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  • Chanyeol: /uploaded Suho's pic hugging vogue magz with Kris and an unidentified girl--her face is full of scratch--on the cover while sleeping like a shrimp on the sofa/
  • Baekhyun: ;__;
  • Chanyeol: I almost cried when i took this photo
  • Baekhyun: What should we do ab this?
  • Chanyeol: He needs to see someone
  • Baekhyun: Should we arrange him a blind date?
  • Chanyeol: K i'll try to find one at christianmingle.com
  • Baekhyun: Suho hyung is buddhist babe
  • Chanyeol: But he had quite experience as church oppa
  • Baekhyun: Whatever just come home quickly
  • Chanyeol: Why?
  • Sehun: Baekhyun hyung has started unzipping my pants again fyi
  • Chanyeol: B im coming home rn so pls hold ur thirst
  • Sehun: Buy me a bubbletea on the way home or im going to unzip my own pants rn
  • Chanyeol: You son of a bitch OKAY JUST GET OUTTA BAEKHYUN'S SIGHT RN
  • Suho: Park Chanyeol you are going to regret this very much and i will not go to any blind date thank you
  • Tao: /uploaded selca on the street somewhere in LA/
  • Suho: What- u still in this chat group?
  • Tao: I miss you mom :(
  • Sehun: Bruh i played that game in which you are involved as a character and it sucks
  • Tao: Excuse you, won't you thank me for making you almost main rapper in exo rn?
  • Suho: Never call me mom again Zitao i don't even have a husband :)
  • Chen: /invited Kris to the chat/
  • Chen: Im giving you a husband
  • Kris: /joined the chat/
  • Kris: Ayo whaddup galaxy is back in the house
  • Suho: /left the chat/
  • Sehun: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Sehun: /invited Luhan to the chat/
  • Luhan: /joined the chat/
  • Luhan: Yo yo manly Luhan is back. Have u listened to my new song? What do you think guys?
  • Sehun: Perfect <3
  • Lay: Tao? Kris? Luhan? Am i high?
  • Chen: You have been always Boss Zhang, you didn't even wear pants while being filmed yesterday
  • Baekhyun: what a mess we did create Park Chanyeol i love u
  • Chanyeol: love u too let's get a room ;)
  • Kai: See? This' why i muted this chat group
  • D.O: Yes, i get it
  • Xiumin: ...

@patricelavoie_ 38, Montreal (Canada) Director of PR, ex Firefighter and ex TV Journalist. I started to grow a chevron mustache 5 years ago for @Movember. I liked it : that was different, a bit edgy, a bit old school, a bit cop from the 70s ;-) I got so many compliments (mostly from guys) that I started to shave it less and less often (even though my ex hated it).

Now I keep a mustache all year long. You have to be confident and own it, because you have people commenting on it all the time. Over the year, it has almost become a trademark and a sign of my engagement towards promoting men’s health as an volunteer ambassador for @movember.

Fredxreader. (Fluff/truth or dare)

I hope you all liked it! I worked really hard on it. English isn’t my first language so i try my best. Im on vacation so maybe the requests will take a little bit longer. ———

It was a Sunday night. The moon was full tonight and the stars were brighter than usual. The gryfindor common room was filled with laughter and joy. Everyone was hanging out with each other and having fun.

“(Y/N), can you pass me the bottle fire whiskey please?” Fred winked at her. She blushed a little and gave him the bottle from across the table. “Thanks darling.” Fred stood up and was walking towards (Y/N). He sat down next to her. “I’m bored..” Leo said sighting. “I know a game.. But I don’t know if you all would like it. Because it is a little bit old school.” Everyone was really excited to hear wat the game was.

“Truth or dare.” George lached.

“It’s indeed very old school. I played it when I was younger to know if the girl I liked, liked me back. That is the only purpose this game has i think..” You saw Fred’s eyes spark. “Let’s do this than.. it isn’t like we have anything else to do.” George smirked at Fred. Almost if George knew freds plan. “I want to start.” (y/n) said. “I choose Angelina.” She smiled. “Truth.” -“Angelina, if you had to choose. Who would you fancy the most. Shape or Voldermort.” Everyone was silence by hearing the name Voldermort. A few minutes later, it was Fred who broke the silence with a hard laugh. Everyone relaxed.

“I would choose snape because I want his lucious locks. Oh no I mean.. His greasy hair. I smell his hair from here.” (y/n) laughed the hardest. “Yeah.. Snape is the hottest.” Angelina said smiling.

“Fred. Truth or dare?” Fred was looking around him. “Dare! Ofcourse.” Fred screamed with full enthusiasm. Angelina laughed really evil.

“Kiss (y/n).” Fred blushed also this time. And (y/n) was bright red. He bowed his head And looked (Y/n) in her eyes. He didnt hesitate for one second And kissed her. He kissed her with all The passion he had. (Y/n) held her arms around his neck. “Uhm.. You guys.. GET A ROOM PLEASE..” Leo pretended that he never saw someone kiss before and held his hands before his eyes. Fred broke the kiss. His cheeks were also flaming red. Just like (y/n). “(y/n), truth or dare.” She smiled at Fred. “Dare.” Fred smirked. “Kiss me.“ 

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Andromeda Galaxy (M31) and M110

105mm Micro-Nikkor AI @ F/4.0 and 2.5 s (50 exposures and 20 dark frames stacked with DSS)

Significant light pollution

LADY PENELOPE: teenage nightmare

punk bad-bitch penny for my tbirds high school AU, this look particularly inspired by some stuff by @missy-poppins91, my partner in lady-p-feels.

ex-cheerleader penny C-W spends most of her time smoking in the girls’ toilets, glaring and doing anything she can to escape the creighton-ward reputation. no-one knows just why she ditched the perky blonde ponytail for bleached out locks and a kool-aid dip-dye, and everyone’s too scared to ask.