old pic i know but they're pretty

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Calling out pedophiles is important, I'm not trying to say it's not. But we should be targeting REAL pedophiles. People are so extreme sometimes. This one account on instagram makes edits and one was about finn. I didn't get a sexual vibe at all but everyone came for the creator. If they're interpreting it as sexual, wouldn't that be a little pedophilic lol, the irony.

Yeah like I’m pretty nervous when I want to tag something like “this fucking cutie” to a pic of Finn or jack or Wyatt cause boom I get messages like OH MY GOD U LIKE 20

Like bITCH I fucking know bro why the fuck would I want to get with a fourteen year old anyway?

But all jokes aside I call the it cast cuties bc they cute and adorable and they are my children