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What if the Bros have a S/O who's a theater/musical actor/actress but didn't tell the bro and the bros walk in on their S/O with a costar doing something that would make them jealous/mad/upset? Like the S/O is practicing lines about leaving the bro or grinding on the costar or french kissing. Maybe a different one for each bro too? And it could end in fluff or nsfw, if ya know what i mean ;) ;)

I’ve been pouring over this prompt ever since it graced the inbox, just thinking of the various ways this could play out.

I decided to approach this little birb from the perspective of a sort of a “choose your own adventure” kind of gig.

Essentially, I’ve provided you lovelies with a prologue that’ll set up the scenario with the s/o and their costar, and it’ll end off at a clean point where you can then scroll to your desired chocobo and fill in the blank!

Each response will differ in the costar’s nature, the bros’ reactions, and what follows afterwards.

Sound good? 😎

Ready. Set. JEALOUSY

Note: the s/o is implied to be fem + the costar is implied to be male

Envious vibes ↓

Song: “You Don’t Love Me” by Caro Emerald


New relationships are like fireworks: captivating, luminous, and full of sparks. The fresh romantic bond between these two is no exception.

From the moment they laid eyes on each other, there’s been something indescribably electric. Almost as if a chemical reaction had occured, causing fizz and bubbles to foam ceaslessly in sputters of blue, purple, yellow, green, they’ve been setting each other off through their own presence alone.

Call it love. Call it lust. Call it whatever the hell you want, because regardless of the label you decide to slap on, the ignition of energy and chemistry will only keep growing.

Having moved into their first apartment together, they’ve grown closer and closer as the days have gone on. In truth, it’s becoming harder to distinguish where one ends and the other begins, muddying the colored water into a puddle of pigment.

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real talk how many little duets do you think dan and phil have from across the flat

2016:Shut Up And Olicity

*The credit goes to Italia Ricci for the title of this fic. She made Shut Up And Olicity a thing!*


For all of us that are members of the arrow fandom, a lot are members of the Olicity fandom. What a better way to start off the year than with amazing multi-chapter Olicity fics? I couldn’t think of one either. Here’s a list of Olicity multi-chaps that I highly recommend. Most of them are on ao3. I put a link to the fic, the fic writer’s ao3, and the fic writer’s tumblr. Please check all of them out! I also gave you guys a small summary of the fic in my own words. See what catches your eye, and please comment on the fics. Writers love to hear feedback, it’s what keeps them motivated and driven. Please keep in mind that though it may take five minutes to read a chapter, it may take up to an hour or more to write it…and that’s without writer’s block. Please be patient! Please reblog this so other Olicity fans can enjoy these amazing fics as well. Share them with your friends. Okay, so enough babbling from me…I present to you…Olicity. Enjoy!

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Thanks to You

Requested: Yes

Content Warning: No

Author: Trish

For some reason, I’ve been doing all the sad ones. Also, tell me if you guys want a second part….?

A story based in the song “Thanks to You” by All Time Low. Probably did terrible, but I tried, I swear.

I was in the living room playing some game the console when my phone started to ding signaling that messages were coming in. Pausing the game I moved my attention to my phone unlocking it. The messages were from Calum. I instantly felt so exited, until I read the message

‘Hey, Y/N, can we talk?’

My heart started to beat so fast, I know it doesn’t seem like much to worry about, but it was, Calum wasn’t like this. I shakily rsponded ‘Yeah always Cal’ and waited for him to call. Those two minutes it took for him to call felt so long.

andwering the phone felt so heavy, but I had to do it. I ran my hands across my hair as I answered the phone.

“Hey Cal,” My voice sounded so small at that moment. I cound’t hide the act that I was scared, I guess “What’s wrong?”

I could hear his deep breath on the line, as if he was thinking on what to say, or perhaps, how to say it. For some reason I know what was coming and I could already feel the first few tears building up in my eyes. my other hand moving over my lips so my my small cries wouldn’t be heard.

“Y/N, I was thinking, this siuation, it’s hurting both of us,” He took one more deep breath before saying it, that frace, the frace I was hoping never came “Y/N I’m breaking up with you, I would do it in person, but you know, I’m halway across the world” I finally let my cries out and all my tears feel out, that hand on my lips wasn’t enough to stop it.

“I’ll be out before you get here, and uhm” I let out a whimper and to try and continue my sentence “No matter what, I love you” I hung up the phone in a hurry, throwing it aside. I gave myself a few hours to cry on the couch untill the feeling of intrution cought up with me. This wasn’t my home anymore.

I called my old roomate and asked if she was still looking, when she told me that she was I told her not to, cause I was moving back in. I packed everthing I could and decided that the rest could stay, I wasn’t going to come back for a few shirts and some shoes. I left my key on the dinner table and walked out of the house as soon as I could. The drive back to my roomates never felt so long before, or so dark.

a Month later and, I never though things would end this way, distance driving us apart. I always thought we could work around it. That somehow me and Calum would be together for a long time. Seems like I was wrong, love can’t beat everything, it seems. Waking up in the morning, and falling asleep at night fells so imposible when I know his in town, probably a few minutes away.

I got medicated, I got depressed, I can’t sleep, I can’t eat. The time seems like it never really passes, like the clocks not moving at all. I mis him, and it constantly feels like I’m never gonna have him again. I know its true, but I dont want him to be. I could see the change in me, My happiness, my smile, my positive look on life it was gone. Things seemed so hopeless, but I had to move on, I can’t just live hiding in my bed remembering all the cuddles, games, and good times we had together; or i would never be happy again. So I did, I tried my best to forget the best thing that happend in my life. So I could be happy.

Later my brain came to so many knots. I felt like it was his fault hat I ended like this, his fault that I felt so sad and that now he only way I could sleep was because of a few pale whie pills. I started to remember all the fights, all the times he told me he didn’t care. That he didn’t gve a fuck about how I felt about this, because his job was more important. Headaches started and they got bad, I was so confused about him and about how I felt and no mattered what I tried I couldn’t let t go. I couldn’t let him go.

One day about four months later I was in the kitchen preparing some mint tea when a message came in the answering machine. I didn’t think much of it, messages came in all the time, but than i head his voice.

“Hey Y/N, It’s me Calum, I was just wandering how you were, I was, uh, looking around the closet and saw you left most of your dresses and shoes… Maybe you could pick them up,” He gave a pause so long “Maybe stay for dinner, call me when you can, bye”

I smiled as I sipped my cup of tea. Should I?