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Aye Captain? - Dean Winchester x Reader x Sam Winchester (Pirates of the Caribbean AU)

Title: Aye Captain?

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester x Reader, Jack Sparrow x Reader

Warnings: None

Prompt: Reader, Sam and Dean get sent to the potc universe, because of a certain candy loving angel (aka Gabriel). And in order to get back to their own time they have to go on a adventure. BUT the reader has already been to the potc universe before, because before she met Sam and Dean she was in a similar situation like this so she knows captain jack sparrow. So when they are sent there she knows exactly what to do and the boys are shocked that she’s been a pirate before. But reader is all playfully smug and tries to teach the boys all she knows?

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“I am so going to kill him. And this time I will make sure he stays dead!” Dean growled as he took a look around him and didn’t see anything familiar but his brother and you.

“You know it’s not going to work anyway.” Sam huffed as he ran a hand through his hair but Dean gave him a hard glare.

“Not the point Sam.” Dean grumbled and with a roll of your eyes you huffed.

“Exactly. Not the point Dean.” you gave him a look “Gabriel obviously wants to have fun and mess around. We don’t have to focus on how to get him back for it but on how to get back to our place.”

“How are we going to get back exactly when we don’t even know where we are?!” he exclaimed, giving you a look of disbelief and you huffed, rolling your eyes.

“I’m going to ignore the fact that you this clueless and go look for something. Just stay here, I might have the solution.” you didn’t leave him any room for him to speak back as you disappeared through the crowd and Dean only blinked.

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Please continue with the Samurai Jack crossover you just did! It needs to be a blog itself!

ok but in all seriousness a pmmm au would work ok

guess i’ll need to call upon my 7th grade self here soon aUGH MY MIDDLE SCHOOL “”WEEB””’ IS SHOWING

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*sees Maaike* oooh, why hello there pretty lady~ How come I've never seen you before, hm? I'm sure I would've remembered such a beautiful face *winks* - Lutz (ask-the-useless-german)

Utrecht: “You silly boy! That’s such a cute and romantic way of picking me up for our date~ I like your style~ Should I play along?”


this is kinda specific but if there is one trope in fiction I LOVE it is taking old stories about sailing ships and exploring the wide unknown of the sea and transplanting them into futuristic tales about space travel. because the same elements are all there.

an isolated crew, alone in their tiny ship, with nothing but a flimsy, man-made hull separating them from a wide expanse of nothingness. heading into uncharted territory. experiencing cabin fever and homesickness, the threat of running low on rations, madness, horrors and monsters lurking in the unfathomable abyss… you can turn a story of sea travel into space travel and the drama and emotion knocks at the same primal parts of us.

maybe another reason I love it is because the fantasy of sailing the stars isn’t a new one. there are so many ancient myths from cultures all over the world that bring up this fantasy of being able to sail the Milky Way. thousands of years ago we dreamed of sailing among the stars in great ships. we sang of bravery and the thrill of exploring the unknown in stories about navigators and adventurers like Jason and the Argonauts. some indomitable spirit pushed Vikings across the stormy northern seas and Polynesian people across the Pacific, and that spirit is still alive in us, and when it comes out in stories of futuristic voyages to worlds among the stars - it’s like our ancient seafaring spirit and our connection to the ocean is intricately tied to space and all its mysteries, tied by this uniquely human need to explore and wonder about the unknown, and it gives me chills every time