old record albums

pete townshend writing songs at age 20: haha yeah fuck old people, this is my generation, i love being a teenager, i hope i die before i get old, rock and roll 4ever
pete townshend writing songs at age 21: oh god i’m so old. this is the life of a washed up rock star. my hairline is receding, drugs have ruined me. my wife hates me and my career is over

The Feeling songs and Sans/Reader fics

I associated a bunch of songs together with fics I’m reading? Just. Just look ok

Don’t Make Me Sad - Personal Boogeyman (by SkeezyBreezyCovergirl)

I Thought It Was Over - The Lost Toy Problem (by @auntie-diluvian)

Never Be Lonely - Better Safe Than Sorry (by Milkynubs)

This Time - Feel It In Your Bones (by @dinkywitch)

Loneliness - The Party Incident (by @poubelle-squelette)

Spare Me - Resolve (mine)