old rusty car

a very much australian aesthetic is a rusty green-roofed run down house on a farm in desperate need of a coat of paint with 16 old rusty cars in the yard surrounded by overgrown grass and 2 collapsed or leaning over old wooden sheds and like an old rusty excavator off to the side near their gross looking pond and a horse or two next to the pond and on the back window of their white old diesel ute with the tray sides removed they have a “such is life” sticker

We would make such a awful couple || Jonathan Byers

Request: Hey,can you write a jonathan x reader where the reader is a lot like jonathan and says “we would make such an awful couple"and then they suddenly start to kiss?Thanks

Characters: Reader x Jonathan Byers, Steve Harrington, Nancy Wheeler


Word count: 790

Warning: under age drinking, slight spoilers 

A/n: Stranger Things season two baby! I’m in love. Make sure to send in some Stranger Things Requests! 

part two

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You’ve been friends with Jonathan Byers since long before the Will incident. And of course, being the great friend you are, stayed with him through the whole thing even though it nearly killed you. 

Him and you were almost like carbon copies of each other, not in looks but in nearly everything else. Neither of you liked people very much but sometimes, if truly desperate, would venture into a party to get shit-faced of something along those lines. The events of last year basically forced you to be friends with Nancy Wheeler. She wasn’t what you expected, ‘not just the suburban girl who rebelled by doing exactly what everyone expects her too’ as Jonathan had put it.

Tonight was Halloween, you had planned on not leaving your house but gave into the temptation of finding the Byers brothers and all of Will’s friends. You knew they were meeting at 7:30 on the dot at Maple Street or something like that, so you took some scissors, cut two holes in a sheet and put it in your bag just in case.

You saw Mike first, “Hey kid.” You smiled and ruffled his hair a bit, earning a groan from him, “(y/n) stop… I’m not a kid anymore.” You rolled your eyes. “Do you know of Jonathan is coming?” He nodded. “He said he would. You know, for Will.” “What about your sister?” “She went to a party with Steve Harrington I think, I don’t know, they’re probably sucking face in some closet.” You let out a gentle laugh, “I guess I’ll just wait here with you then.”

Soon enough Dustin and Lucas showed up, and right after them a rusty old car pulled up to the curb and a very happy Will hopped out, joining his friends. You stuck your hands in your jean pockets and walked up to the window. “You coming?” You asked with a tight smile, he shook his head, “Will didn’t want to be babied so I let him go alone. Nancy invited me to this party or something, wanna come?” You shrugged and let yourself into the car.

When Jonathan parked at the party you realized what you had just agreed to do. “Oh, we’re really doing this?” You whispered, “Yeah.” He looked at you and smiled, chuckling a bit. You didn’t think he could have heard you.

You walked in, the smell of alcohol drenching you head to toe. “Wanna drink?” You asked, He nodded and followed you to the ‘punch’ bowl. “What’s in this?” You asked the dude standing next to it in a toga, “pure fuel!” You took a step back at his volume and stepped on Jonathan. “Sorry.” You whipped around and hit him in the face with your hair. “Oh.” You laughed at how messy the whole interaction was and placed a hand on his chest to keep your balance.

He laughed too and you filled up two cups, handing one to him. “This smells like literal shit.” You grimaced. “Must be good than.” You smiled before taking a drink and regretting it immediately. “Yuck.” You stuck your tongue out. “Taste like shit too.” He laughed and put both of your cups down. “Hey, you made it!” You heard a slightly slurred Nancy say behind you. “Hey nance, where’s Steve?” “He’s somewhere, partying. You guys should come dance with us, come on, it’ll be fun….” she drew out the ‘n’ and grabbed both of your hand lazily, you’d shrugged at Jonathan and he did the same back to you, both being pulled through people to the dance floor.

Steve was there like she had said he would be, wearing those ridiculous sunglasses of his and dancing like no one could see him.  “Nice moves.” You smirked, He nodded and Nancy joined him dancing. You and Jonathan just kinda stood there, swaying and tapping your feet. You must have looked like charlie brown. People started to push the two of you around, causing you to bounce off of each other.

You guys were kinda dancing together but neither of you really knew what to do until someone ran into Jonathan a little too hard and he accidently fell on top of you, pushing you back onto the couch chest to chest. “Oh, sorry.” “don’t worry about it,” you breathed out, “I never really knew how to dance anyway,” you told him. He nodded, “yeah, me neither.” “We would make such a awful couple with our skills.” you let out a tight laugh. “Yeah totally.” He chuckled and then without warning from either of you, you both went in for a heated kiss. 

“What the hell, Steve.” Both of you snapped up at Nancy’s yell. “Woah.” You mumbled and pushed your hair out of you face. “Yeah woah.”

Siblings’ Love

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Pairing: Will Byers x Sister!Reader

Summary: (Y/N) was trying to cheer his little brother up

Word count: 885

Posted: 30th of October 2017

A/N: Heeeey! What’s up? I finally decided to add “Stranger Things” in my fandoms list. Although, I am not writing romantic imagines with the kids, also because it would be awkward. Maybe I would be up to some crushes, admiration, but nothing more than that.

Anyways, I am posting Riverdale imagines too. I just hope that you like my work, because I put dedication and passion on writing these imagines.

Thank you so much, guys! I would appreciate if you leave some feedbacks, comments or requests. Thank you.

- G. x

“Hey, baby boy!” You worriedly called your little brother’s attention, lightly tapping his shoulder as he was blankly staring outside your car’s window, moving his eyes back and forth while following the objects that he found interesting.

“(Y/N)!” He got scared with your soft and gentle touch, therefore he shouted your name out of nowhere.

“Sorry.” You sincerely apologized to the kid.

“It’s fine.” He shortly answered and you realized even more that there was something bothering him.

“What happened, Will? You seem so quiet.” You carefully halted your old and rusty car in the middle of the empty and quiet road. You weren’t happy of Will’s episodes and who would ever be? You were afraid but still full of hope, because you loved your brother, your family, so much that you would do anything just to save them from the bad things that were happening in your town, Hawkins. “Are you okay?”

“I,” He tightly wrapped his arms around you as if you were his saviour, his force field, his safe haven. “I am scared, (Y/N).” Your brother mumbled and your heart just broke by seeing him in that way. The fear was wrapping his face and you wrapped your arms around his fragile body, slightly caressing his dark apple-cut hair to keep him safe and tranquil.

“Did you see anything once again?” You curiously asked and he shook his head to give you an answer. You kissed him on his forehead and his tensed body now calmed. He was more into himself and he lingered his sister’s caring and loving touch. “What is it, Will?”

“School.” He shortly answered. “I am simply scared, upset and their words,” Your brother paused as he remembered some moments that happened at the school earlier. “their words are still in my head.”

“The bullies, Will?” You frowned once you obtained the answer from the little boy beside you. You shook your head in disbelief and you couldn’t believe how heartless the people in Hawkins could be. “You know what?”

“What?” He looked at you and patiently waited for your answer.

“You should just shake everything off.” You confidently said. “Warning: it’s not simple, but if you try, I can guarantee you that you would live a better life.”

“How do I do that?” He corrugated his forehead.

“Ignore them.” You looked at him and caressed his cheek. He somehow felt better and you decided to start the car’s engine again, making a deafening and chaotic sound. “People talk without knowing stuffs, Will. They will always do it, they don’t talk a commando, they talk and that’s it, obviously without thinking too.” You focused your eyes on the road, but you sometimes glanced at Will’s face, assuring he was doing fine.

“And what would happen if I ignore them?” Will blurted out, slightly fidgeting with the hem of his shirt.

“Sometimes they would stop, sometimes they wouldn’t.” You raised your shoulders as you weren’t sure of what might happen, silently wishing the bullies would stop. “You are better than them, you don’t have to insult people to have a happy life, Will. Remember that.”

“I will, (Y/N).” He widely smiled at you, showing how your words made him feel better.

“And if they ever hurt you, Jonathan and I would be there to fight them.” You softly giggled and the boy joined you, feeling lucky to have two bigger siblings that were ready to protect him.

“Thank you, my very very very best sister!” Will happily exclaimed with his widest and sincerest smile. He adored you. Oh, how much he adored you. You were one of his best friends and he considered you as a treasure. You were cool, also to his friends. They loved you because you would spoil them and you would play Dungeons & Dragons with them, nevertheless it would always take more than ten hours to finish.

“Yeah, flatterer!” You shook your head as you messed Will’s perfectly combed hair.

“(Y/N)!” Will complained while he tried to put his hair back to its place.

You both laughed as the sun started to set, almost darkening the path on your way home. “C’mon, Jonathan is already waiting for us, together with your favourite movie and popcorn.” You enthusiastically said as you were so happy to spend your time with your brothers.

Your Mum, Joyce, went on a date with Bob, since you forced her to go. She needed some break from everything. She was an awesome woman and she deserved to relax and rest a little bit, enjoying some great things in life.

“I love you, (Y/N)!” You knew that during that moment, he was the happiest boy that lived in that horrible town. He tried to throw his fears, his doubts and his sadness away.  

“I love you too, kiddo!” You looked at him and you both smiled at each other.

After all, Will’s happiness was caused by his family and friends. He was lucky to have you and you were lucky to have him. You both, together with Jonathan, loved the fact that you had a strong and invincible bond. A bond that kept you together, even though you haven’t got a perfect or a complete family.

But you were sure that no one would ever take it away from you.

No one.

Watch Out

Pairing: Bill Denbrough x Reader

Request Summary: Bill helps you out when Bowers gets angry.

Warnings: Cursing, its Henry Bowers

Author’s Note: Sorry this is so short! There wasn’t much for me to go off of, but I tried my best!


“Get back here you bitch!”

You turned around the corner and onto one of the main streets. You dodged the parked cars and people around you, hearing Bowers and his friends not too far behind. You made a left saw the park up ahead, feeling relief flood through you. You could hide from them in the park.

Just as you were about to cross the street, you felt someone grab your arm and yank you back into their chest. Flailing, you whipped around, terrified that it was Bowers. Fortunately, you were met with wide blue eyes and a boyish looking face. You recognized him. It was Bill Denbrough. He was in a couple of your classes and you two had talked before, but not much.

You were about to ask him why he pulled you back when you heard a car honk. Turning your head, you saw an old, rusty car swerve and then pass the two of you, the driver yelling at you from behind the window.

“Thank you,” you breathed out.

“W-what are r-running fro-”

Bill was cut off by someone yelling. Both of you turned to look and found Bowers a couple feet away.

“C'mon!” You yelled, grabbing his hand and dragging the poor boy behind you.

You guys ran side by side, trying to figure where to go.

“Th-this way!” He shouted at you, and pulled you into an empty street. Quickly, you both hid behind some conveniently placed bushes and crouched down. You heard Henry and his friends run past the bushes you were hiding and waited for a couple of mintutes before peeking out.

“All clear,” you stated.

As you two stood in front of the bushes, you began to talk.

“Thanks for saving my life back there. I didn’t even see that stupid car.”

“I-it’s alright. I was guh-guh-going to ask what you were r-running from, but then I saw B-B-Bowers.”

You nodded, glad that he understood.

“I h-hope you don’t mind me a-asking, but what did you d-do to piss him off?” Bill asked, his head turned slightly to the side.

“I thought it would be funny to give him a new haircut.”

Bill’s eyes widened and he bursted out laughing.

“You what?!”

You smiled and laughed with him. He had a nice laugh.

“Yeah, I was able to cut off some of it before he noticed me.”

“W-well, I’m glad you d-didn’t die,” Bill said, the corner of his eyes crinkling with his smile.

“Me too.”

You both stood in silence for a little while before you broke it.

“I better get going. I need to make it home before dark. Curfew and all.”

Bill nodded his head in understanding and you took that as your queue to leave.


Turning back around, you saw that his face was slightly red.

“Me and my f-friends were going to go down to the B-B-Barrens tomorrow. Do you want to c-come with us?”

You nodded.

“I would love to go!”


Quickly, you leaned forward and planted a small kiss on his lips.

“As a thank you for saving my life.”

Turning back around, you began to walk away.

“See you tomorrow Bill!”

Bill waved back, before realizing that you couldn’t even see him. He couldn’t wait for tomorrow.

…so, planes and cars fuck me up bc of the conflicting ways they talk about things

For one, ‘that’s just how they were made’ and ‘they were separated at birth’ are said in the same movie

>Some planes and cars are made BAD ‘lemons’ deliberately?

>Even though certain cars and planes are still existing in the world, they discontinue making parts for them? Like… their vital organs can fail and they just have to die?

>Some of them seem to age/be elderly, some young, but how the fuck

>There’s a Pope?

>What degree to which do they feel? Like, they literally spend all night pulling bits off the plane (dusty), and he seems to not notice at all, but being knocked aout by wind or burned (like the helicopter) elicits pain responses

>they can be knocked out?

>fuel is everything, food and drink and blood?

>they have love in the universe, marriage (there was a hint of a new couple getting a bridal suite) which implies… more than i care to eaborate on… so where do little cars come from?

>why do they have mouths if they can put petrol pumps in their petrol tanks directly?

>how do they digest anything? i mean, they plainly state they eat other stuff, mater tries wassabi, the gas truck talks about deep-fried corn…

>where did the first cars come from… 

>how the fuck do half of them do anything?

>what if they dn’t want to be what they are?
Like, trains, big trucks and big planes are born to be servants, whether they want it or not???? what the fuck???

>some cars are made to be more effective, better, higher class, and others deliberately the opposite???

>there are diseases in this universe including rust? Or is that a metaphor for acne/hemorrhoids?

>cars pee… but only in one of the movies… everyone else apparently doesn’t?
cars can be incontinent, too? cars have bidets that shoot under the boot

>do you know we never actually see any f the characters’ homes?
Like, the most ‘indoors’ we see any of them, is in motels and hotels… we have NO IDEA how their houses work, what amenities exist, etc. did you ever notice? bc i just did and it’s fucking me up?

>where do cars learn? are there schools? they have doctors and mechanics and shit, but where did they get the degree?

>mater sleeps in, what is basically, a medical waste pit? he’s surrounded on all sides by pieces f rusty old cars? is he a serial killer and no ones addressing it?

>Tractors are cows in this world? do they get eaten or…?

>cars have body issues? like, they’re legit built a certain way… but the best they can change is their colour and tires?

>what’s… inside… the cars…
I mean, they have all the right windows and shit but like… they wouldn’t need seats or any of the normal stuff you’d expect

>the winnebagos…? are they… like, what is in there? are they considered fat?

>what about the little forklifts? are they considered a servant class? like, you see them doing a lot of manual shit, compared to the others, who swan about…

>what else exists in this world? fast food places, libraries? are the cars even literate to the same extent as humans? we see a few newspapers but that means fuck-all… 

>boats exist, like… we need more info on that…
there was that fuck-ass huge military base on the ocean, how does that dude feel about people using him as a landing pad? 

>if a boat capsizes, how the FUCK do they help them? 
none of the other boats have arms?
Are they ‘missing, presumed drowned’?

>are boats beholden to their land car counterparts? like in cars 2 we see that they need someone to get them out of the water (and then they just hang there waiting for deployment)?
and in planes 2, that boat in a trailer (friend, family, partner), who was almost left to die in a fire by their panicking car buddy

is everyone the same kind of car or can you be related to a train, two aircraft carriers and a plane? 

>are hybrids the result of two different car types intermarrying?


>are there prejudices? like ‘oh, you’re marrying a HONDA?’ or ‘oh, how generous, they adopted a BOAT’??? or ‘no, no, we’re not hiring a Ford… can’t trust them’???

>why do neither of the cars movies or indeed the planes movies, pass the bechdel test?

>do cars even have the same concept of gender as humans, or is it like… whatevs be what you want?


The logistics of this whole universe are just????

I have so???? many??? questions??????