old photos i found on my hard drive

a popular cartoon i remember first watching this when i was 12 and i found the talking prune really funny. For halloween 2008 i dressed up as the prune from AKIRA but all the photos got lost on my old hard-drive when it fell down the stairs. 

important ooc?? maybe

//Okay, so, I’ve been looking through my photos from my old hard-drive (i think it’s from around 2011-2013 ish) and I kinda found something that I  really, uh, need to talk about.

This was me back in the days, and living with parents who believed hair length= sexuality/gender, I’ve had like, long hair for about as long as I can remember. But the thing is, I’ve never, ever, in my life felt like I was a girl- I’ve always been a boy. It was hard for me because I kept being forced into wearing dresses and skirts, doll up when I head out and told that being anything other than a cis/het female was wrong ever since I was born. But the thing is, if you keep telling a kid something like that repetitively they’ll grow up thinking it’s actually true, so I was basically throwing around transphobic/homophobic insults and jokes as a kid because I thought it was OK, that I should be downgrading people who were trans and gay because my parents told me because they were ‘gross’ and ‘diseased’. 

I basically grew up thinking I was a girl, but it never felt right, it’s as if there was something wrong with me that I couldn’t quite wrap my head around. I started to see things in a different way, I didn’t like wearing frilly pink dresses or have long curly hair and, I started to see girls in a different way too- I started to like them, as much as I liked boys. It was weird at first, I didn’t know what to call it when you liked a girl as in a boy way, and you liked a boy in a boy way? Hella confusing. I thought i was just a Bi-female, but then I found out what Transgender meant. Holy shit, I was so happy to find out that I was a Transboy and that other people felt the same way, so (stupidly) I told my mother about it…and she wasn’t very happy- furious even.

We got into this long heated argument that lasted for about a few months until I decided, “fuck it” and hacked of my hair with a pair of gardening scissors. She kicked me out of the house for a week, and I kinda had really bad depression/anxiety bc of that. Our relationship got stale, we don’t talk as much as we did before, but she still somehow manages to find space for a lot of transphobic insults, which I now find a lot more offensive than I did before. So I really couldn’t take it anymore and moved out. 

This is me now, happy that I can live my life being a boy. Consider this me coming out to you guys, I AM A BOY. I know I’ve been quite flexible in terms of pronouns and what not bc I was scared y’all would react like my mom and not talk to me anymore, but I decided I should come out all together and just get it over with. HI, MY NAME IS MAX AND I AM A BOY. And I’m sorry for not telling you guys sooner, but hopefully, y’all would address me as a dude from now on. And it’s okay if you mess up and use female pronouns, I understand it’s not easy, but I am a patient person HAHA (i misgender myself somtimes, so I’ll cut you a lot of slack  ;v;)  THANKSshadjwefuiw.


Slab and counterslab of the “Eichstätt Specimen” of Archaeopteryx. Photos taken in 2005 at the Jura Museum in Eichstätt, Germany.

The Eichstätt specimen is the smallest of the eleven Archaeopteryx found so far, with the second-best preserved head. The faint wing feather impressions don’t show up very well in these pictures, sadly.

View from the “Daniel” steeple of Saint Georg’s Church, 90m (295ft) above the town of Nördlingen in Bavaria, Germany. Photo taken in 2005.

That faint rise of hills off on the horizon are the remnants of the rim of a large crater, 24 km (15 miles) across, known as the Nördlinger Ries. This viewpoint is from within the crater itself, fairly close to the center.

The crater is 14.5 million years old, and is the result of an asteroid impact event – recent calculations estimate the size of the space rock involved to have been about 1.5km (0.9 miles) in diameter.