old saint petersburg


Been looking through my old pictures from Saint Petersburg again. The excitement is building every day. I am so excited to see how much the city has changed since I have left, and of course to visit my old favorite haunts again. I am excited to have shaverma, my favorite “salads” again, blini. I am excited to walk for hours along the canals without a goal and stopping to buy some summer fruit and sitting in a park with a book. I am exited to get to speak Russian with strangers again and to hopefully improve. I am excited to check if I got a lucky ticket while on the bus, to maybe visit a dacha. I am exited for the botanical gardens and to take pictures of all the beauty at центральный парк культуры и отдыха. I am excited to find roofs to go on to see the city from above, to find cute and strange little courtyards, to buy fun and cheap stationary, to see my friends again and catch up after so many years.

Can this month just go faster please?