old people tv

I want more old queer people in media

I want more old queer people in movies, tv, books, art, everywhere

I want old queer couples in media

I want to personally know queer people past the age of 30

I want to see them and talk to them and know that it’s possible

that it’s possible to live and to thrive and to love

that it’s possible to not end up dead by my own hand, or others’ hands, or from whatever plague they deny happens to us next

I want to know that it’s possible to exist

what’s so good about old tv shows

people sometimes wonder why I watch so many oldies. I don’t claim they are better than modern tv shows - there are old shows I love and modern ones I love just as much. Of course, each show is different and has its own pros and cons but since you ask, I tried to list some general reasons why I find them so entertaining (I omitted the obvious ones like: “BECAUSE IT’S AMAZING’, ‘I love this actor and I watch all his filmography’ and ‘It reminds me of my childhood’ - although the last one helped me to rediscover some great shows tbh):

- you can watch it whenever you want and as many episodes as you want or even binge-watch the whole thing if you’re crazy enough

- the music

- you get to watch famous film stars when they were young and unknown

- every time someone asks what you are currently watching you sound more hipster than hipsters

- you can feel very young when you realize that the little kid from the show is fifteen years older than you

- it’s easier to avoid real life problems when going back in time

- the music

- the joy when you look at all those haircuts and outfits

- I don’t want to generalize but - scripts. Scripts are usually very good

- you will probably learn more about a given time period than from a textbook:

- great way to observe different social and cultural changes over the years (e.g. speaking of the US history, the rise of feminism and anti-war movements in “The Wonder Years” vs. the rebirth of conservatism in “Family Ties”)

- the show is either very popular and you have a number of books, blogs devoted to it or it’s completely forgotten and you have a unique chance to start a new fandom

- the music

- when you start noticing little nods and references in modern tv shows/pop culture

- you don’t have to worry about spoilers on your dash

- when you quote a joke from a show and nobody knows it and they think you made that up - hilarious

- the music

- less fandom drama, most people are just happy the fandom even exists

- if you like treasure hunting and you’re lucky enough, you may sometimes find some cool stuff like dvds, old posters & magazines in a thrift shop. I once bought an almost new dvd box with 2 series of granada holmes for like 1 pound because the shop assistant had no idea what it was and probably thought it was some cheesy old show

- it may be new for you but the show has been probably mentioned in a number of books, has been discussed and analyzed in press articles or even academic papers and there is no greater joy than discovering and researching all that material

- if it’s popular enough (like, let’s say columbo or m*a*s*h) there is a good chance your parents/aunts/grandparents watched it at some point in their life and you can talk about it with them which is nice

- did I mention the music

- seriously who cares if it’s ‘old’ when it’s good, just give it a go

“Showing white people engaging in any kind of criminal activity whatsoever on TV is racist.” said Mark, when Pointless Letters reached out for comment. “They should go back to the good old non-racist days of TV, when white people only did nice things and the crime was done by all them blacks and other foreigns. That wouldn’t be racist at all, not like today, with all this racist depiction of white people going on.”

“Not that I’m racist.” he added.