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  • for this college boyfriend!jihoon request. i love you
  • okay so i originally really wanted to do campus dj!woozi because i’ve had this same idea for another boy for about a year but i had hit a rut and i really didn’t know where to go with it until i saw the gifs of woozi at the piano and so piano prodigy!woozi popped into my head and i had a hannah montana moment,,, who said you can’t have the best of both worlds,,

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Agust D Review Special 🔥

It finally happened. Yoongi dropped his long awaited mixtape and we all dropped whatever we were doing, scrambling to get to Big Hit’s youtube page then rushing over to Soundcloud to listen to the full track list. 

As predicted this whole album was fully grown and self exploratory, mixing dark with light, old school hip-hop with deep 808 baselines and pop overtones, even delving into mental illness and the politics of fame. 

Shaking off any remaining boy-group stereotypes, killing the boy and showing us the mind of the man he is today. Through the bad, through the good, he poured his heart and soul into every line as we listened openly to the intimate details. 

The following is a full track review with ENG SUBS and a mixtape link, please enjoy: 


An amalgamation of every aspect of his new sound with the remixed title track backing from Agust D perfectly introducing his new era like a manifesto, wetting our appetite for the legacy he will surely set down as his career progresses. 

An original sound demonstrated, a persona stated as fact. Unapologetic, aware, the claiming of a new territory.


The now legendary title track whose video is a fiery Marshal Mathers-esque trailer experience attacking us at a turbulent speed. Effortlessly cool and fully grown, we watch a tied up Yoongi attempting to escape the beaten up old trailer facade like a movie anti-hero only to discover that he must ride along with these humble beginnings and get comfortable before he can smash his presence into the world.

The lyrics play into the message of the video as he roasts his own previous mixtape uncomfortable with his early work, and shows his grounding in references to the hometown from which he came up; not before shitting on every single one of his rivals with matters of improving class, climbing the ladder of fame, and the growing awareness of his own skill. 



A fiery continuation of the Agust D MV with a beaten up Yoongi regaining consciousness in the wrecked trailer, scrambling from the vehicle in which his journey began, leaving behind what was, owning what is, standing atop what used to be his prison. 

His appearance changes with the demand ‘Give It To Me’ to one of unapologetically jeweled urban style. Only then does he find the strength and power to smash through the facade of the world. 

We ride the almost Arabic melody into a cacophony of deep echoing base, metallic vibration, and one of the sexiest beats on the whole mixtape. He breathlessly penetrates our ears with his lyrics of defiance, spitting pure reallness when it comes to his endurance to achieve his ultimate goals of honour, money, and fame. 


04. SKIT

A heartfelt blink into Yoongi’s family life as we get to overhear a touching conversation taking place between himself and his brother in a restaurant. 


05. 치리사일 사팔 (724148)

A slick, edgey, rocky undertone of base guitar with pretty melodies and acoustic drums with a stark 90′s hip-hop style which wouldn’t be out of place in 8 Mile. 

His lyrics charting his epic come-up from the days when he was shaded and doubted, up until his final call back from Big Hit Entertainment with the area code 02. 

This is archetypal, the stuff of cinematic proportions which we remember when we’re old, the stuff of pure iconography. 


06. 140503 At Dawn 새벽어ㅣ

We’re introduced relatably to Yoongi’s tired yawns, immediately logging on to his workroom computer, beginning with a bare stereo beat which gives the frustrating sensation of being held back without blossoming, never reaching its full potential. 

It creates the perfect background with which to explore his themes of long hidden social anxiety and searing loneliness, a hard hitter for those of us who have, and still, go through these things every day. 

The track finishes with more mouse clicks and low white noise, a mundanity which makes Yoongi’s words all the more powerful. 


07. 마지막 THE LAST

One of the most moving tracks Yoongi has ever created, a high stakes pounding beat likened to heavy faltering footsteps, angry and breathless, culminating in an epic orchestral crescendo once again defiant in the face of its own themes. Exploring the deterioration of his own mental health in the throes of his social anxiety and depression fueled self hatred, allowing us to see him as we have never been able: troubled, suffering, doubting. 

Going beyond the Min Yoongi we all know and love, bringing us tears and reassurance with his own incredibly human survival story. 



A dark and spine-tingling exploration of the ego and its pitfalls inspired by the cultural icon and most famous anti-hero of all time, the leading character ‘Scarface’ in The Godfather franchise, embodying the doomed rise from the bottom to the top. 

Replete with a deep and dirty 808 base and ringing with funeral like bells fitting for an underground rap battle but with all the style of ghost riding the whip beneath hot palm trees in LA. 



A stunning almost-instrumental running along with the ghost of our beloved HYYH era over arched by saintly gospel choir chants. The colours of the world and its collective expectations bleed into our minds with its sweet melodies and the prayer like mantra ‘dream’ which seems to be an all encompassing urge rather than a simple statement. 


An uplifting modern day anthem with a steady unrushed beat and effortless electric guitar melodies building to Jackson-esque heights, its dream-like bridges and angelic female vocals can’t help but release an infectious buoyancy.

It is almost impossible not to sway along and visualize oneself freed, atop a snow capped mountain, arms outstretched in the sun. 

It embodies Yoongi’s entire message and manifesto brought to completion, it is the gathering together of all his inspiration into one 6 minute time capsule to rest at the edges of our imagination until we need it most. 



No matter what we each gained from this mixtape it is clear that even among non-kpoppers Agust D made huge waves, in a generation of meaningless hip-hop focused only on riches and demeaning lyrics, what Yoongi gave us is a psychological odyssey in which he paints himself through his mental anguish and pure heart as the archetypal anti-hero, both a fully blown inspiration and an ongoing cautionary tale of personal growth that he himself is still forging. 

He has raised the bar now so high that even Namjoon’s previous mixtape surely cannot stand against it? BTS BEAT will be avidly anticipating more stunning artistry from all our Boy’s, and will be sure to report and fully review any future releases! 

FULL LINK: www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGxfY1avdCA

What are your opinions on Agust D? Is there any comparison with Namjoon’s mixtape? Let us know! 💖  

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anonymous asked:

hey, I was just wondering what the general opinion of Gabrielle is in Norway. Like, is she really popular and everyone listens to her, or is there a stereotypical group of people that listen to her. Can it be considered "cringy" to listen to her, because Isak was sort of mocking Even in a friendly tone if I grasped the scene correctly. Does this make sense? I don't know how to phrase it.

It makes sense, don’t worry ;)

Gabrielle really broke through with a song called ‘Ring meg’ (Call me) and it became a big hit. She’s from Bergen (like Eva in the show); it’s on the western part of Norway. They speak a different dialect there, as you’ve probably heard when Eva speaks it sounds different from when the other ones speak (Or I dunno, maybe it isn’t easy to hear that for you? In this dialect the ‘r’-sound is like in French; pronounced in the back of your throat)

I know that some people in Norway find Gabrielle irritating because of her dialect (which, imo, is just silly, but okay. I actually love that we have so many artists in Norway who sing in their own dialect), and also because they got so tired of her when ‘Ring meg’ got played everywhere. 

But! In regards to Isak and his reaction, I have the impression that he finds it so surreal that Even likes the song because he probably had this idea of Even being all COOL OLD SCHOOL HIP HOP ONLY, and that this silly pop doesn’t quite “fit” in with his first impression. And I also thought about this, actually, because I kind of saw myself in both Even and Isak in this scene: When I was 15-16 I was really “strict” about what music I liked and what I didn’t like, and I would sometimes be (oh god) quite loud about what was NOT COOL. Then, as I got older, only like a year older or two I was like “What the hell. Can’t go around being a cunt. And damn ‘Somebody to love’ by Justin Bieber is really good!” 

I think it’s yet another way of showing us that Even is older, has more experience and isn’t so hung up anymore about what people think of him.

(And, totally unrelated, but I laughed out loud because it reminded me of my friend who’s the vocalist in a screamo metal band, and he LOVES Katy Perry XD I just think it’s good and healthy that we can like whatever we wanna like, regardless of how ‘lame and mainstream’ it is in other people’s eyes :) )

I was raised on The Beatles and Bowie, but I also LOVE Japanese boybands, and when I finally started giving a shit about what people thought about that, it was amazing how fast many others soon also “admitted” to liking stuff outside of their usual gig.