the nudes, they are done like old school pin ups...I'm a sucker for pin-ups!! (Doing this off anon because nudes can be classy :P )

nudes can be classy. the human body is a beautiful thing. i can def see him doing scar positivity shit, too, with all of those cute belly scars. 

also same. lmao.