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Aries: The body gets old but the spirit stays young. They can forget their age and keep up the quick pace right until the end of life, wearing out their bones and their bodies, but the fresh, youthful spring time light never leaves their eyes

Taurus: A life lived in honour of beauty creates a beautiful spirit. It’s like they were born old souls, talking to the birds and blooming bouquets as a child, the nature makes you feel like they have done this before

Gemini: The twins keep swapping bodies and minds so it takes double the time to age, the face and spirit retains its fresh, young radiance until the end of life they can be baby faced with mischievous innocence  

Cancer: You can see by the lines across their forehead and cheeks how many times the moon has kissed their face. They don’t feel their age, they feel much older 

Leo: The Leo longs for immortal youth and delights in time around their children and little ones so they feel young again. The fountain of youth flows out of their presence like golden rays. They can always feel like the big kid  

Virgo: The fresh faced, spritely fairy makes their eyes dart like a mesmerised child, retaining their Mercury youth, but their age shows through their worry lines and hands

Libra: The beauty blossoms with age as all the faces they have worn thread together and create the image of all things they experienced as beautiful in their lives

Scorpio: The body takes a large portion of early life to grow into its ancient soul, you can see centuries in their eyes, you can count the lines on their bodies on how many times they have died

Sagittarius: The child’s laughter never stops flowing forth, when they smile their eyes smile too and turn into suns displaying of the wisdom of youth. Sagittarians don’t recognise the old person staring back at them in the mirror

Capricorn: The body gets older but they grow younger, winding the clock backwards and experiencing the spirit, freedom, and innocence of childhood that they were too old for 

Aquarius: They have an unusual relationship with their physical bodies and it can age with unusual experiences, when they spent those years experimenting, pushing their bodies into extreme regimes like spiritual fasts, when they spent those years being unable to sleep, it wears down the body that doesn’t feel like theirs

Pisces: The spirit of the old soul radiates through their auric field, so even as children they have a look of wise contemplation and inner knowing. Pisces don’t feel their age, they feel much older



Aries ~ The snowflakes of Pisces winter fall and death embraces the zodiac.
Sweet, sensual death. Evaporating into the divine, deep in the hollows. And the further we go into darkness, the brighter the light within us shines
Bursting to awaken with the first sound of spring, bluebirds echo in the Aries ear, calling… calling… calling….
bring back life, colour, and god’s delight to the bleakness
Special child of the divine, still held in heaven’s arms, waiting to be born like an exploding nebula, scattering pieces of itself everywhere out of curiosity and enthusiasm. Follow the sound of bloom, the fresh smell of spring, the feeling of warmth beginning to saturate your spirit once more
the earth’s revered child has finally been born. The zodiac begins

Taurus ~ 
As a child of Venus, Taureans navigate the world through their senses. The fresh air of nature, trees, flowers and wildlife is extremely therapeutic and stimulating for them. They are often acutely sensitive to the seasons and weather changes. There is a real need for contact with nature, which and many Taureans fill the roles of farmers, gardeners, horticulturists or artists who use natural materials. One of the male images of Taurus is that of the green man, the male fertility principle. This sign is the closest manifestation material purity, and their sensory alertness allows them to connect to the five sense experience like no other. They can make universes out of empty sketchbooks, make homes out of half crescent Moons and heatwaves through their determination and spirit. This is all four seasons rolled into one.

Gemini ~
Gemini provides a dazzling display of how the mind works. This
mad instrument in all of its
glory and its chaos, its genius and dissociation, its ability to create patterns and puzzles and spin the world upside down. Gemini is like a literal
mind fuck, you know one minute you are traveling 200,00 miles an hour down one road, into philosophy and corruption of the military
and then you have a drunk child on your hands, unable to focus or sit still for a moment. Geminis orgasm can come from conversation, communing with a mind, or meeting an intellect, someone who will talk their ear off all night
conveying hypnotizing facts and knowledge. Gemini is always
the student and the teacher, forever threading the information inside onto
silver wings and blowing them into the ether. They touch people through
language, through the way they weave words together to create
laughter or conversation or sheer delight. Gemini is spinning deliriously in a
world of thought, crossing the borderlines, doing the thinking for both dark and light. Gemini is a book of mysteries inside 

Cancer ~ 
Cancers have a surreal experience of time. It can melt through their mind
like dripping honey. The sound of clocks can be intimidating. They need music and oneness, the rhythm of stars. The moon rules Cancer, and before the 30-31 day calendar, we followed the cycle of the moon, a 28 day ‘month’, stemming from ‘mon’, or ‘moon’.
And now we live separate from nature, and the Cancer is pulled between materialism and delirium, unsure of what is completely real. But from this conflict evokes a brilliant prophet in the Cancer, a crystal ball that conjures the inner world’s most marvellous vision. Spirit guides reside in the 4th house.
So the Cancer can hear thoughts, and these are thoughts of their guide. They can receive intuitive knowledge about the past, a place where the Cancer dwells comfortably, they can be the conduit for ancestral inheritance and the protection of passed descendants, they can swim on a river of divination, because their psychic imagination is so acute. When they fear their own safety, this vision can become dark and volatile. Fear is Cancer’s most destructive poison.

Leo ~ It’s the centre of a star that bursts from Leo
and they are pure magic, a splendid cosmic artwork mixed with dripping sun maple and  the manifestation of divine creative power.
the Leo can stare at themselves and see the universe in their reflection, a flickering light of God burning behind their eyes,
constellations made of broken capillaries, sweetness and softness.
And there is the roar of the Leo lion, a heart that beats a tattoo
in their chest because it is overflowing with love, passion, and desire. The Leo has painted every sparkling essence of time and space with their
enchanted paintbrush, that mind is a visual display of milky way fireworks, heaven is a place on earth with Leo.
But the Leo can also look in the mirror and see a black hole. It isn’t always so vein and conceited. every flaw echoes so loudly. The Leo just wants to be loved, simply for who they are. Not their fortune, or photographs, or profound generosity. Only the bravest hearts are born under the sign of Leo. It’s sensitive and spirited,
ravishing and regal

Virgo ~ 
The lines and poetry of sacred geometry and mechanical movement come to life before the Virgo eyes. Sacred geometry is the sort of experience the Ancients believed was nourishing for the soul. Virgo becomes intimate with the earth and its divine faculties with more voracity than any sign. There are details perceivable to only the  Virgo, like nervous signals jump from their fingertips into their surroundings and electrify the invisible engineering. The Virgo individual is very sensitive to elements, precision, accuracy, and seemingly insignificant components, but nothing is simple to the Virgo, and they recognise
the duty and usefulness of everything, the whole dynamic of seasons and earth, the equilibrium and the silent movement. This is what makes Virgo tremendous at occult studies, specifically those requiring analysis like astrology and numerology, and those involving healing properties like minerals and witchcraft. Through intense observation of surroundings, through holding a
microscope to every leaf and flower, through watching the reverent dance of the sunrise as they measure the motion by time, they identify with the part of themselves that is infinite. They can unify with the part of themselves that is pure, that is untainted awareness and magnificence and beauty. 

Libra ~ 
With Libra we have the Snow White pages. the innocent beauty who does not know the seduction of her aura, the distressed belle who waits for a prince to save her, despite easily outwitting and serving justice better than any man who takes their hand. and in the antithetical pole, the wretched self consciousness. After Virgo has achieved personal perfection, she wants to be the fairest of them all. she evokes the images of others as she attempts to be all things, a glorious figment. they are the enchanted mirror, although they look into their own searching for others and answers. Libra is every character, the enchanting snow is the jewel in her heart and the melody in her love of people. And the witch, her voices of self resonance. Saturn exalts in Libra and the stepmother is an expression of the domineering Saturn parent, often leaving impossible idealism in the child. The notes of empty comparison against others that wither her supple apple cheeks into dried roses and destroy every venus valley. 

Scorpio ~ 
The human world is rarely enough for Scorpio. That can be why they provoke people’s souls, they want to see your insides, your darkness, your light. They can seem spiritually provocative, it’s like they know how to draw madness out of lovers, they can sense the unseen, they can experience states that question existence. And nothing is ever enough.
They don’t want a lover. They want a reunion with a soul mate, their soul. They don’t want sex. They want angelic intimacy, the evaporation of bodies into intwined ether. Scorpio is preparing for death, but they don’t want to leave without truly tasting life. The superficial is rarely enough for Scorpio. They are discontent swimming in shallow waters. They become easily bored when their brilliant mind is under stimulated and unchallenged, they become distracted into unconscious trance when people are dull. And the Scorpio cannot force conversation. There are holes in the world that only Scorpio can see, and they will crawl into one when this world is not enough. 

Sagittarius ~
After emergence from the deep Scorpio tomb, the Sagittarius hybrid spirit soars far and wide. The Sagittarius wisdom operates from the laws of nature, stars, archetypes, the Akashic records, the higher mind, and culture. It embodies the divine chant of laughter, the publication and interpretation of symbols, mythology, theology, and religion.
Here is the quest for the meaning of life, the pilgrimage to unknown regions in search of understanding and the materialisation of belief. It could be travel, education, relationships, indulgence in intoxicants, or nomadic wandering through religion. The Sagittarius guru is the scholar. His temple is filled with books, compasses, astrology notes, and artifacts from every country. He uses comedy for his teachings and applies experience to philosophy and scripture. Waiting in the middle of winter, the Sagittarius speaks many languages and knows many ways of life.
He is approachable and warm, filled with light and spice. Even with the wrinkles of time, the spirit of youth always radiates. Old as the trees and free as a bird, as young as the sunrise and as old as the night.

Capricorn ~ 
To stand on top of the mountain, to stare over the edge of the midheaven, sometimes all you would ever
see would be your own shadow. And the Capricorn’s shadow can linger like a heavy fog, always threatening, always concerning. At her peak, she radiates like a Mistress of Brilliance, she has scaled the land and sea, starred in her
own dream and written her own success story. She has stood behind people and encouraged their ascent
in her graces she has climbed and flown, a mountain goat, pursuing the grand land and salty sea. In all of this, she has only had herself to rely on,
and a voice of wisdom, found only in the darkest moments. She can be hungry for descent because she understands the reigns of flight. The Capricorn is contained, and yet they are the stitches that thread the stars, the grand mastery of it all. In her spirit wields the resources of the Gods, each of whom have tried and tested her. Through the Capricorn’s shadow, a self portrait is created. It reveals the most powerful triumphs of human kind.  The undeniable component of the shadow is that in its presence it reflects only light. The Capricorn is capable of wielding both in their starry ascent toward the heavens, an intuitive focus in strategic command, a skilled concentration that gleams fantasy into
reality. The shadow can be lined in
exquisite silver. 

Aquarius ~
Telepathy could be the Aquarius enchantment. Telepathy into the web of consciousness, the matrix of thought that connects all beings together. Telepathy into the ideas of the sky, cascading like a diamond waterfall into the Aquarius mind. And there is telepathy into the knowledge of stars and space dwellers. The Aquarius mind is a conduit for all sorts of cosmic contemplation. It receives tremendous visions of utopia and elevating bursts of intuition. It also soaks up space junk, and this may turn into madness. Aquarius is the last moment of thought before we capsize into Pisces dream.
They look out to the stars to find their soul mate. They stare into the sea to contemplate infinity. They test logic against galaxies of invisible wonder. The Aquarius mind diffuses an extraterrestrial perfume, their thoughts dart through constellations and fields of existence. Underneath the disorder is a mind that sparkles like the diamonds that rain on Uranus. Inconceivable. Curious. Marvellous.

Pisces ~ 
Pisceans can try on new personalities like they try on shoes,
and with those unusual feet hardly any shoes, from heels to flats or docs seem to fit properly, like all these personalities she tries to be, none of them cloak her soul with the colours. Nothing ever seems to fit those shades
she knows ripple inside, those pastels that haven’t been invented yet. From room to room she moves, shifting face and shape, slippery with sea salt infused in her skin, impossible to catch or define, lost and wandering,
the facets of a thousand personalities. It feels so foreign being trapped in a body, when she can feel wings fluttering behind her shoulder blades,
and scales shimmer under her thighs. Like a mirror carved in heaven, reflecting people as angels. She is the stain glass window that forever changes colour and tone, paint streaked over her spirit, impossible to conceive without a kaleidoscope. She knows her true self resides at home
The home in the sky, made of clouds and liquid love. But for now the show must go on. Who do I dress as today.
Nobody knows.


I Know

My first Byeler fic! General warning for some period typical internal homophobia. Aged up characters. Romance. Jealousy. Coming out. 


Will was halfway back home when he decided he’d had enough. With a scowl on his face, and a tiny huff of frustration, he made a sloppy u-turn on a gravel drive and headed back in the direction from which he’d come, the Wheeler’s house, pedaling as fast as his legs could handle. By the time he’d made it back to their clean, middle class suburb (nothing like the run down, outskirts of town that Will called home), the sun was beginning to set and the lamplights and porch lights began their lazy parade of firing to life.

He wasn’t sure what he was going to do exactly, only knew that he was pissed off, his shoulders tense underneath the collar of his now sweat-soaked shirt, and he was either going to end up laying into Mike, or fleeing in terror at the first sight of him. If his past history was a factor, then it was a high probability for the latter.

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a stranger things au with jung hoseok ??💘💘

in which hoseok is actually 007 and you’re a hawkins high school student mesmerized by the new kid ~ 

  • physics is next period and you’re not feeling it all, not even when you hear the faint sound of wham’s go-go playing from the cafeteria where student council is setting up for winter prom
  • and you’re instantly reminded of how you still haven’t gotten asked by anyone
  • not that there’s anyone you have in mind,,,,,,,
  • the locker next to yours suddenly opens, which startles you because it’s been empty this whole semester
  • and you turn to see a new face, a new handsome face, stacking his books inside
  • he’s wearing a jean jacket over a red flannel, the cuffs slide down his forearm and you see the number 007 written above his wrist in what you assume is sharpie marker
  • no one is getting tattooed in the 80s in hawkins. not even the kids that listen to scorpions and smoke in the back of the yard
  • the face suddenly turns, and you meet the eyes of this newcomer 
  • they’re,,,,,warm and inviting and he smiles
  • “im jung hoseok.”
  • you touch his hand to shake it, and suddenly your body jolts back like you’ve been shocked
  • “oops, i think i rubbed my hand against something before.” he jokes ideally “are you in last period physics? im trying to find the room it’s in?”
  • hoseok is different,,,,,he’s nothing like the dull, average hawkins kid with nothing better to do on saturday nights than bike through the forest or egg old peoples houses
  • he,,,,,,radiates this energy that you’ve never felt before
  • and suddenly - it’s like your life is filled with him
  • you guys eat lunch together, hoseok attracts various other people to sit beside him, but seemingly always has a spot open for you
  • he gets a car somewhere half through the semester, and you’re sure it doesn’t even have this states license plate but you’re so giddy when he offers to drive you home that you don’t care
  • you override small inconsistency about him, like how his senses seem sharper then yours - perking up at sounds and smells you don’t hear
  • how sometimes if he doesn’t know you’re there and you touch him, that same electric shock brushes through you 
  • that one afternoon where you’d asked where he lived and hoseok just,,,,,,,laughed
  • you purposely chose to ignore these things because you like him - a lot
  • and hawkins was boring before, but now you have something to look forward too 
  • and it’s not just sitting in your room staring at the poster of george michaels above your bed - because suddenly jung hoseok is looking much much better than george michaels
  • you think maybe it’s a little weird though, that your walkman is broken in your bag and hoseok just touches it - just holds it in his arms - and it’s like the dead battery is alive again
  • but you just lean in, kiss his cheek in thanks and watch hoseok’s eyes wildly blink in surprise and delight
  • “there’s going to be a winter prom for our grade, do you think you’d want to go?”
  • you ask, carefully one chilly december day as hoseok waves at someone you barely know in the halls
  • he adjusts his backpack and grins, “sure. when is it?”
  • you say the date and hoseok’s brows seem to knit - like maybe there’s something else happening on that day but he just smiles and tells you he’ll pick you up at seven
  • it rains on the night of the winter prom, the lightening is so loud and prevalent that you’re surprised the phone circuits haven’t been cut
  • seven o’clock rolls around and your mother gives you a concerned look as you sit on the stairs and watch the front door
  • no sign of hoseok
  • half an hour later you’re worried he’s gotten trapped in the rain, or something worse like his car was hit by lightning -
  • you shudder at the thought, but decide you have to go see if he’s ok, borrowing the keys to your parents car when your mom’s not looking ad making an excuse to go to the garage
  • the rain sounds terrible, beating down on the car as you drive down the only road that encompasses the whole of your avenue
  • people’s lights are off in houses and it’s like hawkins is extra,,,,,,,,dead tonight
  • you wonder if anyone even went to the dance, but as you pass by the open field near the bend that goes up into town you see a figure
  • one - lonely person in the middle of the sea of grass
  • there’s thunder, almost circling around him - like a hurricane of electricity but ,,,,, the person is safely within the middle
  • almost like he’s controlling the lightening,,,,,,you stop your car and watch - the rain beats down on the hood and your eyes strain through the wet streaks of your window to see if you can tell who it is
  • for some reason, your body moves on it’s own and even in the weather you push the door open and come out
  • in a matter of seconds, you’re soaked - your prom outfit ruined and your hair sticking to your skin
  • almost hypnotized, you step forward - closer to the person and his dancing lightening
  • when he turns, sharp and sudden and ,,,,
  • hoseok is there - wet with rain but eyes of warm brown stricken out into a silver haze
  • you’re scared of him, why is he out here? why does he look like that?
  • but you don’t move,,,,,,,,not until he starts coming toward you
  • and in the rain, claps of thunder making your ears ring with their noise
  • hoseok stops in front of you, silver eyes reverting back to their brown,,,,,,,and he reaches a hand out to touch your cheek
  • there’s that twinge of shock, but it’s not painful - it lasts as hoseok’s fingers trace down to your chin and you notice the 007 is still black and permanent on his wrist
  • you don’t think it’s sharpie marker after all,,,,,,,
Mess with one Stark....Mess with us both.

Request from anon:Can I request something with tony stark x sister reader? She stopped returning his calls and been avoiding everyone. He’s concerned so he pays her a visit. When she doesn’t answer the door he breaks it down and finds her chained to a pipe in the bathroom covered in bruises. She tells him her bf has been holding her hostage beating her so he moves her to the tower with 24/7 security and beats the living daylights out of the guy.

Tony Stark x Sister!Reader

Words: 2,015

Warnings: Anger, violence, mentions of blood and swearing.

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their creators <3

You have reached the voicemail service for [y/n] Stark. Please leave your message after the tone or hang up now.

“Damnit [y/n]!” Tony was in his suit flying above the city sky line of New York and this was his tenth attempt over the last few days to get hold of you. “F.R.I.D.A.Y can you patch me onto Nat please?”

“Yes sir, doing that for you now.”

As he started to head a little further out from the city his internal comms rang through to Nat back at Stark Tower.

“Hey Tony what’s up?”

“Have you heard anything from [y/n] over the past few days. I know that even if, for some reason or another, she was in a mood with me she will always at least speak to you.”

“No I haven’t. I just assumed that she might have gone away with that boyfriend of hers. I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about but if it makes you feel any better why don’t you see if she is at home?”

“You’re right. I’ll head back to the tower soon.”

He disconnected the line and then asked for F.R.I.D.A.Y to lock him in on the location of your home. The second he touched the ground a large swarm of children who had been playing in the street raced over to where he was stood. By the looks of sheer shock on their faces they had never expected someone like Iron Man to end up in their neck of the woods.

“This is totally awesome!”

“Iron Man you are like THE coolest superhero!”

One of the little kids shoved the one that had just spoken out of the way.

“No! Captain America is! He has that shield!”

A soft chuckle escaped him as he held out his iron clad hands to separate them before they started some kind of brawl in the middle of the street. Last thing he wanted was a group of angry mums on his hands….although…..the more he thought about that the more he was actually coming round to the idea. Nothing like a good excuse to use some of that Stark charm of his.

“Kids, kids…..” For a moment it looked like he was about to scold the children but then underneath his mask a smirk tugged at his lips. “We all know that I can totally kick his butt.”

The kid that had shown enthusiasm for Captain America was appalled by his comment but the others cheered in excitement at such a prospect.

“My mum said she would pay good money to see you and Captain America wrestling.”

“Oh really now? Well isn’t your mum quite the delight….now if you’ll all excuse me I need to visit a friend.”

Moving himself around the numerous kids Tony made his way towards the slightly more secluded house on the street. If you didn’t already know that it was there you would never have noticed it thanks to the large canopy of trees that bordered it.

“Uh Mr Iron Man? Are you going in there because of the shouting and screaming?”

He didn’t even stop to ask more about the screaming the kid had clearly heard because before the child could speak another word he had already closed the gap between himself and the house. There were no attempts to knock to see if anyone was even home as he raised his right leg up before driving it into the wooden door with such force it was ripped right off it’s hinges.

“Are there any life signs inside the building that you can detect F.R.I.D.A.Y?”

“Aside from yourself Mr Stark there is only one. Pulse is weak and blood pressure is dangerously low. From my scans it is a young female.”

“[y/n]….it’s [y/n]. Where is she?”

“She has been detected in the basement sir. I recommend that you get to her as quickly as possible.”

When it came to you, his sister, the only family he had left he didn’t need to be told twice. He may not have visited you much here, thanks to that oh so lovely boyfriend of yours, but he knew enough about the majority of houses in America to be fully aware as to the location of the basement door.

It took mere seconds for him to be through the door and down the steps. The darkness of the basement was thick having no windows to allow any source of light through, so he raised up a hand and fired up the repulsor inside of it so that a shaft of light filled the majority of the room around him. It wasn’t long before he heard your voice; although only just considering it was so hoarse it was barely even above a whisper.


Out of pure instinct he spun round to face where your voice had sounded from only to end up almost blinding you from said action as the light hit your directly in the eyes. Had he not been faced with the sight of you chained to an old and rusty radiator he would have apologised profusely to you but instead he stood there in complete shock for a good few moments as he heart broke in two. This pain was far worse than when he’d had shrapnel threatening to pierce his heart on a daily basis.

He should have been untying you, sweeping you up into his arms, but the shock of seeing you in such a state was wiping any logical thought from his mind. He saved the world every day, faced aliens without even batting an eyelid, and yet stood here and seeing you in such a state had him frozen to the spot unable to do anything.


The desperation in your voice was all the motivation he needed to snap himself out of the daze he had fallen into; his mask opened up to reveal his worried face as he knelt down to you, one of his iron hands reached up to cradle your cheek.

“Jesus [y/n] what the hell happened? Who did this to you? In fact where the hell is Chris?!”

Your boyfriend should have been here protecting you, stopping anything like this happening to you, and yet he wasn’t anywhere to be seen.

“It….It was Chris wh-who did this to me.”

The worried expression that had been etched onto his face faded completely when you uttered those words, anger swiftly taking its place, his jaw clenched itself tightly but before he could do anything to release it he knew he needed to get you out of here. With one arm he shielded your face before blasting a hole into the radiator so that your bound hands were released and he picked you up into his arms.

“I’m taking you back to the tower. Banner will check you over and make sure there isn’t too much damage. You’re not coming back here again.”

                                           * * * * * * * * * *

Tony waited outside of the infirmary as Dr Banner looked over you. He was no longer in his Iron Man suit but had pulled the long sleeves of his top down over both of his hands as he clenched and then unclenched them over and over again. He needed to be here for you but there was still a huge part of him that was just itching to get out there and make Chris pay for the damage he had done to you.

The fact that a man had treated a woman in such a way was bad enough as it was but this…..this was his sister! How could he just stand idly by while….

“Tony?” His thoughts were cut short when Bruce wandered out from the room you were being treated in and grabbed his attention. The look on his face was more than enough to confirm that the news wasn’t all that great but Tony nodded his head for him to continue anyway, needing to know just how bad you were. “Some of the injuries we found on [y/n] have been there for a number of weeks, I’d say around four to five at a guess, those ones are healing so there is nothing we can do with them; however, the fresh ones are the ones that will require treatment.”

“What did the bastard do to her Banner?”

Bruce seemed a little nervous now, his feet shuffling on the floor as he prepared himself for Tony’s reaction.

“He broke four of her ribs, one of which punctured her right lung, and the swelling of her brain indicates that her head suffered numerous blows to it. She was also severely dehydrated which means that her kidneys aren’t functioning at 100%.” He could see that the man stood before him, quite rightly so, was becoming more and more infuriated with each word that escaped his lips so he quickly added the more positive news to the conversation. “All of which is treatable. It will just take time that is all. She will need to remain here for at least a couple of months.”

“That’s fine with me. At least here she will be safe from that prick. I have somewhere to be. You carry on doing your thing and look after her doc.”

With that said he turned on the balls of his feet and headed towards the elevator. If this guy thought he was going to get away with this he had another thing coming.

                                            * * * * * * * * * *

“Please! Please for the love of God don’t hurt me!”

The man that had been more than happy to beat you was currently cowering in a corner as Tony stood before him in his Iron Man suit. He hadn’t even lay a finger on him yet but clearly once he had come back home to find you gone he had been expecting for your brother, aka Iron Man, to show up…..and now this situation was becoming all too real for him.

Tony reached out a hand, grabbing the pathetic little cockroach by the throat, as his face inside of the suit showed just how angry he was while the mask itself remained expressionless.

“Is that what [y/n] said as you beat her huh? Did she plead for you to stop as you were bashing her head against the wall like it was nothing more than a child’s toy?”

He gritted his teeth, eyes blackened with sheer hatred for the coward he was stood in front of, all he wanted was to make him feel the same pain that you had…..and he wasn’t going to leave until he had achieved it.

His free hand balled up into a fist before he drove it into the whimpering man’s chest, breaking a number of his ribs upon impact, his pained cries filling the room they were in didn’t falter Tony’s actions and didn’t once make him wonder whether he was doing the right thing or not. This was the least he deserved.

When he was done with the ribs he grabbed a handful of the man’s blonde hair, gripping it so tight that it would only take one simple pull to drag it out from the very roots, and threw his head into the marble worktop behind him. The impact caused his nose to break, blood pouring from both nostrils, and his cheek bone was left shattered much to Tony’s satisfaction.

Taking a hold of his chin he forced the bloody mess of a man to look him in the eyes as his mask folded away to reveal his face so that he could speak these words to him with his own voice.

“You mess with one Stark…..you mess with both of us.”

Throwing his inured body down onto the ground Tony turned his back on the man before he launched himself up into the air. You probably weren’t going to be happy with what he had done once you found out but in your brother’s eyes the man got some of what he deserved….

….an eye for an eye and all that…..

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MariChat May

Day 2: Purring

Words: 553


This time.

This time for sure he isn’t going to let it happen.

He trained for this, worked at home until he could silence the urge inside him and it all comes down to this last moment.

“You really won’t purr for me?” Marinette pouts above him, looking down where his head lay in her lap. He shakes his head stubbornly, crossing his arms and turning away. “I didn’t mean to make fun of you!” she insists. But Chat doesnt listen, and just shakes again.

Last time he had purred, she had mocked him. Ruthlessly. This time he wouldn’t make the same mistake, he won’t lose, no matter the cost.

“Well, I guess I can’t make you.” she says, but her fingers are already carding through his hair headed with single minded determination towards his ears. He turns over in her lap, face down, to hide his blush.

He won’t do it.

She starts by gently pinching them, then circling her fingers along the velvety inside and the smooth outsides. He feels something build in his throat, but crushes it by digging the heel of his boot into his calf.

Her fingernails trace the outer edges of his real ears, before running to the back of his neck where they scratch to their hearts content. He scrunches up his face in concentration, fighting the weaker part of him that wondered why it would be so bad to give in to the sensation. Melt into her lap and purr and meow and- no.

He won’t.

She hums, as though this is just a walk in the park for her. Her fingers move up the back of his head towards his ears again, taking their time, scratching and rubbing and -yes- petting every inch they go over. His body should not be able to betray him like this, in the way it arches his back and pushes his head into her hands. Stretches and shudders as he feels his claws push outward and retract back in and his muscles relax.

Its mutiny, he’s sure.

He grunts to cover up what he’s sure was an oncoming ‘meow’. Disgusting.

He will not.

He’s squirming in her lap by now and Marinette pulls her trump card., running her fingers back to his ears and scratching between and behind them.

His throat betrays him, he squeaks. He attempts coughing to cover it up, but it’s too late, she heard. Her hands fly back to the wretched place that spurred the weak sound and they rub relentlessly.

He… can’t…

She drags the back of her nails from his hairline down the back of his neck, between his shoulder blades to the spot right above his tail and his eyes nearly roll back into his head from the onslaught of pleasure.

Screw it.

The purr starts up, relentless as an old radiator, and hums through his whole body from the tips of his ears to the pads of his feet. It vibrates into her lap and she hears it. He feels her fingers sink a little more heavily into him.

There’s my kitty.” Marinette coos, but she doesn’t stop, just keeps petting him gentle and firm in all the right places.

He pouts, but can’t bring himself to tighten up despite how much he hates losing.

There’s always next time

It was a beautiful song, he’d admit that much. But it made him sad sometimes—and mostly for the reason that you were so sad each time you listened to it. You would never openly say when you were listening to it, but he caught the name of it every now and again. He listened to it on his own, on his way to work just so that you would feel he wasn’t spying on you.

Course if he asked you would gladly show him.

But as he mentioned, he knew music (duh) and he knew that some songs were just meant for one person sometimes.

Anyhow, there was a far off, wistful look you had when you listened to it. He knew it was the song because no matter what you were doing: work, cooking, cleaning, laundry, your eyes would sort of glaze over. You would clench your jaw and stare far off into space and move at glacial pace. Like you were trying to prolong the moment in time.

And as soon as the song was over you would look around to see if Harry was there and if he was you would smile and ask him if he wouldn’t mind making you a cup of tea.

The two of you had been together for a little over a year and a half and you asked him if he wanted to move in. You offered his own room just so he could have some space and not be intrusive.

To that he rolled his eyes and happily placed his clothing in the drawers beside yours.

That was your nature—you never wanted to burden; Harry didn’t think that it was possible, but you claimed it was. Instead he would tease you or roll his eyes (sometimes both) and just ignore your burdening feeling. Harry knew you felt like a burden for always pestering about him being a burden—and that one was hard to explain.

However, this was different.

Because never in the year and half and then some, had you ever called Harry at work. Never. Even after the time you sliced your hand on a sharp edge of one of the old radiators in your classroom and had to get stitches—Harry just got a text saying I had an accident at school…on an unrelated note can you grab some large bandages on your way home? Xx

So he figured that this was dire that you were finally calling him.

“Hello, love?” He said into the phone gently. He didn’t want to spook you. For like he said, this was probably dire and he figured it was best to be calming regardless of what he thought you would say or how his heart tried beating through the phone to comfort you itself.

There was no answer, though. So he said hello a few more times and smirked with relief each time he said hello realizing that it was of course a pocket dial. He listened for a moment hearing the hum of your car and the sound of music.

But not just any music.

It was the song. The song that you listened to only when you were down. Harry was back to alarmed because he didn’t want you to have that wistful look while you drove—that seemed like it could be dangerous.

He stepped out of the office to stand in the hall in privacy as he listened. He heard sniffles and his heart nearly snapped in half for you because he felt like you were breaking and if he could sense that over the phone he could only imagine how much pain you were in.

Toward the middle of the song, the music was building and this is usually when your jaw clenches tighter. But now your tears must have been flowing and your sniffles were louder. Harry listened intently, praying you made it home safely so you would at least be in your comfy apartment to cry your heart out.

He knew something was off for a few days now because the song seemed to be playing a lot—but he couldn’t figure out why. Nothing seemed wrong. He thought everything was okay with your relationship with him. Your family was okay as far as he knew. Work was a little overwhelming, but again it seemed fine. You were always sunshiney and bright, it really hurt him to hear you so upset.

As Harry listened for any signs that you were about to crash your car or you were about to be blinded by tears you screamed at the top of your lungs. Harry had to jerk the phone away from his ears and several people passing him could hear the noise coming out of his phone (at least, according to the curious glances they made toward him). Nothing of this nature had ever come past your lips. You were a teacher, nothing but kind, gentle words ever came out of your mouth. To hear this gut-wrenching, horror movie-worthy, soul-reaching, body-aching scream rip out of you worried him to no end.

But he was so stunned all he could do was hang up the phone as soon as he heard the sound end and your deep breaths filled with small sniffles.

He stared at his phone in silence for a few moments wondering what on earth that was about. He could hardly focus on getting back into the room. He was truly in awe. Gratefully, his body seemed to be working faster than his mind as he reentered the room, and said, “There’s an emergency, I have to leave right away.”

And that he did.


Your car was in the lot in perfect condition. Easing his heart slightly, Harry climbed the steps to your floor and entered the apartment. Immediately, the stereo with that hauntingly beautiful song playing from it, clicked off.

You peered around the corner and smiled sweetly. “You’re home early,” you remarked. Turning back to the counter, you were dicing tomatoes and onions and Harry noted the fajita seasoning smell in the air. He opened the fridge to get the head of lettuce to help but you shooed his hands away from the knives. “M’turn,” you muttered as he answered your previous remark at the same time.

“Mm,” he said kissing your forehead. The only way he could have possibly known you were different without that phone call is your voice was slightly scratchy. “Missed you,” he smirked.

You rolled your eyes sweetly. “I doubt you would leave early for me,” you joked.

Harry tilted his head at you and pursed his lips. “Darling, I would do anything for you,” he said simply and meaningfully. It took you aback a little as you diced the onion on the cutting board. It was a bit heavy for a tiny joke.

But Harry wasn’t sure if he should have joked with you all those times about being a burden. He worried it was perhaps, what made you so upset earlier today.

“Oh…well, erm…thank you,” you said awkwardly and blushed a bit. Harry watched you a few moments staring at you curiously. He picked up the remote right by you and he turned up the volume and watched as your eyes flicked back and forth from the remote to the onions nervously.

“Where did you hear this song?” He wondered.

You shrugged. “A TV show.”

“It’s beautiful.” You nodded cautiously in response. “A bit…mellow,” he said softly.

You continued to nod. “It’s from a very solemn scene,” you explained.

He was starting to put pieces together. “Baby, did you know you called me today?” He asked.

Your eyebrows pinched together and you shook your head. “I don’t call you at—”

“I think it was a pocket dial; on your way home this afternoon,” he said simply.

You stopped chopping and you looked straight at the cutting board. “Oh.”

He waited listening to the music. He felt bad, like he was making you nervous—it’s not that he was putting you on the spot or on trial—he just wanted to make sure you were okay. “You can scream pretty good,” he decided a joke would help this situation.

He was wrong.

You felt like you were suffocating and you searched your mind to explain what that could have been but you came up short. You were caught. The tears were burning your eyes immediately and you put your hands together, clasped at your waist and you squeezed a little tight on your own hands just to breathe normally.

Coming around the counter he placed a hand on the back of your arm and pushed a bit of hair behind your ear. “Would you mind telling me why you’re so upset lately, love?” He whispered so sweetly.

It broke you again. You felt like someone had just melted all your atoms into nothing and you turned to Harry as he pulled you tight to his body against his chest, and cupped the back of your head soothingly petting your soft hair down your back. He kissed the top of your head and listened again as you sobbed to this hauntingly beautiful song.


After several minutes, some water, and a few moments of quiet, Harry wiped your cheeks while you hiccupped on your breath. “How do you know I’m upset?” You asked.

He shrugged. “Because I love you,” he said simply. You smiled brokenly and blushed just a little. You shook your head.


“Because you play this song every time you’re down and then you go back to normal. So I just know,” he said easily. “When I heard it through your phone, I was worried you were gonna crash—I wasn’t spying. You always get this dazed look—I was worried about your safety.”

Even when he was upset he was sweeter than sugar.

Taking a deep breath, you closed your eyes and swallowed like it was the first time you had done so in a while. Harry waited patiently.

“I’m not happy right now,” you whispered. “I don’t know what’s wrong. But I’m angry and scared and I feel very alone and that’s not true, I have you any moment I want…I’m just…a mess.”

“No love,” he shook his head frowning at you. “No…you’re sad, that’s all.” He cooed and rocked you gently in his arms as he hugged you. He had a lot he wanted to say but he knows how hard it was for you to tell him those words just now.

So for right now, all he had to do was hold you tightly and rock you until the two of you could conquer this new problem together. At one point Harry scooped you into his arms and draped you over his lap, kissing your forehead once more and kissing the side of your head.

“I told you anything, love. I love you so much,” he promised. “We’ll talk in just a bit…but we’re just gonna cuddle right now.”

You felt a few more loving tears roll down your cheeks. “Harry Styles, I love you more than I could ever describe,” you shook your head.

He smirked sweetly at the notion and kissed the tip of your nose. “That’s all I’ll ever need, baby.”