old prussia


I’m muuuuuuuch too lazy to make a remotely clean and actually good version of this so take what you can get

Anyway, I drew this to illustrate a certain vision I have of Gilbert: he is a man of the military and of ideals (although he is a pragmatist) and he knows little mercy when it comes to his own men. Harsh on others, harsher on himself still, in line with the Prussian virtues. If you are part of his military he has very high expectations for you.
Friedrich used to be at the receiving end of Gilbert’s…ah, criticism in his youth. But it was easy to forget about the treatment once he’d gained Gilbert’s favor; well, sometimes he still got a reminder of what slumbers inside Gilbert.

I just found an old notebook in which I’ve written down ideas and scenes for fanfics that I had planned but because I didn’t write it in any particular order and I barely can remember even half of it it’s all out of context.
Here are some favorites:

● Prussia tries to borrow a phone. They think he’s a creep.

●Sweden and Iceland sits on the counter in the kitchen. France walks in and wonders what they are doing. “Nothing” they say while staring suspiciously at the floor. Finland walks in and sighs before asking “Where is it?”. They point at a spider on the floor. Finland takes it outside. Hilarity ensues.

● Romano slowly goes insane as he understand more and more of the universe. The truth. (This part has been crossed over followed by a note to myself: “This is gonna be funny, not dark”)

● Everyone turns into frogs… except France.

● America kicking down the door very dramatically but then walking in real slowly while looking sad.

● Put some more “umpf!” into this! (????)

● The snakes are here.

● Iceland can see the magic creatures and have always been able to. (This was before it became canon)

● A random list of which country is the hottest which I’d rather pretend I didn’t see.

● Apparently Spain is the hottie of the hotties.

● …..

● Sweden drops a cookie and get sad.


tfw you almost get ur weird family pet nation killed

Not pictured: Fritz making some shit comment about Gil crying like “so u recovered from ur childish lil fit”; Gilbert almost punching him in the eye (but not doing it because he knows Fritz, and he knows he is just an ass & makes dumb unnecessary comments, and loves him anyway)

Anyway, I watched a documentary on my train ride back home, and it mentioned how the Seven Years war put some really heavy strain on the entire Prussian population so
have a moment of weakness from Gilbert