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Aye Captain? - Dean Winchester x Reader x Sam Winchester (Pirates of the Caribbean AU)

Title: Aye Captain?

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester x Reader, Jack Sparrow x Reader

Warnings: None

Prompt: Reader, Sam and Dean get sent to the potc universe, because of a certain candy loving angel (aka Gabriel). And in order to get back to their own time they have to go on a adventure. BUT the reader has already been to the potc universe before, because before she met Sam and Dean she was in a similar situation like this so she knows captain jack sparrow. So when they are sent there she knows exactly what to do and the boys are shocked that she’s been a pirate before. But reader is all playfully smug and tries to teach the boys all she knows?

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“I am so going to kill him. And this time I will make sure he stays dead!” Dean growled as he took a look around him and didn’t see anything familiar but his brother and you.

“You know it’s not going to work anyway.” Sam huffed as he ran a hand through his hair but Dean gave him a hard glare.

“Not the point Sam.” Dean grumbled and with a roll of your eyes you huffed.

“Exactly. Not the point Dean.” you gave him a look “Gabriel obviously wants to have fun and mess around. We don’t have to focus on how to get him back for it but on how to get back to our place.”

“How are we going to get back exactly when we don’t even know where we are?!” he exclaimed, giving you a look of disbelief and you huffed, rolling your eyes.

“I’m going to ignore the fact that you this clueless and go look for something. Just stay here, I might have the solution.” you didn’t leave him any room for him to speak back as you disappeared through the crowd and Dean only blinked.

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Please continue with the Samurai Jack crossover you just did! It needs to be a blog itself!

ok but in all seriousness a pmmm au would work ok

guess i’ll need to call upon my 7th grade self here soon aUGH MY MIDDLE SCHOOL “”WEEB””’ IS SHOWING

Return To Me

Emma Swan is dying. Her last remaining hope is a heart-transplant, and those aren’t easy to come by. But, as luck would have it, fate finds her worthy, and on a stormy autumn night, Emma is given a second chance at life.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the Boston hospital, Killian Jones has been devastated by the sudden loss of his wife.

Inspired by the 2000 film of the same title with Minnie Driver and David Duchovny.

Author Note: Shout out to my home girls @welllpthisishappening and @bleebug for looking this over for me and being soundboards for my gushing feelings. They’re awesome.

Find on A03 here.


Chapter One.

“Care to dance, captain?”

Killian had been staring at his wife, not bothering to hide the adoring expression on his face. She’d noticed. For her part, Milah found it sweet. His eyes crinkled when he smiled, crow’s feet well-earned throughout the seven years they had been together, and nothing made her heart leap quite like the smile that reached all the way to her husband’s eyes.

He rose, gave a slight bow, and extended a hand to her. “It would be my honor, m'lady,” he said, and she laughed, shaking her head at his theatrics. She took his hand, letting him lead her to the dance floor, where a dozen couples were already swaying serenely along to an old, sweet love song.

The Boston marina had been decorated exquisitely, hardly an expense spared, for the gala that evening. Museum heads, entrepreneurs and business executives alike had all been invited to the black-tie event, whether they had donated in the past or potentially would in the future, in hopes of raising both funds and awareness for the ship restoration program Killian manned. It was his passion, and this gala was the highlight of his year, as far as his career was concerned.

His eyes flit around the room, trying to make out the faces scattered throughout the immense ballroom to see if he recognized anyone. The turnout was phenomenal. This was fortunate for him, as most of the funding for the grandiose event had come out of Killian and Milah’s own pockets. But, by the looks of things, it had been well worth it.

The marina, as expected, held a pristine view of the harbor and sea. The wall facing the ocean was nearly all window, from floor to ceiling, and as night had fallen, the effect was absolutely mesmerizing. A lighthouse in the distance flashed, and the moon cast its white light over the water, the dark waves nearly as beautiful as the stars looming over it.

Most of the lights had dimmed after dinner, once the dancing began. Only the grand, ornate hanging chandeliers spread throughout the ballroom were lit now, casting a warm glow over the guests as the dance floor began to fill.

Milah was a sucker for this sort of music, those crooning, golden voices that seemed to capture an entire era and take their listeners back to a simpler time. It made her melt, and Killian was fully aware of this. The song playing faded into one they both knew well, and Milah couldn’t help the happy little sigh that escaped her as Killian began to sing along softly for only her to hear.

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Home, Chapter 11

AUTHOR: Losille2000
GENRE: Romance/Drama
FIC SUMMARY: Tom returns home grouchy and exhausted from a cramped flight after four months on the road for work. Unfortunately, there’s already someone sleeping in his bed.
RATING: M (sex, language)
AUTHORS NOTES: No excuses this time, just appologies for making you all wait. I appreciate your support! *hugs*

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