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26 & 39, if you have the time! You're killing it with these this morning!

Omg I was dying while writing this one! I can’t read it without laughing hysterically!

You were digging around in Bucky’ room, much to your dismay. 

He promised he’d give you back your laptop after he was done, but for some reason, he’d forgot about that, leaving you to invade his privacy and dig through his stuff.

You had finals coming up, which meant you would need to put your entire focus on your studies, no matter how hard it could be sometimes. You were graduating this year, and you wanted to make sure you did your best. 

As you looked through the chest in his room, you knocked over a small little black box beside you, causing it to open as soon as it fell onto the ground. The contents of the box spilled throughout the room, much to your horror. 

You hastily placed the old school baseball cards, journals, memorabilia and other knick knacks into the box. But when you turned around to grab the last item, you froze. 

Your face broke out into a giant blush as you stared down at the sex toy. You had no idea how he even knew what a flesh-light was, much less how he even got ahold of one! Did Sam introduce him to this? Was it Clint? Steve probably had no idea and would implode if he knew about this. Tony, well, Tony didn’t really get involved with Bucky. 

And just as if life couldn’t get anymore worse, the bedroom door creaked open, revealing a very sweaty and shirtless Bucky Barnes. He was in his usual gym attire, his hair pulled back into a bun. 

He smiled at first, but as soon as he caught a glimpse of the toy in your hand, his smile fell and his eyes widened. 

“I-I was just looking for my l-laptop!” you exclaimed, throwing the toy onto his bed. 

Bucky smirked as he took in your flustered self. 

What are you doing with that?” he asked, cocking his head to the side. 

“I-I need my laptop!” you cried. 

“Y/N,” he chuckled, stepping closer to you. You watched as he leaned forward, reaching around your body, before standing back with your laptop in his hands. 

“It was on the bed the entire time.” he was studying your reaction, which was the usual blush. 

You glanced over at the sex toy on his bed before blushing like mad all over again. 

“Don’t act all coy, princess,” he chuckled. “I’ve seen your little collection in your nightstand.” 

You swallowed audibly as he leaned in close, his lips centimeters away from yours. And just like that, he placed a small peck onto your lips before turning around and heading for the bathroom. 

“If you get tired of those vibrators and change your mind, I’ll be here.” 

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Fic: Fosters (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. AU)

Phil, a Chicago cop, and his wife Melinda have three foster kids.  And then Phil meets a girl living in a van on the streets and brings her home.


The van had no tires and one of the doors was missing.  Coulson might not have paid much attention to it, not when there were hundreds of abandoned cars in the city, but the inside of one window was fogged.  It was a tiny thing, a detail he noticed out of the corner of his eye.  It meant something.

“This is the Chicago PD.  Open the door slowly and come out.  A lack of weapons would be appreciated, I don’t want to hurt you.”  It could be anything from a micro meth lab to a homeless person.  It would put a crimp in his day if the place blew up, but then he wouldn’t want to hope that someone was living on the streets.  Not in the winter when the temperature hit the negative numbers at night.

“I’m opening the door now.”  He waited a full minute before taking a step forward.  Maybe he was wrong and he’d find an empty shell.

He wasn’t usually wrong.

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