old photographs


Daily Drawing #537

Today I went to Brighton! Here are some sketches of people seen at London Bridge station and another page of doodlings.

Also, I found all these wonderful old photos in a flea market shop. I could have spent all day delving through the piles of photos they had. All pretty great. Here are two I bought which I’m particularly fond of. The tennis ladies photo was 40p. The lady with her dog was 20p. Happiness! :)

YOUNG LADIES & GENTS | 1940S-50s Two girls and two boys wearing matching clothing, posed in park. Credit: Charles Teenie Harris, photographer. Teenie Harris Photograph Collection, 1920-1970, Carnegie Museum of Art

via Black History Album, The Way We Were

A 19th century calling card!

Cheap to produce with popular subject matter, usually performers and celebrities, these cards would be collected and compiled into albums.

Album of French actors, actresses and dancers, 1860s, André Adolphe-Eugène Disdéri, photographer; André Giroux, photographer;Pierre-Louis Pierson, photographer; . J. Paul Getty Museum.