old philippine photos


Old Photo’s from the Philippines
1.) Embroidery Class at Paco School, Manila
2.) Planting Rice
3.) Four Men on Stump, Mindoro
4.) Girls at the Kabayan School, Benguet, Luzon
5.) The Rice Terraces
6.) Princess Radja Putri, Wife of the Sultan Maguguina, Cotabato
7.) Datu Mandi and Wife, Zamboanga

Library of Congress Collection

The idea of Fort Drum was created after the Spanish–American War in 1898 when the Board of Fortifications decided that the United States needed to better fortify overseas territories, especially harbors. One of the primary areas that the Board of Fortification decided to focus on was Manila Bay in the Philippines. Originally, the fort was to be the control center for a mine network across the Bay. However, due to inadequate defenses in the area, a plan was devised to level the island and then build a massive fortification.

Calauit Island, Palawan, Philippines Hundreds of families were evicted to make way for animals—giraffes, antelopes, and other creatures native to Kenya. The island became a safari, a wildlife preserve far from the urban jungle of Manila. Supporters praised Marcos for his advocacy, though it was wildly believed that he went through all that effort just to give his only son, Ferdinand Jr., his own hunting grounds.