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»request: can you write a taehyung fic w smut and a horror story ?? possibly something with an abandoned carnival or smth?? thanks!!

»genre: smut, fluff, horror, a lil bit of comedy

»author’s note: i’ve always wanted to write something horror on this blog,,, but i was unsure if you guys would like it,,, so i was super hyped to get this request!!! also i’m lowkey shook at this whole fic bc i did something wild at the end and i really enjoyed writing this!!!! i hope you lovelies all enjoy~~

»word count: 3.1k+

»warnings: horror, smut, violence, death, abandoned carnival, etc.

**nsfw under the cut

Before you’d started dating Taehyung, adventurous was a word you’d never use to describe yourself. Of course, you loved a good midnight trip to the beach with your friends, or maybe a fun prank or two—but you’d never really experienced the true meaning of adventure until you met Taehyung.

At first, it was scary; Tae seemed to have no fears, wanting to participate in reckless activities like drag racing, dragging you off to abandoned places only to end up fucking you senseless in the back of his truck, and generally more dangerous, potentially illegal activities that he enjoyed pursuing.

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Life with Zoe (5 ½ months old) has been a rollercoaster ride! She can be sweet and loving and yet so annoying and rotten. She is loves to cuddle, but that turns into licking and biting, her way of getting you to play with her, and when you tell her NO BITING, she glares at you.. She is VERY food motivated, she LOVES to eat and has perfected the art of begging, but her love of food means she has become a counter surfer! Her other great love is playing ball, if I have a ball, I have her full undivided attention, but the other thing that goes hand in hand with this is her Collie traits of herding/stalking, and Zak isn’t keen on being herded or stalked (he normally gets to the ball first).. All of her puppiness is gone now, full set of pearly white adult nashers, all of her puppy fur is gone, growth spurts have stopped, now all she needs to do is fill out.. All in all, she is a joy and a pest, but we love her just as she is..

©AmyJMontico 2017 .. All Rights Reserved   PLEASE LEAVE CREDITS

Ok but actual Jersey Trash Kavinsky
  • Spent all his summers down the shore tbh, would have one of those super big houses right on the beach but would always go to the boardwalk at seaside and when he was a kid it was fun and one of the only positive memories he had of his parents is going on that big old wooden rollercoaster and his dad throwing up immediately after while his mom just looked on and tried not to laugh 
  •  At first, when he was really young, they would go down as a family but after a few years, When his father couldn’t stand to be with him anymore and his mother struggled to just be, he would get sent down with nannies and eventually just go by himself 
  •  Kavinksy lived in northern jersey, and met proko during their summers down the shore, they lived across the street from each other and Kavinsky was enamored, in the reckless, mean kind of way only he could be, but Proko not so much and it took a whole summer when they were 11 for them to actually consider each other friends and for K to tell him about his dreaming 
  •  Every summer after that they pretty much just lived together, spending every scorching hot day and cool, sea spray soaked night of their summers together by the beach and on the boardwalk 
    • Sometimes when K would run away from home during the year, he’d find a way to make it to Proko’s house
  •  Neither shies away from drinking or drugs and when they’re 14, on the Fourth of July, and everyone is just a little more gone than usual, Proko tries something that’s just a little too much for him and passes out right on the beach, and K doesn’t find him until dawn when the tide is pulling out and there’s too much seawater in his lungs to wake up anyway 
  •  Afterwards, K spends 3 days alone and high on dreamt up drugs for the very first time in his empty house to dream Proko back, and he decides that that’s all he trusts now, the things that come out of his dreams, and now Proko is one of them 
  •  They spend that whole day sitting on the roof of K’s house, watching the ocean while he explains what happened to Proko, and he feels a sort of kinship with the waves, powerful and vast and able to give and take life without any thought 
  •  That night they go to the boardwalk and get their first tattoos….a knife stretched along Proko’s forearm matching the one on K’s car, and crashing waves the same striking blue of Proko’s eyes curling up Ks side…and then small, low down Prokopenko’s hip, the letter K 
    • (he doesn’t do it until a few days later and won’t admit to it until a few days after that, but Kavinsky gets a tiny matching P in the same spot) 
  •  And cause life is still shitty and even though this is what took proko away from him in the first place, there’s no way he’s giving up on the drugs and drinking he’s become used to so from now on he always dreams them up, at first only for Proko, and then later, once Skov and Swan and Jiang have matching brands marking them as Ks too, he dreams for them as well 
  •  They spend two summers all together down the shore - getting shitty tattoos and piercings from sketchy boardwalk vendors and making bad decisions and hiding from the real world amongst dream things and each other 
  •  Once K dies and Proko is asleep, they never stop spending at least part of their summers there together

anonymous asked:

Sorry, forgot to specify😂 Can you do Jerome 1,3 & 8 SFW?

It’s not a problem!

Jerome Headcanons (SFW)

1. Dating headcanon

Dating Jerome is a rollercoaster…an old wooden roller coaster that your can feel wobbling and shake as you ride. The thought of being with a murderer was thrilling but also terrifying. You’d have to tread careful and watch what you say around Jerome since he’s easily upset.

3. Arguments headcanon

Arguing with Jerome wasn’t a smart idea. He’d use your weaknesses against you, manipulating your emotions until you apologized, but he appreciates playful banter and the occasion disagreement.

8. Sleeping headcanon

Sleeping with Jerome could go either one of two ways 

1) You get to sleep peacefully with him cuddled up to you


2) You are constantly beginning punched as he flails around, which lead to you comforting him until he calms down.

Jerome is most vulnerable in his sleep and often mumbles about things that you never knew about him. Of course, you’d never bring any of it up to him when he’s awake because then he’d make sure to knock out on the couch.


this was an emotional roller coaster y'all

Things Charles and Marianne do in their free time

As requested by nynynightmare

Charles doesn’t really participate much when it comes to the running of his empire, so he must get pretty bored waiting around for Thought Elevators to be activated. As for Marianne, well, at this stage she’s just a disembodied consciousness - we know she chats with C.C. on occasion, but what about when she wants to spend some quality family time?

1. Talk to dead people

C’s World means that Charles and Marianne can catch up with the dead any time they like!

Charles: Don’t worry, Euphemia. Your death shall not be in vain. I will create the perfect world you envisioned.

Ghost!Euphemia: F-Father? You mean…you’ll re-open the Speci-

Charles: That’s right, Euphie, I will mindfuck everybody on the planet and turn them into mindless thralls. Just like you always wanted.


Charles: Tut-tut. Clearly your mother never taught you your “please” and “thank you”s.

2. Bother C.C.

Marianne: but what happens if you geass someone to “disobey this order”?

C.C.: Oh my god Marianne I don’t know go to sleep

Marianne: Easy for some…

3. Play chess

Marianne: Charles dear, I think we both need bodies to play this game!

Charles: Just transmit your moves into my head and I’ll make them for you.

Marianne: Oh, okay!

[some time later!]

V.V.: Charles, why are you playing chess by yourself?

Charles: …the Sword of…Akasha? 

V.V.: Oh okay then. Seeya.


Charles: Am I the only one who actually knows how the Sword of Akasha works or

4. Talk about their children

Marianne: Charles, I’m worried Lelouch is going through his “teenage rebellion” stage.

Charles: Oh? What makes you think that?

Marianne: Well, he is literally rebelling. Against your empire.

Charles: Pfft, it’s just a phase. Give it some time to blow over and it’ll be fine. Let Schneizel deal with it.

Marianne: …Yyyyeah, about Schneizel….

5. Go on trips to the past

Lelouch got a sneak peek at C.C.’s backstory while in the Sword of Akasha - maybe Charles and Marianne could do the same.

Marianne: Oh, and this was when Lelouch went to walk! And this is when Nunnally learnt to walk!  Shame what happened about that, but this is when Lelouch started to learn chess!

Charles: Hmmm…hmmm…

Marianne: And this is when we killed God!

Charles: Hmm…HNUH?! WHAT? WHEN WAS THIS???

Marianne: Just checking you were still awake, dear.

6. Pranking V.V.

V.V.: …Charles, did you see that vase…wobble?

Disembodied!Marianne: Pffffft!

Charles: Hah! Don’t tell me you believe in ghosts, V.V.!

V.V.: N-No I don’t!


V.V.: Wait yes I do. We both believe in the afterlife. We have literally seen it.


Charles: This didn’t go as planned.

7. Possessing Anya

Suzaku: Uh, what’s up with Anya?


Gino: Oh, she gets like this sometimes on the battlefield. She witnessed Lady Marianne’s death and now occasionally thinks she is her.


Suzaku: Oh…that’s…weird.


Gino: Oh, you know Anya, she’s an odd bird!


Suzaku: …Right.

8. House/Sword Keeping

Marianne: Oh for goodness’ sake…

Marianne: Charles, you still haven’t cleaned the Sword of Akasha!

Charles: What? But it’s your turn! I cleaned it last week! 

Marianne: Charles.

Marianne: I am currently a voice in your head.

Marianne: How am I supposed to -

Charles: Alright, alright, but only because I think you’re going to give me a literal migraine.

9. Matchmaking their kids

Marianne: Oh, but Charles, C.C. is so into him!

Charles: Why are you so eager to pair up your best friend with your son?

Marianne: Oh, get with the times, Charles, it’s not weird if it’s immortal!

Charles: And if that happens it’s going to throw a wrench in our plans. Things would run more smoothly if he got with that Japanese kid he’s always hanging around.

Marianne: Oh, wow, dear! That’s very progressive for a fascist!

Charles: I-

Charles: EXCUSE ME?

10. Pretty much anything

Charles brought a whole library out of nowhere. What else could he bring out?



Pass the Happy Along!

Thank you for the message, anon! I will happily oblige:

1. Breakfast outside
Could just be the balcony or I pack a few snacks and venture into the woods, or drive for a bit and look for a nice spot at the fields

2. Listening to passionate people
That happy and excited gleam in their eyes!

3. Rollercoasters
Good old adrenaline rush. Instant endorphins. Your body’s like “Freakinggoshhecki’mgonnadie” and you’re just like “WHOOOOOO!!”

4. Getting a random text message when you need it
Ever had this moment where you’re kind of sad and can’t quite tell why and then you get the most ridiculous text message of a person by chance and you instantly perk up and then realize “Oh! I was just lonely!”

And I know this instances don’t really happen often, so I’m trying to make it a habit to reach out with a ridiculous text message myself whenever I feel sad.

5. Things actually going according to plan
I love it when a plan comes together~.

SO, excluding spam and advertising blogs these are the ten people who might want to take or re-take this thing, according to my activity list:

@spookyscarysuga, @petsoverload, @one-true-houselight, @skull-pain, @adh2d, @lifeismarvelous, @savageinkspillage, @loulougoingsolo, @goodmythicaldoodle, @maplefrancakes

If you’re wondering why you’re on this list since you haven’t had contact with me for months WELL I DON’T HAVE MUCH ACTIVITY ON HERE OK. ;D

Chapter 21: The Birthday That Shouldn’t Have Been Celebrated {Avengers x Fem!Reader}

~Part 1~ The Life of an Avenger

Prompt: It’s (Y/N)’s birthday and Steve has planned the perfect day for her ending it with the perfect surprise that Tony adds a touch of…Tony to, if you’re catching my drift.

Warnings: cursing and a small amount of fluff

 “Morning, love,” Steve whispered to (Y/N) once her eyes fluttered open. He was always the first one awake, but on any regular day, he would’ve been out on a run. Not today, though. Today was special.

 “Morning, babe,” (Y/N) whispered back sleepily, rubbing her eyes as she sat up in the early morning light filtering through the window behind her, “Why aren’t you out running?”

 “No reason,” He shrugged, “Suppose I didn’t feel like it today.”

 “No, really, Steve. What’s going on?” (Y/N) asked laughing, she knew him too well.

 “Come on,” Steve grabbed (Y/N)’s slender wrist and directed her to the kitchen, leading her to…a full breakfast buffet. There was enough food on the small dining table to feed six people. Waffles, pancakes, an arrangement of fruits, bacon, scrambled eggs, breakfast sausages, and at the center of everything, a vase of (Y/N)’s favorite flowers, bright and beautiful in the morning sunlight as if they had just been picked from a garden, fresh.

 “Uh…” (Y/N) stared at it all, completely perplexed.

 “Happy birthday, (Y/N)!” He exclaimed, the dumbest smile played on his bright, happy face. (Y/N) gasped, then put her head in her hands.

 “Oh my god, I hate myself,” (Y/N) stated into her hands.

 “What? You don’t like it? I know it’s a lot, but-”

 “It’s not my birthday today,” (Y/N) deadpanned.

 “But the file said…oh…the falsified file…” Steve pieced together slowly. It was awkward for about two seconds before (Y/N) just started laughing.

 “Wow…that was…really dumb,” Steve started to laugh too.

 “No, it’s okay, really. My fault, I should’ve told you my real birthday. Wow, I feel like an ass,” (Y/N) chuckled.

 “Alright, so when is you’re real birthday?” Steve asked. That got (Y/N) going, she bent over laughing, shaking from the humor she just realized went into her birthday.

 “Okay…okay…oh my god, I can’t…”

 “What?” Steve asked in confusion. What could be so bad about a birthday?

 “I honestly never thought about this until now. Haven’t celebrated my birthday in nine years…” Then, (Y/N) looked straight at Steve, “My fucking birthday is on July 4th.”

 The sky could’ve fallen at that moment, but Steve and (Y/N) would still be rolling on the floor, laughing like the hyenas, cackling about the absolute irony.

 “Are you serious?” Steve yelled.

 “Yeah…I was born on Independence Day, and I’m dating…I’m dating goddamn Captain America…” It was too good. And it was absolutely true. She had never thought about her real birthday in so long, she almost forgot the day existed for celebration.

 Once they had stopped laughing (which was quite a while later), they both sat down at the dining table and began to eat Steve’s feast.

 “You have to promise me that you will never, ever in a million years ever tell Tony that July 4th is my birthday. He will literally torture both of us with insults for the rest of our lives.”

 “Believe me, I’m on the same page. Nobody, but us, can know that that’s true.”

 “Good. Pinky promise me,” (Y/N) asserted adorably and Steve obliged, linking his pinky with (Y/N)’s.

 “You have my word…and my pinky.”

 “Thank you. So, when are you leaving for training?” (Y/N) asked casually.

 “(Y/N), do you really not know how birthdays work?” Steve chuckled, “I took the whole day off. Got a whole plan for our day,” He announced confidently.

 “Oh, do you now? So, what is it?” (Y/N)’s curious eyes lit up in excitement.

 “That is a secret until we get there,” Steve answered as he ruffled (Y/N)’s hair on the way to the sink.

 “Well, shit. We gotta get there!” (Y/N) exclaimed as she put her dish in the sink next to Steve’s. “Sign me up!”

 “Consider yourself enlisted. Now, let’s get dressed and head out.”

 The first destination on Steve’s list was Luna Park at Coney Island in Brooklyn, NY. It went just as any other carnival date would go, except (Y/N), as Steve found out, talked to everyone. Kind to every person she passed. She even talked a game stand guy out of two stuffed animals without so much as playing the game.

 “Those games are rigged anyway,” Was all (Y/N) said as she handed Steve a giant stuffed bear, her choosing the penguin, then dragged an awed Steve to the next roller coaster. He didn’t know whether to give them back, his sense of morality tingling, but in the end, he chose to accept (Y/N)’s gift knowing she meant no malice.

 Steve also met the most curious people with (Y/N). Her not afraid of anyone or anything. People waiting in line next to them, ride attendants, ice cream vendors, security guards, anyone and everyone.

 “So, how are you two doing today?” (Y/N) asked the couple in front of them in line for the Ferris Wheel.

 “Noi indossiamo non parlano inglese (We do not speak English),” The woman spoke softly, holding her husband’s hand a bit tighter. Steve finally thought (Y/N) had met someone she couldn’t talk to, but he was wrong.

 “Va bene. Italiano è una lingua bella pure (That’s alright. Italian is a beautiful language as well).” Steve was shocked. By the end of the conversation, Steve had been taught a few Italian phrases such as, “Ti amo (I love you),” and “Devo fare pipì (I have to pee).” It was a magical night. Plus, (Y/N) even got the couple’s phone numbers as a home to stay at when Steve and her decided to go to Italy.

 “You are mind-blowingly amazing,” Steve complimented, staring at the new phone numbers in his phone.

 “Tell me something I don’t know. Now let’s go on this damn Ferris Wheel!” (Y/N) squealed, pulling Steve into the car beside her. (Y/N) and Steve, unfortunately, did not kiss at the top of the Ferris Wheel. However, they totally made out, almost ripping each other’s clothes off until they reached the bottom of the ride. When (Y/N) got off, her hair was a mess and her t-shirt was pulled off one shoulder. But, she did a curtsy to the ride attendant, who looked on, completely bewildered at her, but she didn’t care. She was happy. And Steve loved it. (Y/N) did what she wanted, lived her life moment by moment, not letting a second of hesitation ruin a second of her life.

  They even rode the Cyclone. A rickety, old, white-washed rollercoaster found on every boardwalk in the United States (no joke, there’s two in California alone under different names). However, Steve had memories with the damn thing. Bucky. When he first spotted the ride, his heart sank like the Titanic. He hoped (Y/N) wouldn’t spot it-

  “Hey, what about that one? Unoriginal, but I’m down. You?” (Y/N) asked, squeezing Steve’s hand.

  “Uh…why not?” He half-heartedly smiled at her. (Y/N) noticed, but waited for him to explain himself, or not explain himself. It was his choice.

  Not until they literally had the seat belts on in the ride did he explain.

  “You know, Bucky took me here once,” He stated.

  “Oh, yeah? How’d that go?”

  “I threw up.”

  “Then…” (Y/N) chuckled, “Let’s not make this part two.”

  “Let’s,” He smiled down at her as they kissed. 

  Okay, so he managed to not throw up on (Y/N). Bonus points. But, his best friend’s memory still plagued his mind. Something always felt unfinished when it came to Bucky. It was such a weird feeling for Steve, but by the end of the day, he seemed to have pushed it aside. For (Y/N).

 By five, they had ridden all the rides, met basically everyone in the park, and made out in almost every corner of everywhere. Steve decided to make his final announcement as they sat on a bench just outside the park.

 “(Y/N), the day isn’t over. Are you tired?”

 “Hell no! I could swim ten miles, fight a Hydra army, buy a lamp from Target, and still be ready for more. Hit me, Rogers,” (Y/N) asserted happily.

 “Luckily, it’s none of those things. It’s better,” Steve set up his surprise.

 “Better than buying a lamp from Target? You got some serious competition, buddy,” (Y/N) declared making Steve laughed, but he bucked up for his announcement, wanting to see (Y/N)’s face when tells her of the surprise.

 “How about a Rolling Stones concert tonight at seven in Barclay Center?” Steve divulged with a huge smile. (Y/N) just stared at him. She had not expected that, “(Y/N)?” Steve asked, waving his hand before her face. Suddenly, she jumped onto him, hugging him so tight it was almost painful. But a good kind of pain.

 “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You are my goddamn soulmate! This is- Oh my god!” (Y/N) hugged him again.

 “Glad you like it,” Steve laughed. People passing by, smiling at the couple. Most of them having met (Y/N), they were happy her, “So, we should probably head out now if we want to get near the front.”

 “Oh, babe, I can get us to the front if we want to get to the goddamn front,” (Y/N) answered with a smirk on her face. Steve just looked puzzled, but knew he was going to enjoy the hell out of whatever was about to happen.

 The concert was amazing! (Y/N) danced, made Steve dance, sang, made Steve sing, screamed, a lot, taught Steve how to do the “rock on” hand symbol, taught him to stick his tongue out (”no, it’s not rude”), danced some more, screamed some more. But then, Mick Jagger went in for (Y/N)’s weak spot: “Wild Horses.”

Graceless lady, you know who I am

 You know I can’t let you slide through my hands

 Wild horses couldn’t drag me away

 Wild, wild horses, couldn’t drag me away

 I watched you suffer a dull aching pain

 Now you decided to show me the same

 And in that moment, it happened. (Y/N) began to cry. This song was her save in grace. It described her in every way possible, connecting to her life so deeply that it hurt in the most beautiful ways possible, tearing away her wounded soul, replacing it with the wild, free spirit she had instead. Reminded her a lot of the moment after she had admitted everything to Steve, that feeling of a weight off her shoulders, of the feeling to fly. (Y/N) leaned her head against Steve’s shoulder as she encircled his waist with her right arm. He wrapped his left arm around her shoulder, right hand clutching her left in perfect sync. They swayed to the music, acoustic and electric guitar surrounding their bodies. Mick Jagger’s strange, offbeat, twinged voice enveloping them in a wonderful feeling of pure ecstasy as Jagger diva-ed his way around the stage, clad in all black and a shiny belt.

 Then, Eddie Vedder entered the stage and (Y/N) almost lost her shit. Just kidding, she did, indeed, lose her shit crying even more than before. But she didn’t care. With Steve beside her, she could do anything.

 I know I dreamed you a sin and a lie

 I have my freedom, but I don’t have much time

 Faith has been broken, tears must be cried

 Let’s do some living after we die

 After that night, (Y/N) thought she had topped the world. Mick Jagger, man…she heard the live version of Mick Jagger, the absolute legend. She could’ve walked on water she was so elated. It was contagious because Steve felt the same way by simply looking at her.  That smile went on for miles, extending it’s wild California highways to Steve’s own lips.

 “I think I could die right here, right now, and I’d be okay with it,” (Y/N) admitted, staring off into space, trying to relive what had just happened to her.

 “Not so soon, love. We have years, decades, ahead of us. But I have to admit that was pretty amazing,” Steve commented, trying to relive the memories as well. “Anyway, happy birthday, doll. It’s been good, right?”

 “I just said I could die right now and I’d be happy about it. Take a wild guess,” (Y/N) joked.

 “I’ll take that as a yes,” Steve laughed, “So, you ready to go home?”

 “Oh my gosh, that drive back to DC’s gonna be killer,” (Y/N) divulged, “But I’m ready, you ready?” (Y/N) asked excitedly.

 “No,” Steve deadpanned, “No, I’m really not.”

 “Well, you kind of don’t have a choice. Unless you want to sleep in Central Park. I actually know of a really comfy bench in the Southwest corner.”

 “You what?” Steve stopped (Y/N), “You slept on a bench?”

 “Would you rather I have slept on the ground?” (Y/N) asked as Steve sat her down on the sidewalk curb.

 “Why did you have to sleep on a bench at all, (Y/N)?” Steve asked.

 “Oh, see, this was after I escaped Hydra, you know from that guy who let me out. Gathered a bit of money working in a flower shop in Germany, then caught a plane to New York. Didn’t have any money, so, yeah, I slept on a bench in Central Park. Pretty simple, really,” (Y/N) explained nonchalantly. Steve stared at her for a second, then pulled her in for a hug.

 “(Y/N), don’t ever leave me, or get hurt, or lost, or anything. Just stay,” Steve expressed quickly, rubbing (Y/N)’s back with his hand. (Y/N), a girl too good for this world, corrupted by the disgusting organization of Hydra. Steve promised, as he did after (Y/N) told him her whole story, absolute revenge for her. On Hydra.

 “I won’t, gosh,” (Y/N) laughed, the smell of peppermint gum enveloping Steve in the scent of her fresh, minty breath.

 “Alright,” Steve sat up, “I have a proposition.”

 “Speak of your proposition, oh wise one,” (Y/N) joked.

 “What if we head over to the tower and spend the night there,” Steve proposed.

 “Damn, why didn’t I think of that? I feel dumb. Whatever, yes. Let us mount your steed to the tower, oh wise one.”

 (Y/N) and Steve arrived at Stark Tower, parking in the lower level garage, then made their way into the Avenger’s personal elevator.

 “No, but really, I’m confused,” (Y/N) wondered out loud, “If Thor is a “god” supposedly, is there a Christian “God,” per se?”

 “(Y/N), I drove a plane straight into the ocean, then froze myself. You think I’m the man to answer that question for you?” Steve asked back.

 “You’re no help,” (Y/N) answered, shaking her head, still pondering the thought.

 “Never claimed to be,” Steve responded, checking his watch (yeah, he still wore a damn watch).

 ‘Right on time,’ he thought to himself as he spun (Y/N) to face him, her back towards the elevator door.

 “I thought the same thing when I read those Percy Jackson books as a kid,” (Y/N) continued, lost in her own thoughts, “but now, it’s like real. I’ve met a god. It’s crazy, man.”

 “Almost as crazy as you,” Steve commented as he pulled (Y/N) in for a kiss, which she accepted. At the end of the wonderful kiss, (Y/N) smiled and pulled away.

 “I’ll show you crazy,” She announced seductively, pulling on Steve’s hand as the door opened with a ding to the darkened Avenger’s lounge. Then, suddenly:

 Let it go, let it go

 Can’t hold it back anymore

 (Y/N) fell backwards in pure shock, ass to the floor at Steve’s feet as the music blared, lights flashed on, revealing Natasha, Bruce, Clint, Thor, Pepper, Maria, Rhodey, and a buttload of other people that covered the entire floor, mouths open, singing the anthem that, from that point forward, became (Y/N)’s unwanted theme song. And at the center of everything…was Tony. The stupidest grin (Y/N) had ever seen on anyone’s face ever was playing on his goateed face as he swung his arms back and forth like fucking Beethoven conducting an orchestra of what Tony thought would be (Y/N)’s embarrassment, revenge from her Impractical Jokers punishment. But, he was wrong.

 Although initially stunned, (Y/N) played dead on the floor for a second because she respected the attempt. It was a good try. Very funny. But after five seconds on the floor, (Y/N) stood up with slight help from Steve who was laughing his ass off, only expecting a, “Surprise! Happy Birthday, (Y/N)!” But this was so much better.

 (Y/N) twirled into the room and began to sing along with everyone, the biggest, most beautiful smile played on her face. She had the best goddamn time, making the most of the whole situation. She shocked the whole room who thought she would’ve been pissed or just simply laughed, but nope. (Y/N) joined in on the celebration, the joke, high-fiving every single person in the room while literally making it snow throughout the entire lounge, silver magic extending from her fingertips in spirals of glitter that raced across the ceiling to create flurries of tiny snowflakes that drifted atop the party below. Then, she jumped up onto the bar next to Tony who’s face had dropped ten feet below the Earth’s crust.

 Let the storm rage on

 The cold never bothered me anyway!

 (Y/N) yelled in Tony’s face at “anyway,” flipping him off with both black, painted middle fingers.

 “Suck my ass, Tony!” (Y/N) called as the crowd cheered below her. She ran up and down the bar, whooping with the partyers, fist pumping in the air. Thor was obviously the loudest having consumed too much of his “god’s beverage.” Whatever. Pepper and Bruce being the quietest, despite Bruce’s satisfied smile, appreciating (Y/N)’s reprimand of Tony, having finally dropped him down a peg. However, Steve’s smile was the widest.

 “That’s my girl!” He called out to her proudly as (Y/N) saluted him from atop the bar.

 Yep, she’ll say it. That day was in one of the top ten best days of her entire life. At that moment, she didn’t think she could fly, she knew she could fly. Spreading out her arms like a phoenix, she fell into the crowd below her and crowd surfed, waving to Tony the entire time who nodded and clapped in appreciation until she was dropped off before Steve who dipped her like a dancer, and kissed her in front of the whole party earning, “Get some!” and “Aw!” and “Christ Rogers, thought the forties taught you some manners.” Can you guess who the last one came from?

 Oh, presents. Probably the best, yet most awkward things at any and all parties. Especially when everyone wants the birthday girl, to open them right in front of the whole party. In this case, it was (Y/N). She hated it.

 “(Y/N)! Quit kissing Steve and get over here!” Natasha yelled from the kitchen.

 “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to, or in this case, make out with my boyfriend,” (Y/N) argued as she turned back to kiss Steve again. Natasha marched right up to (Y/N) and Steve, putting her body directly between both of them.

 “Don’t cock-block me, Nat. Not nice,” (Y/N) complained jokingly.

 “Steve might be great, but I’ve got something even better,” Natasha announced confidently.

 “Has to be better than a lamp from Target,” Steve stated (Y/N)’s and his inside joke, both of them laughing like the goddamn nerds they were. Nat just stared at both of them.

 “Just come on,” She sighed as (Y/N) and Steve followed her into the kitchen. (Y/N) was shocked into silence at the view of the mountain of presents. Mount Everest would’ve had a run for it’s money against this thing. It was dumb for (Y/N) to feel such passion for a pile of material items, quite contradictory against her own views, but damn. The love she felt for her team tripled that night. She hadn’t expected a single item that day (mostly because it wasn’t actually her birthday, but whatever).

 “Is this-is this for me?” (Y/N) stuttered, not believing what was sat right before her.

 “The whole pile,” Clint answered, trying to disguise his jealousy. It didn’t work.

 “Jealous, Clint?” (Y/N) asked.

 “Fuck yeah! Do you not see the size of that thing?” Clint answered, quite loudly.

 “Having trouble finding it,” (Y/N) answered sarcastically, mock searching for the pile.

 “Alright, smart-ass. Get in there and open them before I do,” Clint asserted.

 “Right now? Oh, come on, that’s just…no. Ew. No,” (Y/N) answered, sticking her tongue out in mock disgust.

 “(Y/N), just do it. You want the presents, right?” Natasha asked and (Y/N) nodded vehemently, “Then, suck it up.” (Y/N) took a deep breath, then walked in front of the group, dwindled down to only the Avengers and Pepper. When she got to the front of the kitchen, (Y/N) waved awkwardly, then straightened up.

 “Two hundred dollars, two hundred dollars! Do I hear three? Three hundred dollars!” (Y/N) hollered jokingly like an auctioneer at a car lot making the team howl in laughter.

 “Oh, shut up, (Y/N). Stop stalling and open your damn presents,” Tony chided.

 “Really?” Clint asked, “I would’ve bid.”

 “Sold to Bird Brain down in the third row. Please step up and accept your prize!” (Y/N) called out, motioning like a Wheel of Fortune model to Mount Everest. Clint stood up, but Natasha pulled him straight back down, warning him, “Don’t.” After a bit of convincing, (Y/N) finally decided to open the presents.

 “Alright! But, if I’m gonna do this,” (Y/N) announced while walking over to the eight foot by eight foot tall and wide present, climbing onto one of the solid presents below to see over the top, “Then, I’m going to do this right.”

 (Y/N) proceeded to climb to the top of the present, then lay seductively on the top for a second like the cover of Deadpool.

 “I think I know who’s present this is, thanks bello, uno con la barba (beautiful, bearded one),” (Y/N) purred mockingly, making the whole team laugh.

 “If that means ‘Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist,’ then you would be incorrect,” Tony answered.

 “You’re full of shit, Tony,” (Y/N) voiced.

 “That’s Clint’s,” Tony stated.

 “No, it’s not,” Clint answered.

 “You’re right, it’s mine. Clint can barely afford a beer,” Tony chided.

 “Yeah and I bet your gift is uber meaningful and deep, Tony,” Clint chided back.

 “Oh yeah, because those kinds of presents are always so much fun.”

 “Yo bromance, mind shutting your traps and tell me how to open this thing?” (Y/N) called out, laying atop the present, head upside down, hanging off the edge. Tony kept his mouth shut, “Tony!” (Y/N) yelled.

 “Oh, sorry. You told me to, what was it, ‘shut my trap’, that right?” Tony answered. (Y/N) just rolled her eyes.

 “Please, help me,” (Y/N) asked, softening Tony like melted ice cream in the middle of July.

 “Just pull the string below you,” Tony directed. (Y/N) flipped over, still lying on the present, then looked down, hanging off the side.

 “Where?” She asked adorably. Everyone laughed.

 “You need to get off the present to open it,” Tony chuckled.

 “Oh,” (Y/N) laughed as Thor helped (Y/N) down. His strong hands lifting her like a feather in the wind.

 “Do you even eat, (Y/N)? When we get to- Never mind, just open your presents,” Thor cut himself off as (Y/N) gave him a perplexed look, but he spun her around before she could question further.

 “This string,” Tony pointed at the end of the enormous bow atop the present where (Y/N) had previously been lying on top of. She took the larger than life piece in her small hand, about to pull, but stopped.

 “Tony, I swear to God, if I pull this string, and Frozen starts to play, I’ll fucking kill you,” (Y/N) threatened.

 “Coffin’s already picked out. Chose to be buried next to Michael Jackson in Hollywood Hills. Think that would suit someone of my status,” Tony mused. (Y/N) slapped him and shook her head.

 “You’re an ass.”

 “An ass who gave you the best present ever, now open it!” He exclaimed slightly, hungry eyes staring at the present, knowing he had done right by (Y/N). She slipped the bright red and gold silk between her fingertips, then whoosh! The present fell open to reveal…nothing. The whole room stared in silence as Tony laughed his ass off, taking in everyone’s confused stares.

 “Wow, I feel so honored to have received…nothing,” (Y/N) stated in confusion, but then, she saw it. A small silver flash drive. (Y/N) walked over and picked it up.

 “If this is clown porn or something, I’ll kill you three times over,” (Y/N) threatened again.

 “Better than that…well, that’s debatable…no, okay. Remember that time we got really drunk at ‘Horseshoe Bar’?” Tony asked.

 “I remember throwing up the morning after…a lot,” (Y/N) answered, shuddering from the memory.

 “Exactly. So, I did a little detective work, and uncovered the security tape…from that night,” Tony wiggled his eyebrows at (Y/N) who gasped.

 “Oh my fucking god! This is the best present ever!” (Y/N) yelled as she threw her arms around Tony, then mock cried, “You get me, man. God, you’re my best friend,” (Y/N) said shaking her head as Tony patted her shoulder.

 “I know, I know,” He nodded, then brushed off his shoulders. Everyone else looked beyond confused.

 “Why is that a good thing?” Bruce asked, “Wouldn’t you want to forget a night like that?”

 “Hell no!” (Y/N) argued, “Haven’t you ever gotten stupidly drunk and woke up the next morning to remember nothing, but felt in your soul that it was an awesome night, and wondered, ‘what the hell happened last night?’”

 “I get that feeling after I hulk out, sometimes. Only it’s more of a ‘what the hell have I done?’ type of thing,” Bruce admitted.

 “…Good talk, buddy,” Tony interjected the followed silence.

 “Yeah, well, anyway. Now we can know what the hell went down that night. This is the best goddamn present ever. Have you watched it yet?” (Y/N) directed to Tony.

 “Not yet,” Tony answered with a mischievous smirk. (Y/N) smiled even bigger.

 “Then what the hell are we standing around here for?” (Y/N) exclaimed as she ran for the lounge where the flat screen was, Tony right on her tail, but Steve stepped in front of them.

 “You’re here to open the presents people were nice enough to give you, so you should be respectful enough to open them,” Steve answered, arms crossed. Tony made a ‘rarn’ noise like a cat, pawing at the air behind (Y/N).

 “Killjoy,” (Y/N) muttered, but turned back anyway to finish what she had started, not that she was upset. The gifts were each beautiful in their own way.

 A Halsey vinyl and a new little black cocktail dress with silver lining on the collar and bottom edge in elegant, understated glitter, much like (Y/N)’s own magic, from Nat for “any and all parties.”

 “You always have to be prepared, (Y/N),” Natasha stated.

 “You just don’t want me going through your closet anymore.”

 “That too,” Natasha admitted with a shrug.

 Seven different brands of black nail polish from Clint with no further explanation than, “You always have black nails.”

 Cage the Elephants, The Black Keys, and The Weeknd vinyls from Bruce who also listened to (Y/N)’s favorite songs playlist, fully approving every song on it (especially “Dark Times,” by The Weeknd).

 Plane tickets to hers and Tony’s beach house in Malibu from Pepper (that (Y/N) would inevitably lose later down the road). (Y/N) had finally grown on Pepper after Tony began to talk more to (Y/N) about his problems, which, in turn, also opened him more to Pepper.

  (Your absolute, would die for, favorite snack) from Maria that, for some reason, (Y/N) seemed the most excited for.

 “Holy shit! She remembered!”

 “What the hell is that?” Clint asked.

 “(Y/F/S), the most magical things in existence, duh,” (Y/N) answered.

 “Can I try one?” He asked, but (Y/N) hissed at him.

 “Get your own!” (Y/N) yelled, shielding her (Y/F/S), stuffing the container up her shirt.

 A penguin pillow pet, as a joke, from Tony, remembering the times him and (Y/N) sat on his bed watching infomercials, drinking beer, and eating popcorn, making fun of the stupid actors and actresses who dropped food and other shit on “accident,” at two in the morning. Also, a Black Sabbath vinyl signed personally by Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler, and Bill Ward. Everyone rolled their eyes.

 “How much did that one cost, Tony?” Clint asked in annoyance.

 “More than seven bottles of nail polish, I can tell you that much,” Tony responded.

 “She likes black nail polish!” Clint yelled back.

 Now, if (Y/N) remembered correctly, she had deemed this day one of the top ten in her entire life, now made into the top five by her presents. 

  However, (Y/N) found a gift among the piles she would cherish for the rest of her life, give her motivation, inspiration, a feeling that her years in Hydra were not for nothing. A pink manila file wrapped in a baby blue bow that read “St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.” The party had begun to disperse when (Y/N) found it, and she was extremely grateful because she knew tears were about to be shed. With gentle fingers she caressed the folder and brought it into her room. Tenderly, she opened the file and pulled out the letters. Hundreds of letters from the cancer patients in the hospital. The children. Thanking her for her donation to the cause. (Y/N) laughed and cried reading their notes. The younger kids even wrote their entire letters in crayon. And, oh my gosh, the pictures. Yes, they compared her to Elsa, but (Y/N) didn’t care. It was one of the happiest moments she had ever experienced. She prayed upon God or the gods or whatever being may help those kids. Those sweet kids who were just too innocent. Too innocent for something as ferocious, as evil, as malicious as cancer. And in that moment, (Y/N) was inspired. Inspired to begin a foundation for cancer research.

  An hour later, once (Y/N) composed herself and it seemed everyone had come knocking at her door, (Y/N) hid the folder under her mattress and rejoined the party.

  Immediately when she reentered, Thor stood up with the widest smile on his face that she had ever seen. He tapped his glass of champagne with a fork that he found in one of the kitchen drawers. It would’ve been great, if only he hadn’t tapped too hard, spilling the “weak beverage” all over his “mortal” clothing. He just stared at the soaked floor and broken glass for a second, but continued on as if nothing had happened.

 “My friends, I have quite the announcement, so if you may all turn your ears, I shall announce it!” He bellowed, like, well, a king, “My present to you, dear Lady (Y/N), shall be a journey on which you have been desiring for quite some time. My personal apologies for not allowing this wonderful adventure to come sooner. Alas, today is the day that I shall take you to my glorious home of Asgard!” Everyone’s jaws dropped, but not (Y/N)’s. She put the pieces together an hour ago. Thor’s broken comment, his small giggles when (Y/N) talked about her many travels, and the fact that he hadn’t spoke of Asgard all night, as if barring himself from a slip-up.

 “Yeah, remember when I went to the bathroom?” (Y/N) asked and Thor nodded, “I actually went to my room to pack! Be back in two, bitch!” She yelled as she ran back to her room, gathering her packed suitcase of excess clothes for when she came back to the Stark Tower. Racing back into the lounge, Steve and Tony were yelling Thor’s head off.

 “You didn’t bother to tell anybody about this? Get approval first?” Steve shouted.

 “(Y/N) seems pretty okay with it,” Thor shrugged.

 “(Y/N) is okay with everything, Meat Head,” Tony yelled, “That’s what makes her great, but also what terrifies the hell out of me.”

 “Terrifies you? Today at Luna Park, she tried to jump out of the roller coaster we were in because she saw a bird almost fly in front of the track,” Steve shook his head, remembering his hands holding her arms at her side as she tried to yank off the seatbelt to save the seagull, that was, obviously, fine.

 “That is simultaneously the nicest and stupidest thing I have ever heard,” Bruce cut in.

 “Regardless, Thor. You can’t just fly in here like Peter Pan, then take her away to Neverland. Fucking no. That’s not gonna-” Tony argued, but was cut off by (Y/N) as she walked up from behind him, shoving her hand in his face as she went.

 “Ignore him. He’s just pissed that his little prank didn’t work earlier,” (Y/N) responded, bag in hand, completely ready, “Let’s fly, Peter.”

 “(Y/N), you can’t be serious. This is- just stay the night and we’ll talk this out in the morning,” Steve pleaded.

 “What’s the point if my answer will be the exact same answer tomorrow as it is now. Seems a bit counterproductive,” (Y/N) answered, linking her arm in the crutch of Thor’s arm, four times the size of her own.

 “Lady (Y/N) is correct. I feel that waiting until morning has no purpose, so we shall be going now, goodbye,” Thor answered. (Y/N) and Thor began to walk towards the landing pad when Tony felt the small, metallic flash drive in his pocket. He pulled it out and held it up in front of him.

 “You forgetting something, (Y/N)?” He called.

 “No, think I’ve gotten the hang of packing fast. I mean, yeah, I forgot my bras one time, so my boobs were free agents, but…” (Y/N) turned, then saw the flash drive, Tony’s eyes confident, knowing he found her weakness.

 “Stay, and we watch it. Go, and you’ll never know what happened that night,” Tony threatened. (Y/N) gasped.

 “You wouldn’t.”

 “Watch me.”

 (Y/N) and Tony had a long stare down, then (Y/N) groaned and threw her bag on the ground. Tony smiled and gave Steve a high-five while Steve thanked him. Tony and Steve approached (Y/N), Steve taking her bag, Tony handing her the flash drive.

 “You’re the devil,” (Y/N) whispered to Tony.

 “You mean, devilishly handsome, because I agree,” Tony responded.

 The rest of the night was spent listening to (Y/N)’s favorite music (which nobody argued with because she had good taste) while they roasted marshmallows over the kitchen burners to make impromptu s’mores and talked, joked, teased, fought, laughed, whatever. It was just…happy. There was even a good twenty minutes where (Y/N) didn’t say a word. She merely sat criss-cross-applesauce on the sofa next to Bruce and watched her best friends tease each other and laugh with a beautiful smile on her face, eyes glowing with pure ecstasy.

 “(Y/N), I’m worried. You haven’t spoken in almost twenty minutes. You okay?” Bruce asked.

 “Yeah, I’m fine,” (Y/N) nodded slightly, her long curls dancing down her back, “Just happy, that’s all,” She answered frankly with a smile that reflected that very happiness. Bruce leaned back and agreed with her. He looked back and knew this girl deserved everything that day had given her. He wished nothing, but good things in the many years ahead of her.

 If only life were that simple.

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