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Darth Vader is the most terrifying badass I have ever met as a character, he knows how to get shit done and when to get it done. In the original trilogy, he hunts down Luke Skywalker using any means necessary and tries to get him to turn to the Darkside.

In the animated series Star Wars Rebels on Disney XD, he still had that intimidating feeling after the Grand Inquisitor was killed. Just the moment when he arrives on Lothal and all you hear is the breathing and his iconic theme gets you hyped for season two.

The Force Awakens, all you see is an old relic of his helmet and it still gives you those vibes, man.





The introduction to Darth Vader was so pleasing. Seeing him in the bacta tank protected by Imperial Guards when Krennic approaches him screams the fact that he’s still recovering from his injuries.






You meet me at midnight
when the earth wears her veil
so that we don’t have to.
Time remains still,
suspended in a dimension
that cannot reach us.
We wear one another’s names and histories
like untarnished jewelry on our hands
and tight around our necks, old relics
made up of diamonds and leather.
We’re well on our way
to something greater than
another sleepless night.
You expose uninhibited words
from lips that taste like
rosewater toner.
I’m baring my bare skin as
an offering upon
the bright, geometric-patterned
Celestial interludes serenade us
through computer speakers
on a loop.
I’m breathing out reverberated romance—
getting you hooked—
and breathing in dispassion
laced in enough perfume to taste
like red roses and jasmine
and insinuated love.
Touch my skin;
can you feel that I’m electric?
I’m making the most
of this artificial feeling,
and making amends
with the things I hallucinate,
both behind you
and in you.
Am I in the room with you?
I can’t remember; bring me back.
Your fervent lies
on my mouth taste like
Is my paradise hiding
in the unknown?
The moonlight sets us free,
but we both know we’re only in love
until the sun comes up
and melts the morning’s afterglow
—  Scarlett Gray, “Until the Sun Rises”
Rosebud - Demmora - Star Wars Han x Leia Fluff
Part of a Missing Moments series I was working on but never finished, focusing on Han's budding not-so-little crush on Leia and all the ridiculous little things he does for her while still being in denial. This one's about lipstick. I'm not sure where I was going with it either.
By Organization for Transformative Works

It’s the way she tilts her head to catch the light in the reflective surface that draws his attention, but it’s the parting of her lips as she sweeps the little gold stick over them that keeps it. He watches, transfixed as her lips purse then part in a ghost of a kiss, and something funny in his stomach flips. And then her back straightens, her face hardens, and she marches off as though the moment never happened. He finds himself watching for it again and again, feeling like a guilty little voyeur but not quite bad enough about it to stop. Until one day she lifts the stick to her nose and inhales and a look of such profound pain crosses her features that Han almost wants to say something. Almost. 

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This is just pure meta rambling fuff. I’m not sure what 17 year old me was going for but at least it’s in fully formed sentences :P

Man, all the news surrounding Fall of Cadia has me feeling very, very nervous about the Sisters of Battle. What once was an all-female army in a male-dominated game feels like a relic, an old and forgotten faction. I don’t think a lot of the guys who play this game realize how much it means to have the sisters in 40k. To have an army ALL of women, a sisterhood fighting together for the good. That means a lot, and it’s a powerful statement to make, especially in this particular corner of nerdom. And to hear them so callously proclaim that they should be squatted, or removed, or all killed off and ignored….I don’t think you understand. It’s much more than just removing some faction. It’s getting rid of a voice we SO rarely have, and in wargaming, barely, sadly ever see. To get rid of the sisters would be a grievous mistake. And I just can’t imagine that with how aware GW has been this year…I just can’t see them being that stupid and blind. It’s not the same as removing just another faction, it’s different. And if some fans can’t see why? Open your damn eyes.

Breathless rant over.


Request: (Anon) Hi, I don’t know if you’re taking any requests or not - but if so can you please do a Stiles Stilinski one where y/n and him are dating and something happens and she falls into a snakes pit and gets bitten so many times & a soul of a powerful goddess or something gets trapped in her and she tries to kill the pack.

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

 Word Count: 3.6k

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(Y/N)’s POV

All I asked for was a normal Friday night for me to spend with my boyfriend. That’s all I really wanted, but of course the universe got ‘normal Friday night’ confused with ‘running for your lives through a dark forest’. Stiles and I were tracking down an old Minoan relic that somehow found its way to California.

We went looking for the site someone dug it up from when I began to hear hissing. Naturally, I was prepared to run, but I wasn’t prepared to leave without Stiles. He was still searching the area, failing to notice that I was no longer right behind him.

“What are you doing?”, he asked as he pointed his flashlight at me, “(Y/N), what’s going on?”

He rushed to get next to me. You would think I’d be able to make out what he saying to me at such a close proximity, but all I could hear was the hissing growing closer.

“You don’t hear that?”, I trembled while trying to distance myself from the noise

“No. What do you hear?”

Stiles turned around to see what I was staring at. All I could see were trees up to a certain point, then nothing but darkness. The hissing wasn’t as loud anymore and I could finally hear myself think.

“Hissing. A whole lot of it”, I said uncomfortably

Terrified was not the proper term to describe how I feel about snakes or anything with more than two legs.

“How many can there be in this part of the forest? It makes no sense. Maybe we should just go back to Scott’s and update him on what we know”

“We can stay here. I’ll just stay in this spot and you can continue your search”

“Babe, I know you’re scared and I won’t keep you out here if it makes you uncomfortable. We can go talk to Scott, then spend whatever’s left of this Friday night together”, he reasoned as he held my hand

I returned his sweet smile and squeezed his hand, “You know me so well”

Even though he wasn’t that far away, he leaned in, wrapping his arm around my waist. Before our lips could touch, I could hear the hissing again and it was getting louder.

“We need to leave right now”

“What is it?”, he panicked

“I can hear it again”, I clarified, staring at the darkness that wasn’t too far from us

Suddenly, snakes began to appear from all over. The ground in front of us was covered in reptiles. I let out and scream as I quickly backed away.

“(Y/N) what is it!?”

“How can you not see them? They’re everywhere!”

“How many do you see?”

“Too many”

There was a large black snake in the mix quickly making its way towards us. I grabbed Stiles’ hand and took off. I could still hear the hissing, but luckily we were close to the Jeep. As the it came into view, I felt nothing but relief.

“We’re almost there. Keep going”, Stiles yelled

It wouldn’t take much to keep me going knowing that about five hundred snakes were right behind us. I continued to push myself as we neared the car. I could finally see the silver lining, when I fell in a hole. I expected to land on dirt, but much to my dismay I felt something slither across my arm.

I called for Stiles as I started to panic. Pretty soon it was too hot and I could hardly breathe. Everywhere I looked it was all I could see. It’s just my luck that I would fall in pit full of snakes.

Stiles reached the hole and tried to calm me down. He remembered the rope he had in his trunk and ran away. The snakes managed to cover my legs and parts of my arms. Some were beginning to lay on my shoulders. If I hadn’t been so terrified, I would actually be impressed.

“Hold on (Y/N). I’m sending it down now”

I grabbed the rope and as soon as my fingers touched the material, the snakes were in a frenzy. Fangs were piercing my skin from my neck to my legs. I wanted to scream, yet I had no energy to. My hands let go of the rope as things began to quiet down. I laid on my back and allowed to fatigue to take over. The view of the night sky became blurry and soon turned to darkness.

Stiles’ POV

It’s been almost twenty four and still no signs of her waking up. Physically she was perfectly fine. The doctors never found any snake venom in her system, even though they found tiny scars all over her arms, legs, and neck.

I never should have brought her out there. We may have been searching for a relic, but no one expected it to summon over a hundred snakes to attack her.

“What happened out there?”, Scott asked

I was so lost in my thoughts, I forgot he was even here or the rest of the pack.

“There was hissing that only she could hear. Then there were the snakes that she could only see, yet when she landed in the pit, I could see every last one of them. The second she tried to break free, they went on a frenzy and attacked her”, I responded, my eyes not even daring to turn away

“Didn’t she tell us she was terrified of snakes?”, Liam asked

“She did. Maybe that’s why only she was able to see them. The relic doesn’t want to be found, so it needed to keep you away”, Lydia said from another corner of the room

She was usually right about these things and it certainly made a lot of sense. Why else would she be the only one able to see them when they terrify her? That doesn’t explain them attacking her the way they did. We were already running away, so why attack her?

Everyone’s attention turned towards (Y/N) when the monitor showed her heart rate increasing. She was squirming in her bed, whimpering. Suddenly, she stopped and her eyes slowly opened.

(Y/N)’s POV

The very last thing I remember was how pretty the sky looked as everything went dark. With the amount of venom they released, I should have been dead by now.

Yes, you should have.

Wait, what? Who the hell are you?

It’s a secret for now. You’ll know soon enough.

If someone else is stuck in my head, I want to know who they are. It’s not like you belong here.

You’re absolutely right (Y/N). I don’t belong here. I need my old body, but that’s long gone by now. Yours will have to do until further notice.

No it’s not. Get. OUT!

Not a chance. I have work to attend to, starting with your friends and ending with your boyfriend. Once they’re out the way, I can finish what I started. They won’t even know what hit them and you’ll be to blame.

Don’t touch any of them! You don’t think I’ll tell them when I wake up? This plan of your won’t last for long.

That’s where you’re wrong. You think you’re in control, but not really. You’re–I’m waking up.

I felt my eyes opening up with my friends all around me. Stiles was right by my side holding my hand and asking if I was alright. I was prepared to tell him about the voice in my head, yet something else came out.

“I feel fine actually”, it was my voice, but it wasn’t me saying it

Everything in me was begging my friends to realize that I wasn’t myself, but they didn’t seem to notice.

If you keep this up, I’ll just have to kill them right now.

You wouldn’t.

Oh I would.

My body was moving, only I wasn’t the one moving. It felt odd to have someone else in control. I would have enjoyed being on autopilot, if they weren’t trying to murder all my friends for some type of subplot.

Stiles offered to take me home and she gladly accepted. I should have been at ease because I could somehow warn him, but being alone meant she would try to kill him.

You know this is almost too easy. I can kill him first. On a dark road with your boyfriend and he doesn’t suspect a thing.

If you touch him, I swear–

That you’ll do what? Try and force me out with the control you don’t have? Either way, if I get hurt, you’ll certainly feel it too.

Stiles cleared his throat as he fidgeted with the radio, “So how are you really feeling (Y/N)? I thought after that…experience, you might want to talk about it”

“Why?”, she sneered

Wow, where’s your Academy? You’re doing so well. If only I could roll my eyes right about now.

“Well…you’re scared of snakes. You told me you always have been. I thought being in that snake pit would have had you a little more freaked out than this”

“Is that necessarily a bad thing? It’s over now and I have nothing to worry about. The doctors told me I was fine”, she said sweetly

“If you say so”, he said, eyeing me curiously

I knew that look all too well. If he already suspected something, he wouldn’t say anything to me just yet.

Smoke began to come from the Jeep as it came to a stop on the side of the road.

“Oh come on! Not now”, he yelled, “Where did I leave the duct tape?”

“Duct…tape?”, she questioned

“Yeah, it comes in a roll, pretty sticky, I use it on Roscoe to fix him?”, he said sarcastically

I would have found his reaction hilarious if I wasn’t trapped in my own body.

“Oh. I knew that”

Liar. Tell him he left it in the trunk.

“I think you left it in the trunk”

Realization hit him and he began to grin, “I forgot I threw it in their when we were in the backseat”

I giggled at the awkward, yet sweet memory. It was a bit of an experience.

No no no. I don’t need to hear the details of you being…intimate.

Are you sure? There was a moment when we were about to–

Stop. Talking.

“Stay in the car. I’ll be right back”

Stiles was making his way to lift the hood of the car when more smoke came out. He cursed and coughed before busying himself with fixing the car.

“Hey babe?”, he called, “Can you hand me the wrench? I think it’s in the glove compartment”

I felt my hands reaching the for the tool and pushing the door open. Silently, she got out the car and slowly approached Stiles. He was leaning incredibly close to the car and never realized she was right behind him.

Stop! You don’t have to do this!


Please stop. I’m begging you. You can’t kill him.

What did I tell you!? Keep quiet or I’m going to silence you entirely, then you’ll never get your body back.

I felt my hand raise above my head, squeezing my fingers around the wrench as tight as it could. As the wrench plunged towards Stiles’ head, someone’s headlights flashed from the opposite direction. Immediately, she dropped the wrench and Stiles nearly jumped out his skin when he realized I was right behind him.

The car slowed down next to us and Parrish and Valerie hopped out.

“What are you two even doing back here?”, Parrish questioned

“Well hello to you too Parrish. Nice to see you. How have you been?”

Parrish rolled his eyes at Stiles as Valerie eyed his car, “Your father was worried about you. He thought you would’ve been home already”

“I would have been too, but I was on the way to take (Y/N) home when the car broke down”

“If it’s broken down, then why do you have duct tape in your hands?”

“To fix my car!”, Stiles nearly yelled

“Stiles”, Valerie said calmly, “It’s going to be alright. Your father is already on his way out here. So why don’t I take (Y/N) home and Parrish will wait with you until he gets here. That way she gets home safe AND you can get your car safe”

She looked between the both of us for a response. The uncomfortable silence was slightly irritating.  

“I am pretty tired. I think I’ll take you up on that offer”, she answered, “I’ll see you tomorrow Stiles”

Although disappointed, Stiles still managed to smile back at me, “I’ll see you tomorrow babe”

I hate every part of this.

See that wasn’t so bad. If we can work together this will be over much–


So you want to prolong this?

No. I don’t want to work with you and I’m not helping you kill my friends either! I want you out of my body!

She said nothing to me the entire ride home. For once, it felt like I was myself again, but I knew the feeling would never last too long. By the time we pulled into the driveway, her mind was racing a mile a minute. She needed a way to get rid of my friends all at once as quick as possible.

Whoever she was, she was far too strong for me to handle. So far no one has seemed to realize that I wasn’t myself and that drove me crazy. She had no idea who I was, yet she played me to a tee.

She laid in my bed that night, heart content on finding ways to commit mass murder. Slowly she drifts off to sleep and just as slowly I started gaining control of my body again. I tested the reins and tried to move my toe, then my ankle. Next thing I knew, I was walking around my room looking for my phone. As soon as I found it, I sent a message to the one person I completely trusted.


She had to be related to what we found in the woods. She had everything to do with the snakes given that she showed up after I was attacked. They kept us from getting to the relic. It didn’t explain how she got here though. She needed it which is why she’s trying so hard to keep up away. I grabbed my phone and sent out another text.


The clock read 5:45 AM. In fifteen minutes, it would go off and she would awaken once again to take over. I turned it off and spent time getting ready for school. If things didn’t go as planned then the death of my friends would be on my hands.

There was enough time to eat and even make my way to school, but once I stepped through those doors I felt her waking up. I tried holding on for as long as I could, but it was no use.

Soon I was pushed to the backburner, no longer in control of my body.

It seems like I need to stay up to keep you check. I can’t have you running around and doing whatever you please. What have you been doing this entire time?

Enjoying the freedom I have left before you destroy my life.

This is all for my benefit. You just happen to be collateral damage. I’m not doing this for you.

Great, so you kill my friends, then leave me to deal with the aftermath?


Just shut up.

My patience was wearing thin. Having someone else occupying my body for over four hours was exhausting and I’ve had my fill of it.

The pack was nowhere in sight for majority of the day and a part of me was glad. There was no telling what she would do if she saw them in public. As I reached my free period, she began to roam the halls, undoubtedly looking for Stiles or Scott. I prayed she never found them. If Stiles got my message then he knows to stay away.

When she reached the science wing we both heard it. Laughter echoed down the hall from one of the laboratories. Of course it had to be Scott with Lydia and Liam. She made her way into the room with a smile plastered on my face.

“Hey guys”

“(Y/N), how are you feeling?”, Lydia asked

“I feel a lot better after I had a good night’s rest”

They seemed pleased with her answer, but on the inside I was screaming and begging them to get out of here.

“Continue on with whatever you’re doing. I think I left my book in here”

As they all turned around, she turned the knobs on the back row of gas valves, then left the room. She quickly made her way down the hall to watch the room.

“Wait, Liam, don’t light that!”

It was all I could hear Scott say before the room was engulfed in flames. A sick smile spread across my face and I began to panic.

What is wrong with you!? You didn’t have to do this.

I didn’t have to sweetie. I wanted to. The only person I truly need out the way is the Alpha. Everyone else will die just because I want them to.

A part of me relaxed as the door flew open with Liam running out and Scott not too far behind with Lydia in his arms.


The school had to be shut down and everyone was currently being evacuated. Liam found me before I reached the door and pulled me to the boiler room, telling me the pack was meeting there. This was what she needed. Everyone in a same place with no way to escape.

Once we reached the basement, the door was locked from behind and I was pushed into the darkness.

“Who are you?”, I heard Scott ask, “When (Y/N) woke up, it was someone else we were talking to, wasn’t it?”

“You are absolutely correct”, she answered

“Why (Y/N)?”, Lydia asked this time

“She was the weakest out of you all”

Excuse me?

“Oh shut up”, she responded

“What?”, Scott

“She’s still here. She never shuts up”

The lights suddenly turned on and she was surrounded by Scott, Liam, Malia, and Lydia. Stiles was nowhere to be found.

“I’ve roamed this place for centuries and a bunch of children think they can defeat me”, she laughed maniacally, “Once I get rid of you, I’m going after her precious boyfriend, then I’m getting my own body. She takes the blame and I move on”

As the pack closed in on her, I begged her not to do anything stupid, but she ignored me. She held up one hand and they were all on their knees grabbing their throats. Soon their faces began to change colors.

You have to stop! There’s no need for you to do this.

“I can do what I want child. Now keep quiet”, she sneered

Don’t do this. Please!

“Shut. Up!”

“Who the hell are you talking to?”, a familiar voice asked, “You look insane”

She kept her hand up as she turned to face Stiles. He had been in the forest again. His shoes and the rest of his clothes were covered in dirt and leaves.

“It’s okay (Y/N). She won’t be here much longer. I promise”, he said with a nervous smile as he held up the relic we had spent most of the night searching for, “You’re some sort of snake goddess aren’t you? You chose (Y/N) because you fed off of her fear. She’s not weak, it just made it easier for you to take over”

“And? What could you possibly do to get me to stop? If you try to get rid of me, she dies”

If it means getting rid of you, then I’m perfectly fine with that.

You can’t be serious.

“(Y/N) would never be okay not being in control of her own body. I’m doing this for her”, he said as he slammed the relic on the ground

The top broke into pieces, creating a jagged edge. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to send her to her knees. There was a pang in my chest and she yelled in agony as Scott and Liam grabbed my arms to hold her still.

“I have to stab her with it”, Stiles paused as he looked at Malia

Everyone wanted her gone, but no one wanted to risk my life. I was fine with it. Malia leaned forward, whispering in his ear. As she pulled away, there was still uncertainty etched into his features, yet he still charged towards her and jabbed the edge of the relic into my side.

My body grew weaker as she was finally expelled from my body. All I could do was smile at Stiles before I dropped to the ground.

When I finally came to, I could hear a voice in my ear telling me that everything would be alright. Slowly my eyes opened, and Stiles was leaning over me as relief washed over him.

“I thought I lost you”, he sighed as he kissed my cheeks

“Of course not. You made a promise and I trusted you to do the right thing. I always will”

We both smiled at each other perfectly happy to be in each other’s company.

“I have a request”

“Anything for you (Y/N)”, he said as he held my hand

“The next time we have date night, we’re actually having date night. No questions asked”

“I couldn’t have said it better myself”