old robots

Of Headbands and Hurt Feelings

based on this post by @fistatfirstklance + yours truly. also @wittyy-name asked me to tag her in this (haha im still screaming) so here we go

It starts as a one time thing.

Pidge had looked down one day, Lance’s older brother instinct had kicked in, and he’d ended up spending twenty minutes trying to string a pretty green stone he’d picked up on a piece of string. Any normal person would’ve just given it to Pidge directly, but Lance thought it’d be more fun to hide it somewhere and wait for Pidge to find it. She’d walked out of Green’s hangar the next morning with the stone around her neck and a smile on her face, and well. It spiraled from there.

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  • Me at 3 am: " hey WX knows what an AAC device is and I think they started to be used more commonly around the 50s or 60s(i cant remember)and WX references 'Do you believe in magic' by The Lovin' Spoonful, which was released in 65, which means WX may have been created near the 60's or, or they were created during the 20's, or even a tad earlier and they wandered around Earth until nearing 1970, that'd be so weird, WX would be old, that's so funny holy fuck old bot...old smelly stinky bot..need a cane stinky smelly old robot?"