old raj


Day 1 - Your one true pairing: Raj Kapoor and Nargis

What can I say? If you didn’t know my answer to this one, then you probably haven’t been following this blog for long. There are plenty of amazing pairings in old hindi cinema, but if there’s one pairing I would die to see another movie of, then it’s Raj and Nargis. 

Not only are their films my favorites, I also have a lot of feelings for these two in general. Nargis just seems like a really lovely, classy and intelligent woman. Raj on the other hand is all in all a really artistic person, a dreamer, a visionary. He is literally the personification of the roles he is playing and that’s so rare. His movies are poetry for my heart and my eyes. Light, music, costumes, acting, story, everything comes together to make another amazing movie.

I just can’t when it comes to these two. I cry like an idiot at legitimately every ending of every movie of them and I love it. Onscreen and offscreen, be it love, friendship, dedication, passion, trust, whatever they called the relation they shared, I will never stop shipping this.

What’s your OTP?