old saint petersburg

Marly Palace / Дворец Марли. 1720-1723


David Rijckaert - Peasant Woman with a Cat

between 1640 and 1642

oil on canvas

Hermitage Museum, Saint-Petersburg


23-year-old Gulnara Gabibova of Saint Petersburg was every man’s dream. But she decided to please her parents and marry the man they chose for her. It was 34-year-old Samir who was very impulsive and jealous person. Unfortunately, Gulnara didn’t know this since she wasn’t allowed to meet with Samir in private and all their meetings took place in presence of her family or friends. As every woman she was dreaming of marriage and kids, but her dream was about to become a nightmare. Right after their wedding Gulnara realized what Samir really is. He would start drama every night, would scream at his wife claiming that she was unfaithful. On 22 April 2016, just a week after the wedding Gulnara disappeared without a trace. On 26 May 2016 her body was found in the woods. It’s turned out that Samir killed her by brutally beating her with his arms and legs. Samir was arrested and he is in jail awaiting trial.


On 24 December 2016 a 25-year-old man of Saint Petersburg threw his 1-year-old son off a 8th floor window because the baby would distract him from watching television. After doing that the man realized that he need to hide the body so he went downstairs and found out that his soon survived the fall. However, he didn’t bother to call the ambulance and the baby died. On the pictures above you can see flowers that people bring to the apartment building where the baby lived.