old roomies!!

Babysitter au!

Human au where Lapis and Jasper are Malachites babysitters? 

Malachite is 9 years old and has some anger issues, other than that shes an energetic young kid who loves hanging out with her two idols; Lapis Lazuli and Jasper! 
Lapis and Jasper are both 18 years old and are roomies. They cant stand each other, but are still close friends. 

 If you wanna know more about their shenanigans, feel free to ask ;3c


I’m obsessed with this fairy tail city. It’s actually something that you would see in a Disney movie and every single building has the most beautiful architecture with gothic designs or designs from the renaissance. We had a walking tour this morning with Isaac and he was the funniest human I’ve ever met in my life. His sarcasm had me crying. Prague was the only city not touched in the war, except for one warehouse, so it’s extremely gorgeous with all the old surroundings. My roomies are cool af so we’ve been hanging with them. We went to Modry zub for lunch and i have amazing pad Thai. I got a freaking chimney cone and I died inside. It’s basically a churro with ice cream in it 😍 tonight we’re going to Lucerna and probably getting beer in the basement of our hostel because it’s free 🎉