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Hit Korean boy band BTS is ready to take over Anaheim

Rap Monster, one of the seven guys in the South Korean boy band BTS, says it was only at the end of 2016 that he and the others realized how huge their band had become around the world.

“Somebody in the company sent me a message: ‘You got No. 26 on Billboard OMG congratulations,’” says Mr. Monster, the 22-year-old rapper born Kim Nam-joon, by phone from Chicago where BTS was set to play on Thursday before hitting Honda Center for a pair of sold-out shows on Saturday and Sunday.

“At first I thought, 'Ha ha, your humor isn’t really very good,’” says Rap Monster, the leader of the group and its primary songwriter. “We didn’t believe it.”

But as more messages started to ping onto their phones he says the BTS boys realized it was no joke: Their sophomore album, “Wings,” entered the Billboard 200 chart at No. 26 after its October release, making it the highest chart position for any K-pop act – not to mention one that sings primarily in Korean – and offering a bit of foreshadowing for Billboard naming the record the best K-pop album of the year.

Since then things have only gotten sunnier for Rap Monster, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook. In February, “Wings” was re-released in a new edition as “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” and the combined editions have since sold nearly 1.5 million copies worldwide. Music videos for “Spring Day” and “Not Today” were released a week apart last month as well and exploded on YouTube where they’ve currently racked up 59.2 million and 60.1 million views respectively.

“When we heard that and really got that, I was saying, 'OK, this is going to be a whole other world,’” Rap Monster says of the significance of the Billboard chart success and all that followed. “And I feel like we should do something more, and dream something more.”

This past week they’ve taken a step toward something more, playing their first headlining and sold-out arena dates in the United States, after previously having mostly played on multi-artist billings at KCON conventions held here.

“So many people just to see BTS was really an honor,” Rap Monster says of the opening pair of shows at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J. “It feels dreamy these days.”

Not, mind you, that it’s been anything like an overnight success or an easy road for him and the other BTS members.

He grew up a top student in his school who loved American rappers such as Eminem and Nas, performing even as he attended high school and eventually catching the attention of BTS future manager Bang Si-hyuk at BigHit Entertainment in South Korea. And though he says he gave up on music when he was 16, lacking confidence in where he was headed, he says Bang encouraged him to stay strong, believe in himself, and sign on as the first to join BTS, even though at the time he wasn’t sure who or what it would end up incorporating.

“I was not aware of the other members,” Rap Monster says. “But I like the company and I respect them. And he promised to me, 'I will make you do your music and get big someday, so please believe me.’

"So I believed him.”

The other six members soon were selected, each of them bringing different talents on the mic or on stage. Songs were developed by Rap Monster and the other members, with a team of producers working to craft the best music from the raw material, the melodies and beats, that they created.

“Our chemistry is different from other groups,” Rap Monster says. “Everyone has their own points and characteristics. If I’m a bad dancer, a good dancer teaches me. If I’m a good songwriter, I help the others with a good melody.”

We ask the obvious question: Are you a bad dancer?

He laughs and answers: “Yes, I’m a bad dancer.”

Their music is different from a lot of K-pop acts that have made ripples on the American airwaves. They’re not popular because of the novelty aspect of their songs – think “Gangnam Style” by Psy from a few years back. And they’re not quite as bubblegum as a group such as Girls Generation or as eclectic as the synthpop of f(x), the first Korean band to play the South By Southwest festival.

Instead, BTS often aims for that sweet spot where R&B and rap get together, the kind of stuff Justin Bieber might be doing if he sang in Korean and there were six Bieber variations with fashionable hair and eclectic yet unified fashion choices.

“BTS music sounds like it’s from America,” Rap Monster says. “We decide to always watch the trends and watch what’s going on over the world. America’s the No. 1 market in the world so that’s why people in America prefer us.”

As for communicating through the language divide, Rap Monster says that’s partly handled by the group’s wildly enthusiastic social media following: “Fans translate our lyrics and interviews,” he says of a following that has landed them at the top of Billboard’s Social 50 list for a total of 17 weeks since “Wings” dropped in October. “They’re able to say, 'OK, BTS is talking about us and our lives.’”

And it’s partly addressed through lyrical subjects that express the common hopes and dreams and fears and worries of any teenager or young adult in any country.

“Our lyrics are mostly Korean but we always talk about the young people’s lives and their minds,” Rap Monster says. “There’s something similar between every young person in the world, in America or in Korea. We share something together even if we use different languages or live so far.”

American fans are also the savviest music lovers in the world, Rap Monster says, which made heading out on this brief headlining tour a little bit intimidating at first.

“We actually were scared of performing in America as a solo act,” he says. “Their playlists are the best in the world. I was really nervous for them.

"But after we were on stage our fear disappeared. They’re like everybody, they’re like friends. Singing along all of the lyrics even through the raps. They know how to play, the rhythms and the dances.”

An aside here to share our favorite piece of Rap Monster trivia. You might be wondering whether he spoke through a translator. He did not. His excellent English skills were polished in the classroom but also at home through what he refers to as “a Korean mothers syndrome.”

“'Friends’ was really famous for the mothers in Korea for English education,” Rap Monster says of the hit American sitcom from the '90s. “It was kind of like a syndrome. Korean mothers make their kids watch 'Friends’ even when they were eating food or playing.

"I think it really helped. It has like 10 seasons, I think, and I watched it like more than five times through the 10 seasons. They use the gestures and expressions, like, Americans use, right? I think that naturally teaches me how to speak or how to make a gesture when you try to express some emotions.

"Thank you, 'Friends,’” he says, laughing. “God bless 'Friends’!”

Rap Monster recently collaborated with the American rapper Wale on the song “Change,” which like some of BTS’ other songs – and unlike most K-pop – touches on politics and societal issues. He says he’d loved Wale’s music for a few years when the opportunity to do the song came along last year “like a miracle, like a dream come true.

"The song has already come out and we shot a music video together, but still sometimes I lie in my bed and think, 'Did I really do something with him?’” Rap Monster says.

He knows that boy groups from Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync to the Jonas Brothers and One Direction tend to have a finite lifespan before members get restless to move on solo projects, acting gigs and other opportunities. But he thinks the variety of interests and musical genres that individual BTS members have can be handled on the side or even within the group, and BTS itself can carry on.

So while Rap Monster says he’d love to collaborate with Drake or Miguel one day, Suga feels the same way about Kanye West and Flume. Jungkook seems more inclined toward pop R&B – his dream musical partners would include Bieber or Charlie Puth. V is a little bit old school, having mentioned Norah Jones and the Fugees as on his wish list. Rap Monster ticks off the rest of the band: Jimin digs Chris Brown, J-Hope is into the similarly initialed J. Cole, and Jin is a fan of old-school showman Bruno Mars.

“I always tell them that every time we have hits under the name of BTS we shine the best when we are a team,” Rap Monster says. “I know all the seven members, they love music, and I know their No. 1 wish is for us to perform and make music and sing and dance.

"Maybe someday someone will want to be on a television show or be an actor,” he says. “I just hope they know all of the popularity and fame and money is from the name of our team. That’s not one person, everybody contributes to the team.

"Nobody knows the future. I just hope it can last as long as possible.”

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Another school project, tried pixel art this time so I’m having alot of fun being looser in style.

anonymous asked:

Hello, I'm sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you could do some headcanons on how Joker would react if his s/o was an experienced persona user that uses an evoker to summon their persona. Keep up the amazing work! :)

Getting a bit old school with Persona 3, eh?

  • Joker is honestly kind of shocked??
  • 1) You’re similarly a persona user (how did he not see that??)
  • 2) You’re using a gun instead of the flashy mask stuff that the Phantom Thieves have?? You laugh and tell him it’s called an evoker and he’s like “mhm ok”
  • 3) You handled your Persona like you’ve been doing this your whole life. Needless to say, he’s a bit jealous. 
  • Would almost immediately ask you to join them though
  • Like he trusts you with his life because you’re his S/O so it’s no surprise that he asks you to join their cause 
  • And the fact that you’re standing up to everyone and can uSE A PERSONA is like a major bonus like he’s so proud too??
  • Joker is visibly relieved, pretty out of character if you ask me, but now he knows he doesn’t have to keep the horrors of Mementos or this side of him a secret to you: something that has been eating him away for a long time now like he’s keeping something from the person he cares about the most
  • Would 100% recommend you use the evoker as a weapon as well as a Persona summoning tool since Mementos is funky like that 
  • Feels a bit better that he has a sweet ass costume and you don’t (save this boy he’s envious) but is also kinda curious to know if he could use his own gun like that as well (no, don’t-)
  • Would also probably ask to battle you um don’t agree it’s not a good idea 
  • Wants to compare Personas!! Admires yours a lot because “I am thou, Thou art I”. You and your persona are one in the same! 
  • You’d probably be enamored by Joker’s persona (/multitude of personas)
  • “Wow, surprise after surprise, huh? First I find out you’re a persona user, then you’re the head of the Phantom thieves, then you can wield Shadows as Personas too?? Are you trying to make me fall for you again?”
  • “Heh, let’s call it that. You can’t resist my charm though, right?”
  • “…. You’re right-”
  • Kinda stops and is like “When did you get a Persona??” Along with all the other questions about your awakening to your skills, etc
  • Entertain him a bit please he’s having fun with this
  • Speaking of fun: Now he wouldn’t have any qualms about 👀ing you in this costume now that you know his identity 
  • Also doesn’t have any qualms about hiding his more egotistical and cocky side
  • Expect him to ask you a lot about Shadows and Mementos and everything tbh
  • You guys honestly go on “dates” in the Metaverse like those days where you’re super stressed or just need to kICK THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF SOMETHING
  • Is a firm believer that this has brought you two even closer together (if that was possible)
Reverse Idol (Yoongi)

This post is my thousandth post!!! I think that’s just really really cool a thousand posts is a l o t but now it is time for the first half of the Daegu line, one half of sope, my highkey spirit animal who looked s o fucking good in the MV he was looking super cute and super nice and his rap was amazing as always, Min Yoongi aka Suga aka Agust D

  • This AU is gonna be about what I think would happen if the reader was the idol and BTS were the fans, you can also think about this like a general celebrity post, I’m gonna be basing this off of kpop idols bc it’s easier for me to write with just one focus instead of being all the over place with it but if you wanted to see this as an actor!reader or a non-kpop singer!reader post, you could easily do that (and of course this is all still gender neutral)
  • Another series with idol!reader is my idol couple series (Yoongi’s post is here) where both the reader and BTS are idols
  • This is gonna involve some photographer!Yoongi (here)
  • Okay so Yoongi is a more laidback fan but he’s also one of the most supportive fans
  • So he’s not gonna come to a fansign in head to toe merch but he will be there for every fansign in his town, every concert, he’d have all the albums
  • He gets the boys into your music slowly but surely
  • Like he starts off with the most popular song and that gets their interest and then he starts playing the albums when they’re driving around and he’s super casual about it but it’s mainly bc he knows they’ll like it
  • He tells them about you pre-debut too but he doesn’t have any music to show them then so once he does, he brings it up just as a suggestion like a “hey you might like this song”
  • He’s the type of fan that knows about you before you debuts like you know how sometimes companies will release lil snippets or videos of their trainees to get people hyped up, that’s where Yoongi finds out about it
  • He keeps an eye out for any news and when he has free time, he likes to watch those videos bc you seem interesting so he’s curious to see where your music will go bc we all know how much yoon loves music
  • I have this head canon that Yoongi is one of the most loyal people bc to me, Yoongi has loyalty written all over him like I feel like he’s that friend that will stick by you no matter what (unless that friend does something horrible to him of course) and fanboy!yoongi is no different
  • Yoongi is a bit calmer with his reactions to performances like with some members in BTS, they’re dancing and bouncing around and going crazy but Yoongi’s just sitting there with a lil smile on his face but you can still tell that he’s really loving it and sometimes he sings along
  • He’s appreciating the tiny details of the performance most people wouldn’t notice
  • Also I gotta add this in bc when I was writing Jin’s post, I thought of this and it’s one of my new head canons and I can’t think of fanboy!Yoongi without thinking of this now
  • We all know Yoongi loves photography, he and Jungkook always have their cameras out when they’re on vacation like I think it was during Bon Voyage (if I remember correctly) he was just out taking a bunch of pictures and he looked like he was really enjoying it
  • He runs one of your fansites, he’s pretty popular in the fandom bc he’s always got the cutest pictures
  • The fans aren’t the only ones who recognize him, you know who he is as well, you’ve seen him at plenty of fansigns and events in general and you always see him with his camera so sometimes you don’t even get to see his face until the last few seconds when you’re walking off the stage
  • But when you do, your breath is officially taken bc he’s so pretty and he’s got that soft black hair and he’s talking to the person next to him so he smile at them and his smile is all gummy and cute and he just looks so niCe and you’re just like o h
  • And of course your reaction to him doesn’t go unnoticed by the rest of the fans and he’s so ?? about it bc wait what was there something on his face so there are quite a few people that start to ship it bc yoongi was one of the first fansites so he’s obviously gotta like you too to be willing to still be taking photos at events two years later
  • So you know how some fansites will give presents to their idol, Yoongi’s gifts are always really thoughtful and cute like I think I’ve mentioned it before but I feel like Yoongi’s personal gifts would be a bit more small but s o meaningful
  • Like there are of course the bigger presents from the fandom itself but Yoongi includes a gift that’s just from him and it’s a bit old-school but it’s super cute, he makes you a lil mix tape and includes a bunch of songs from underground artists, popular artists, all the artists that he really really loves and it’s really sweet
  • You two finally end up “meeting” face to face at a fan sign bc the fans convince yoon to go up there and get an album signed in person, they promise they’d take pictures for him so he doesn’t miss any moments and he eventually gives in when he sees you waving him over bc by this point, you’re really curious about him
  • He’s gotten you a mix tape (which you lovED) he’s been with you from day one, he’s always been really polite about everything and he’s supportive so you just wanna say thank you at the very least
  • Once you hear his voice, you’re gone, your jaw literally drops open bc you’d never heard him speak before and his voice is even nicer than you could’ve ever imagined and you can feel the crush developing as you’re talking to him bc he’s nice both visually and personality wise
  • You ask him about photography and he tells you it’s his major and that he’s always loved it since he was a lil kid and he’s making you laugh a bunch and he’s just really interesting and you wanna get to know him better
  • “Why not meet up at my next photo shoot? Maybe you can be the photographer”
  • “I would love that”

2Pac: The Prison Song, 1995.

During most of 1995, Tupac Shakur sat in prison

One might think that this would be the perfect opportunity to bang out lyrics like never before, but 2Pac wrote just one during a period which he in retrospect spoke of without too much good to say.

The song in question is number one in the order on the 1996 release “All Eyez On Me” and is called (you might know this one) ‘Ambitionz Az A Ridah’.

2Pac also wrote the outro for ‘Tradin’ War Stories’ while doing the same bit.

mijrake  asked:

hey there ^-^ I love your blog and your thoughts on spn (and your fanfics! I love the way you write. You have a very special writing style) but I wanted to ask why you thank that Dean is convinced a romantic relationship isn't something Cas wants? And unrelated to spn may I ask if you're learning German (you reblogged some German stuff?) and if yes why? Have a great day! :3

Hi:) Can I ask why you think Dean thinks that Cas doesn’t want this kind of relationship with him? Because the way I see it *Dean* brotherzoned *Cas* last season, and especially after last episode, Cas has directly expressed how much they (he) means to him, so I don’t see Cas sending out such vibes.. Unless you mean it looks like that from Dean’s perspective, because *issues*…

Hello there! 

I apologize to you guys for squishing these two asks together, but it just seemed to make sense? Also, @mijrake - thank you so much for saying that, I’m so happy you like my stories!

Anyway, to get the German thing out of the way - I’m an interpreter and I work with German, so yes, I’m studying it and I’m (very) painfully trying to get better at it. At the moment I really don’t have time to focus on the active part of the language because my job is to interpret and occasionally translate German into Italian, and not vice versa (Italian’s my native language), so I’m trying to get better at that - stay on top of current expressions and politics, that is, and also work on register and accents and anticipation and things - but I’d like for my spoken German to get better too, so I’ll definitely start taking lessons again once the work situation calms down a bit.

As for the Destiel mess -

First things first - Dean doesn’t know how to do relationships, right? His meaningful interactions with people have been few and far between, and his flings have been mostly based on sex. Dean is a very sexual person, which is legitimate and healthy but - in his case - also a sign of all those things he was deprived of as a child. We know that when he’s hooking up with random people, what Dean wants is reassurance and validation - that feeling of being welcomed and accepted and liked that he mostly went without when he was growing up. So it’s not surprising, really, that when he decides he’ll try and make Cas a bit more human and show him why the world’s worth saving, he goes for these things he actually wants for himself: family, love and sex (I’m thinking specifically about S04E07 and S05E03, but there are plenty of examples). And I know Cas hasn’t always been open on how he feels about sex, but in my mind, there was never any doubt Dean would approach the idea of a relationship (or, rather, a hook-up) with Cas the same way he would with any other guy, because, as I said, Dean is physical and touchy-feely and he needs someone he can spanked by a little bit and cuddle with and hug and be naked around and talk to about what makes him happy in bed (which, as we know, is a bit of everything). And the thing is, when they first met, Cas didn’t fit in this category at all. He certainly wasn’t ‘sweet’ in any traditional sense of the word, and those sex on a stick vibes he gave off - as we learned later, that was sort of - unintentional? And with that, I’m not saying sex between them was unconceivable in earlier seasons - I’ve read several amazing stories which worked it in and made it look completely believable - but I’m also sure one of the reasons Dean took so long to admit to himself that fuck it, being friends with Cas simply wasn’t enough was precisely this prickly attitude Cas had to human sexuality in general.

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“You’re a what?” Stiles Stilinski

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Requested by @horsiegirl998 :)

I’m sorry of this is longer than you wanted, but here you go! I had a good time writing this one.

My life is hectic and unpredictable, so maybe with this new move things will change. I live with my two aunts since my mother passed away. My father was never around much. And our family has a secret… We’re witches. And no, we don’t fly around on brooms and wear tall pointy hats. At least not where people can see us! We also have a talking cat, who’s made keeping our secret even harder, because he loves to start chatting up a storm with our mailman. We’re moving to a town called Beacon Hills in California from a small town near Seattle Washington. It was my aunts’ idea.

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Highschool AU. Okay, maybe keeping up a Diary instead of starting a blog and ranting his frustrations and talking about his secret crushes online is a bit old school but then, so what? He likes the simplicity of it. Writing manually just feels more personal, more connecting. And besides, he can doodle on it with glittery gel pens.

But maybe, he should have been more careful about it. Because now, due to fate really hating him that day, it ended up on the hands of the last person he would want to see it’s contents. One Nico di Angelo a.k.a the very topic of literally ninety nine percent of all his Diary entries.

Sunday Six: From the Cold

Not even close to six, but it’s been a loooooong time since I’ve posted anything original, and it feels good to shake out the rust.

I’ll be posting this story as soon as it’s done. Could be a week, could be a month. Enjoy!

“Something’s wrong,” James said quietly.

John darted a glance across the table. James’ eyes, usually softened by the firelight on nights like this, were agent-sharp. John turned away, hiding a shiver, and shook his head. There were rules to nights like this, rules that allowed them to cross the boundary between Double O and Quartermaster, rules that allowed them to be that rarest of things in their world: people. Just James and John.

James’ fingers inched toward the no-man’s-land in the centre of the table. Calluses rasped over white linen before he turned his hand over, inviting John’s touch. “Darling.”

Something inside John melted at the warm tone even as he remembered hearing that exact word, that exact voice, just a week before, though not addressed to him. Damn their comms gear for transmitting so clearly that John couldn’t detect a hint of difference.

But it was different. They were different. They were outside MI6, badges off, weapons locked away.

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