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Nico diAngelo Headcanons
  • He still has a bit of an Italian accent - it’s especially noticeable when he’s emotional (i.e. angry, excited, upset, etc.) Will can’t decide whether he finds it hot or adorable.
  • He curses at people in Italian when he’s angry.
  • Everyone assumes he always listens to hard rock/screamo, but sometimes Nico likes to listen to old school jazz music because it reminds him of his old home and his mother. 
  • He also loves opera. His mom used to take him and Bianca to see performances and he’s always loved the beauty and emotion operatic music offers. 
  • It still shocks him sometimes how openly Americans speak out against their government. He grew up being taught that questioning the government out loud would lead to severe punishment.
  • He loves to cook and when it’s a special occasion (like Will’s birthday or their anniversary) he’ll make pasta from scratch. He knows how because he used to do it all the time with his mother when he was little.
  • He talks with his hands. A lot. He stopped doing it as much during his post-Bianca angsty stage, but since befriending the Seven and dating Will the habit has come back full force. Percy even joked once that Nico probably couldn’t form a coherent sentence if they tied his hands down.
  • He literally can’t be on time to save his life. Will jokes that he’ll probably be late to his own wedding. And Nico doesn’t even try to make up sugarcoatted excuses. He’ll flat out tell the truth like “I wanted to stop and get a coffee” or “It’s a nice day so I walked slowly.” He almost never apologizes for being late either.
  • He loves watching soccer football. He plays FIFA on the XBox the Stoll brothers smuggled in and beats everyone. And if anyone calls it soccer in front of him he is ready to fight like “you stupid Americans and your need to be different why not just call it football like everyone else?? Like your version of football barely even uses feet so what the hades??”
  • Nico loves coffee. Like he is super snobby about it and only buys the good stuff. Anyone who’s willing to drink instant is dead to him. And don’t even think about speaking to him in the morning until he’s had at least two cups unless you’re looking to get kicked in the shin. Or your name is Will Solace.
  • He’s very affectionate. He doesn’t show it in public much (he does have a reputation to uphold after all) but behind closed doors he forgets the definition of ‘personal space’

My mother always told me, even if a song has been done a thousand times, you can still bring something of your own to it. I’d like to think I did that.
– Etta James –

A List of Places You Will Find Me

(inspired by this post by @2wentysixletters​)

i. you will find me in the shadows of a worn-down café where a crackly speaker plays old school jazz music. lazily my eyes follow the words on the paperback in front of me but soon enough they stray to the table underneath. it’s an anthology of stories in itself, with decades of vaguely reflective statements and declarations of youthful love carved into its wood. saxophones and caramel voices fill my ears while my fingers trace the etched echoes of people who were here before me in another moment, in another time.

ii. you will find me by the shore, gazing out into the ocean. the sparkling waves are magnetic but my feet remain anchored in the sand. blue stretches on for miles and i ponder how something can be so terrifying yet so fascinating. fear and wonder must go hand in hand, i think. i will never be unafraid of open waters, but that’s okay. it means i will always be spellbound by the sea.

iii. you will find me by his side, trying desperately to silence the pounding of my traitor heart like tremors tearing apart the iron cage i’ve built inside me. his grin can start a storm, his kind eyes a hurricane. with clumsy hands, i attempt to strengthen my defenses, but he smiles at me and i come undone once again.

iv. you will find me on a busy street, the noise of the city like a symphony to my ears. there is beauty in everything, even this glass and concrete world. i find constellations in the checker board windows of towering skyscrapers and dusty apartment buildings and listen to the untold stories in the sea of faces rushing by. my voice is just one drop in this moving, breathing ocean, my footsteps just one echo of a hundred others. the thought should overwhelm me but it is strangely comforting. here, in this urban jungle, is where i belong. here is where i am home.

A Defense of La La Land

There are spoilers, but you can’t critically analyze a piece without spoilers.

“Mia and Seb have very stereotypical definitions of success and it reinforces the idea that to be successful you have to be famous”
Yes, Mia and Seb become very influential figures in the industry, but it’s established from the beginning of the movie that that is what they want. Mia grew up with Ingrid Bergman as her inspiration and Seb had an affinity for old school jazz musicians and wanted to bring that widespread appreciation for jazz in the modern day. If a kid wanted to be the doctor that cured cancer when they grow up, you wouldn’t tell them “Redefine your definition of success kid. It’s equally valid to own a small office in town and that would be a career to be proud of!”. You would encourage them to follow their dream, and if they make it, you wouldn’t criticize them as the unrealistic standard of success.

“Why did they [Damien Chazelle and fellow creatives] thank Hollywood for taking a chance on a movie starring white people as likeable characters?”
Because musical movies have been dying for a while now. Live action musical movies are released maybe two times a year in a good year. The last totally original musical movie to even be made was the High School Musical series (and the last installment was released in 2008). Hollywood has this idea that musical movies are a thing of the past, and the fact they even produced an unapologetic (no “why is everyone SINGING???” moments) original movie musical written and directed by someone who has only helmed one other movie is incredible.

“Mia and Seb put their relationship before their careers and blamed the relationship for their failings”
I’m sorry but no. Both were nothing but supportive of each other. Seb watched Mia give a reading of her play in their bedroom and was nothing but supportive. Mia never even suggested that Seb should join the band even if he didn’t want to, and when this was revealed to put a strain on their relationship, he QUIT. Mia gave up after her play had like five people in the audience, she overheard the stagehands talking shit about her, and realized she had a year of dead end auditions (her breaking up with Seb was also depicted as “straw that broke the camel’s back”, which was totally valid under circumstances).
And if the epilogue doesn’t do anything else, it shows that neither of them had absolutely NO resentment toward the other and both were happy with the other’s success. They also showed no resentment for their current life. Mia has a happy, loving husband and child and Seb owns his own nightclub. If anything, they both needed each other to succeed. Mia never would have continued to act and audition if it weren’t for Seb, and Seb would’ve been stuck doing something he hated if Mia hadn’t pointed out that she didn’t need him to do it in the first place.

The movie is not about Hollywood, movies, or music. That’s the nostalgic backdrop. The movie is about your first love and how just because that relationship ended it doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate what they did for you.

  • octavia fucking loves it when raven comes home covered in grease and all sweaty from the shop but nothing compares to them banging after sparing together
  • lex is a music nerd, plays piano but loves old school jazz and blues. o plays drums and is a sucker for it too one of her afve skill styles. they dont talk much when they hang in the group together but they start jamming together and its this unspoken bond they have. 
    BONUS: clarke and raven dont realise they hang out like that, just like oh they must get coffee or compare knives of something then they come home one day and find them jamming, they dont realise they have an audience until raven starts feeling O up because they both fucking nerds and play with their eyes close so they ~feel the music~. O thinks its Lexa at first but then she realises that she can still hear piano
  • o and rae are the ass slappers of the friend group. But octavia loves ravens ass and is always casually just holding it. ravens just like lol same this ass is fine af
  • lex is v conservative in terms of pda but loves constant contact with clarke, so she always goes for the pinky hold. shes very respectful of boundaries and was raised to give lots of personal space.
  • clarke loves to wrap herself around lexa. starts with sliding her arm around her. she craves lexa contact and lex always takes a moment because shes not used to being so shamelessly loved but she just sinks into it like home. 
  • raven always been pretty open sexually and constantly talks about how hot everyone is and one day shes going off to lex and lex v stoically just goes “clarke is a beautiful girl, and yes breasts are heavenly but i admit raven you have quite admirable assets” and its the first time in a while raven catches her tongue and is just like :DDDDDDDDD ayyyyyyy
  • clexa catch octaven asleep spooning on the couch and take pics like aww cute so sweet and then the\yn realise o has her hands in raes pants, due to movement and clarkes just like guys you fucking serious rn 
  • o and clarke fall asleep watching a movie, lex is like “babe i um i gotta sleep” and clarke just like “just join us sour puss”, so lexa is in the middle of them clarkes got her from behind and o is snuggled into lexas chest because she little and lex sees her as one of her own, v protective. ravens just walks in like yoooo where the invite also cute bonding at lex/o. clarke stirs and like does head movement to say just come behind me and ravens just like hek yis. and thats how ot4 snuggle time happens