old school disney movies

i’m in my prime,
not withering and old.
but i refuse to play
your wicked games any longer.

i know this tether is unbreakable,
but you make me feel like i’m interchangeable.
you drew a target on my heart,
when did this become fatal attraction?

i don’t have the strength,
the energy,
nor the patience
to be held hostage by your love.

so baby please don’t despair
when i say that
i’ve found the courage to
let you go.

you were never meant to be tied down in the first place.

—  believing i could love you was my mistake, c.j.n.
High School Musical Star signs:

Aries: Kelsi Nielsen
Taurus: Taylor Mckessie
Gemini: Martha Cox
Cancer: Zeke Baylor
Libra: Ryan Evans
Leo: Sharpay Evans
Virgo:  Coach Bolton
Scorpio: Chad Danforth
Sagittarius: Troy Bolton 
Capricorn: Mrs. Bolton
Aquarius: Gabriella Montez
Pisces: Ms. Darbus

babebot  asked:

That oc character profile thing why not your Ryder twins? If you don't want to do them then two of your choice.

Sounds good! I’ve been having a lot of fun with Logan but honestly I didn’t do a lot of thinking on Ethan until I’d beaten the game, so bear with me.

-Full Name: Logan Dana Ryder
-Gender and Sexuality: Agender, lesbian
-Pronouns: They/them/theirs
-Species/Ethnicity: Human, mixed (Irish, Brazilian)
-Birthplace and Birthday: The Citadel, July 23, 2163
-Guilty Pleasures: Karaoke, team betting pools, old school Disney kids movies. (25 credits to anyone who can get through the opening of ‘Up’ without crying.)
-Phobias: Falling, suffocating, flying in storms, bugs (those first three are new)
-What They’d Be Famous For: (Besides the whole pathfinder thing?) Almost went drink for drink with a krogan 3 times their size.
-What They’d Get Arrested For: The subsequent bar fight.
-OC You Ship Them With: Ursa Cadash
-Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Musicals and historical fiction. (Given all that happens, “Wait For It” is pretty high on the ‘most replayed songs’ playlist.)
-Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliches: The Chosen One trope. Someone once pointed out that they align with the main points of that trope really well. Logan pointed out that they’ve also died three times, so it still sucks. In fact it sucks more now that they’ve lived it.
-Talents and/or Powers: skilled with biotic abilities, good at cooking (good with fire in general), 3 ½ octave vocal range, terrible sense of humor, the uncanny ability to seem bigger than they are (which is handy when you’re 5'1" and built like Tinkerbell)
-Why Someone Might Love Them: They’re funny, honest, friendly, and kindhearted almost to a fault. Not to mention fiercely loyal and again a damn good cook.
-Why Someone Might Hate Them: They had to make some hard choices as Pathfinder that a lot of folks didn’t like, plus they’re associated with the Nexus and that’s an immediate strike for a lot of people. Not to mention that terrible sense of humor is kind of a coping mechanism and they’ve said some fairly… inappropriate stuff to keep from flipping out.
-How They Change: They go from nervous kid more comfortable following someone else’s lead to capable badass leader ready to cut a path for all the people back home. Logan always had the skill for it, but now they have the experience and confidence in themself to know they can get shit done.
-Why You Love Them: Much like every self-insert that decided to stick around as a permanent oc, Logan has turned into someone a lot more interesting than they started out as. Not to mention I love how Ryder feels like the Hawke to Shepard’s Warden, if that makes any sense.

-Full Name: Ethan Scott Ryder
-Gender and Sexuality: Male, pansexual
-Pronouns: he/him/his
-Species/Ethnicity: human, mixed (Irish/Brazilian)
-Birthplace and Birthday: The Citadel, July 23, 2163
-Guilty Pleasures: Karaoke (he and Logan do a fantastic Under Pressure), dating sims, and coloring books with curse words
-Phobias: Bugs, electrocution, vehicle crashes
-What They’d Be Famous For: Discovering the first pun that works across at least one language from all Milky Way races as well as Shelesh.
-What They’d Get Arrested For: Hacking a database he shouldn’t have. And not for the first time.
-OC You Ship Them With: Nisha Wallace
-Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Buddy Cop and High Fantasy
-Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliches: “Still in the competition on a technicality.” It’s lazy, predictable, and frankly he’s more interested in the team that would have moved on if they hadn’t messed up.
-Talents and/or Powers: Has a knack for languages (spoken and programming), biotic abilities on par with Logan’s, and good at improvising tactics on the fly (as opposed to his sibling’s “hit it ‘til it quits moving and then hit it again” approach.
-Why Someone Might Love Them: Who doesn’t love a 6'2" dorkasaurus capable of hacking Avina so she only tells knock knock jokes?
-Why Someone Might Hate Them: He can come across as abrasive and obnoxious and sometimes gets defensive when called out on it.
-How They Change: He goes from being in a coma from not being in a coma? Like I said, I haven’t thought as much on him.
-Why You Love Them: He’s just as much of a dork and sarcastic goddamn smartass as his older sibling.

Another fun fact about the twins! You know how when you’re a kid you have a specific historical period you’re way into? When they were in 1st grade Logan was super into the Krogan Rebellions (and was hyped to find out that Drack is Warlord friggin’ Shiagur’s son) and that whole period of time.

Ethan was intrigued by the early 21st century phenomenon known as “Florida Man”.

wolfsbane highlights - tyler hoechlin!

OKAY. Last but obviously not least. This is gonna be a looooong read, y’all, so make some tea or whatever. Obviously Hoechlin was like, 85% of the reason I went. And I made it to the M+G!!, and both panels!!, but only the Sunday lounge. They forbade filming really strictly so I didn’t try, but I ummmm did record some audio, just so I could do the transcripts. I do not have the energy to type it out as exactly as last time, but basically this is everything that he said during that weekend!

Highlights include - talking about his butt, him speaking foreign languages!!, and making fun of Derek’s life…

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