old photos made new


I didn’t take any photos of this week’s comics club. Comics salon. The usual crew was there. Some new faces. I had everyone draw a horse from memory. And then we looked at photos of horses and when tracing the old drawings – made new drawings with better proportions. Photo reference is necessary sometimes. However, I encourage makers to then draw from their drawing made from a photo. Maybe even flip it. Draw the mirror image. And then flip it back. Either way – it was interesting that everyone drew the horse in profile standing or running to the left as a single drawing. And then we arranged them in a grid of four. Again all the horses - are facing left. Yet now as a set of four which reads 1,2,3,4 in left right zigzag fashion the running horses to the left looked odd. A simple flip - each image mirrored now - makes them run into the reading flow. I think, possibly, that when everyone was just drawing a drawing - not making a comic - they thought the drawing itself reads left to right - so everyone basically started with the head and neck and mane - the most characteristic element of the horse - the symbol of the horse. And that drawing READS left to right to us westerners. However when one plugs those four similar drawings into a sequence—it moves. Food for thought. Thanks for coming out. Pittsburgh! FS