old people can be so sweet

I like the idea that when I’m old I can fill up a whole room with really nice things that people said to me. [Selects random letter] You see every letter has this kind of sense of knowing about me, or a desire for me to know that they know. Or that they’re looking out for me. ‘Dear Matty, I know you’re tired, probably stressed out and you miss your family, but just so you know your fans love and care for you so much. I’d love to show you my tattoo that says ‘LOVE’ from when you signed my autograph book in Austin in May. It means more to me than anything and gets me through so much.’ I feel guilty sometimes that I don’t know them—that if I’m sweet, and I’ve just smoked a zoot, and I’m playing PlayStation, maybe someone’s thinking about me. I have these two realities.
—  Matty Healy
TW ships as songs
  • Scira: is that sweet pop song, you should not like, but it’s so nice, happy and catchy and you love to hum it
  • Sterek: is that one classic rock song all people know and can sing, no matter how old they are
  • Stalia: is that rock song you could listen all day long and headbang in your room, when no one is watching
  • Marrish: is that heavy metal ballad that goes smoothly and slowly but suddenly blows your skull with a harsh vocal or a guitar solo. Oh, and somewhere between the lines a dead body is hiding
  • Corey x Mason: are that cool gay power metal song, full of unicorns, rainbows and elves wearing tights and playing mandolins
  • Layden: is that one song on a mediocre album that makes it worth buying
  • Srydia: is …
  • Srydia: is that overrated and overplayed in radio song that everybody loves, but you just roll your eyes every time you hear it, because the amount of cheesiness would be enough to make 10 pizzas, 5 toasts and 2 cheeseburgers

Hey everyone!

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Podcasts & Structure

Every time I get around to sitting down and actually writing these articles, I have to seriously consider what I’m going to talk about. It seems the conversation of audio drama is becoming more widespread lately, oozing its way into mainstream media faster than I can catch up. 

And so many are being made at such a rapid pace, catching up with it all can be its own challenge. A lot of people are starting to see the power and potential of audio plays and it’s a slow burn revolution I am a hundred percent behind. 

When I achieve my dreams of becoming a licensed journalist under that sweet, sweet trademark PodCake©, know that I’ll be somewhere in the front lines, keeping everyone up to the date and in the zone until I’m old and gray and still very, very pink.

So with this exciting idea in mind, I find it appropriate to do a somewhat different type of “Podcasts&”. This is still very much an article dabbling into my specific interests and experiences though also a guide of sorts to those who may be wrapped up in the creative hype. Allow me to pull you starry-eyed artists aside for some well-meaning advice. May you follow in the footsteps of your idols, though know you are above any of their common mistakes.

I had a few options in store to pick from when it came to another topic covering audio drama critique, though I felt that I wanted to address this first. This is another dabbling into the more specific structures of my podcast journalism and the consumption and creation of audio drama in general. 

In a similar vain to my latest article, “Podcasts & Critique”, I’ll be talking about something that perhaps not many are willing to discuss out in the open but is certainly touched upon enough that I feel the merits to bring it up in more depth. What we will discussing today is the element of effective story structure.

Get comfortable, this is gonna be a long one. 

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excuse me...

i have these moments where i just hear something by taylor or read about something she’s done and there’s a part of me that wants to be calm and relaxed but this other part of me always wins and i end up an ugly crying mess because of her and that’s where i am right now. i have no idea why ive been feeling the way i have lately but the second i heard that old Untouchable performance all of the tears and all of the feelings just like……..,.,,,,,,,,,… made me crumble???? i still spend some days wondering how someone as sweet and generous and hard working as taylor ends up getting her name dragged through the mud when literally all she wants to do is make people happy as much as she can whether it’s with her music or just her presence. i dont understand. im so lost like can someone draw a map for me because we’ve all practically watched her grow up and be so many different versions of herself. from the awkward dork to the strongest she can be in the spotlight and then there’s the sweet little fairy and you just know that no matter what version of her she’s being, she’s trying to be human and she is. it’s so hard to remember this with celebrities because we put them in these glass cases never to be touched but left to fade from the camera flashes like these priceless masterpieces. but there’s a reason it seems so easy to imagine yourself stopping at starbucks for coffee after a day of shopping or drinking wine on a roof and spilling secrets like…..she’s so real. she is actually like,,,,,,not just a concept, you know? i wish there were more people like her and i wish there were more of her in me. it used to be this thing of like wishing i was in her position (because c’mon like who doesnt want to be talented, rich, and beautiful) but now i find myself wanting to make other people’s days a little better somehow, everyday. it’s that chain reaction situation that makes her such a great person because the more good you put into the world, the better it gets and it’s such a terrible place so the smallest things make it just a little easier to live in and i dont know. she’s such a bright light. i find myself listening to her more and thinking of her when she’s not around and it’s not a painful ‘i miss you’ anymore it’s more like a safety blanket, remembering days when i began to pay attention to her and nights when my mom wouldnt know what to do when i cried about just one line in her songs. i sound so pathetic right now but i really love taylor swift and honestly days like today where i feel like im on an island and no one can hear or see me, somehow she makes me feel like it’s more of a vacation from the outside world than isolation. idk but like……taylor swift was a very good idea.

help: cat needs a home in Chester County, PA

hi everyone! so my girlfriend @copperphosphate recently moved out and couldn’t bring her cat, and i can’t take care of any more pets on my own so we need to find an indefinite foster home for her. here’s a picture of her! 

her name is kalameet, she is 3-4 years old and very sweet. We are looking for a foster home because when our living situations change again we’d love to have her back, but we don’t know how long it will take so we’re asking for someone to keep in contact with us and take care of her. I live in New London PA, please contact me if you live nearby (anywhere in the tristate area) and are willing to give this lovely kitty a nice place to chill until we’re back on our feet together. thank you! 

In many fics Jean is mean to the Trojans and despise them and their being nice and understanding to him. Somehow I always thought it was weird. Jean is the one who shook Renee’s hand even though Riko ignored and despised her. He had no reason to do it (especially bc I think that by doing this he defied Riko in a way) except being nice and polite in the face of Renee’s sweetness. I think that, deeply, Jean craves gentleness and softness and friendship. He just can’t allow himself to show it in the Nest and he knows he’ll never have that kind of feelings or relationship anymore. I think Jean was old enough when he was sold to the Moriyamas that he’d had real friends and that he knew - and more important remembered! - what it was to have people being nice to him. I think he hold on to those memories and that’s one of the things that kept him alive.
So I like to imagine that Jean does not reject the Trojans friendship and concern. I like to imagine that they make him feel safe again, like the 10 years old Jean that had absolutely no other concern than playing at the beach with his friends after school. I just think he’s not used to it anymore and he has to learn how to trust again. But, why would he reject the Trojans so much when he reached​ out to Renee so naturally?

I love to know that Jean is alive and that he’s a wonderful example of resilience.

Prepare to be amazed” with Baze and Chirrut (Requested by @capcassianandor)

“I am pretty sure, more tea runs through your body than blood,” Baze mumbles behind Chirrut.

“If you drank more tea, you might be less hostile.” He takes a sip from the old chipped red cup in his hands. The liquid is warm and sweet and tastes of the past.

“I do not need to be less hostile. Look around us. If anything you need to be more hostile.” Baze gestures to the busy streets around him that crawl with Stormtroopers harassing people for their ID’s. The clamor of screams can be heard throughout the streets. Its commonplace.

“They have taken so much from us already. Why let them take this one small piece of comfort I have?”

Chirrut looks back at Baze.

“When was the last time you had good cup of tea?”

“I do not want tea Chirrut.”  

The monk ignores his friend and reaches for another chipped cup beside him. He empties half of his cup into the empty one.

“Here.” He pushes the cup towards Baze. “Prepare to be amazed.

Baze rolls his eyes and sets his gun down. He takes the cup and sips it slowly. A small but rare smile graces his face.

“I told you.” Chirrut smiles as Baze sips the tea.

Baze sets the cup down and picks up his gun again.

“It needs more sugar.”

Hi! Hi! Can you believe how cute we are?

I’m Nishi, and that golden-eyed girl with the white blaze on her face is my sister, Kita. She’s shy, so I agreed to do the talking!

We live at West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue in Oregon, and are a bonded pair about 6 months old.

I’m super-playful and affectionate - I love those pets, and pure all the time!

Kita needs time to trust people, but I’m here to give her confidence and help her navigate the scary world. Once she is comfortable, then she too is a sweet little love bug! That’s why we have to be adopted together!

You’ll love seeing us play with our toys and give each other head butts, licks, and

If you want to experience our cuteness for yourself, please call Beth at 541-255-9296 to find out more and set up a meeting.

And remember, like I always tell Kira when she takes my toys: It’s always good to share, so please reblog us!!!


Nishi and Kita

@skillfulstudio made a really nice head canon!

Fiddleford starts teaching computer programming to any of the kids that want to learn and eventually offers classes online as an alternative to expensive college classes because he thinks knowledge should be accessible to anyone who wants to learn and he just plain has fun teaching people about one of his interests. 

This is super sweet and in character for him. He just wants to help people so he just starts helping all the kiddos of GF.

I can see this applying to both canon Fidds once he becomes rich and PF after starting the institution.

Imagine PreSerum!Steve

Imagine that you are waiting for a friend at a subway station. Not really fond of keeping your attention on your phone, you end up looking at people all around you. Observing them, wondering how are their lives. And out of nowhere an old man comes to you, a suspicious smile plastered on his face. You smile politely as always when someone smile to you than you go back to your observations when you notice that he’s coming closer and closer. You were going to move away when you hear him say with a voice so sweet that it was nauseating.

Strange old man: “Would you like to have coffee ? Or maybe we can go to my house, you know you remind me of someone and I feel so so lonely…If I gave you 100 bucks ? Huh ? What you say ?”

You didn’t have time to totally process his words that you were already answering, your voice as sharp as a knife but always composed and dangerously calm.

Y/N: “Oh hello Sir. No. Thank you VERY much but no, no. And to this I would like to add that I do not understand. I don’t fucking understand how a rotten piece of human like you is still wandering in the subway to creep on ladies, hoping that they will joyfully follow you to God only knows where. I do not understand how you can still walk. I do not understand how you can still talk. I do not understand how you can be able to do it again and again because…I am sure that if all the ladies you harassed had beaten the hell out of you, you wouldn’t be here today. You would be rotting in your cave, pestering against women and still be convinced that you are doing nothing wrong. You, Sir, are playing with fire. And believe me, one day,it will burn the heart out of you.”

You saw how the words sunk in his head and how enraged he was, how his eyes began to glow with a nasty light and how his hand went to his pocket. You saw everything, even the small gun that was now pointing towards you. You saw everything except what came next.
Out of nowhere a big paper block fell on the man’s head and you didn’t have time to react that someone took your hand and led you out.
You followed the person until he stopped dead in his track, turning swiftly to face you as he began to check you for injuries.

Steve: “Are you alright ? Did he touch you ? Try something ? Ma'am tell me he didn’t stab you !”

Hearing his last words and adding it to what just happened you couldn’t help but laugh. But not at him, no. You laughed because you were scared to death, all this time, you laughed because all you wanted to do was to cry. You laughed because you were exhausted, drained. Steve was quite surprised but didn’t speak until you stopped, your lungs beginning to hurt.

Y/N: “Sorry I…well I really wasn’t laughing at you I just…Yeah..Hm…Thank you…You and your paper block but you know I was going to knock him out.. Yeah..he was going to pay…”

Lies. These were lies and tears began to fall down your cheeks while you smiled widely at Steve.

Y/N: “By the way ! My name is Y/N !”

Steve softly took your hand and kept his eyes locked with your, spreading a soothing warmth through your frightened heart.

Steve: “Steve. The name is Steve. Do you allow me to go and grab coffee with you ?”

He didn’t say it like he was trying to comfort you, he didn’t see you as a helpless woman. No, he just…He just couldn’t help ? This thought made you smile and you nodded, following him. Your hand still in his hand.

(Do I make a part 2 ? Do I ? Do I ? Also, don’t hesitate to tell me what you thought about it !)

I am never not shocked by how small the world is and like… how we meet and remeet people when we belong to diverse/ creative communities… I am thinking of doing this program and looking st the course offerings (2 of which are being taught by my print teachers whom are like…. my angels) and I noticed one instructor for a painting course is an old very sweet mentor I used to talk to and work with at New Urban Arts in highschool!!!!! I don’t think I will take her class, but my friend wants to and it will be so nice (if everything works out ofc) to touch base again…. like I can’t express how much that studio helped me and continues to help me as an artist and a student and honestly just like as a real person trying to survive and be happy…. the support is unending and I’m so so so grateful I!!!!! I wish there were organizations where inner city hs students got the opportunity to explore unending medias and forms of art making along side local artists ~ real people with real lives and art practices who can help you and assure you that your work is valuable- everywhere!!!!! I wish I did not have to say that I was so incredibly lucky! I hope more young artists get to say that they could freely engage w a space that offers them all this in the future! The Whitney biennial is really depressing, a drag and a testament to the insensitivity and unawareness of the art world in general but I have faith in the direction we could take it??

I'm going to put this as politely as I can.

I am fucking over serving old people this week.
I’ve encountered so many rude, lazy blue-hairs lately.

Read the fucking menu. Have some fucking manners. Don’t ask me if I know how to pour vodka over ice properly like I’m a drooling barefoot Neanderthal. Oh, and just go ahead and keep that dollar in loose change you plan on leaving me for those 5 drinks I just made for you, Ace. You’re already getting that social security that gets taken outta my non-existent paycheck every two weeks so why bother?

And finally. For the love of all things holy. Stop. Making. Shitty. Fucking. Jokes.
Don’t get offended when I don’t throw you a pity laugh. You suck, your friends suck, your jokes suck. Get back in your Cadillac and go back to Florida.

kidmon is so important and great and like hes been dancing since he was a kid like in one of the best dance crews in korea like you can find videos of 11/12 year old kidmon in dance battles and he was great and the crowds loved him. but even with his high caliber in dancing he also sings and raps for hotshot like he really just tries so hard and does anything he can and he’s great at all of those and he really loves his fans so much hes so adorable and sweet and just overall a great person i wish more people bothered with him and hotshot and gave them a chance so they could see this for themselves. love kidmon love hotshot

anonymous asked:

Being a brat would be disrespecting people or not listening. Not a 6 year old sneaking a treat. It's so innocent and that's such a harsh punishment. if my daughter did that I would say to ask next time, and if she didn't then I would just not let her have any sweets for a week or something small to fit the crime ya know? I understand being strict but you can't over punish because why not sneak out of the house if you're going to get grounded the same way as if you left a tv on.

I agree. The punishment doesn’t fit the crime in my eyes.

Hello lovely people!

So I finally took the decision to make 50 facts about me so you can learn more stuff about me and we’ll get to know each other. 

Now I am posting part 1 of 2. Let me know what you think. ;)

1. I am 24 years old female. 

2. I have a paint brush tattoo on my arm.

3. I have a lovely British shorthair tom cat named Oliver.

4. I love sweets and food and it’s extremely hard for me to keep healthy and on diet.

5. My favorite TV show of all times is “Friends”. 

6. I am afraid of darkness. Very much!

7. I have nightmares very often. Mostly involving paranormal stuff.

8. I am not very into religion but I really believe in God.

9. As you may know - I LOVE Christmas. My favorite holiday.

10. My favorite color is white. I think is very pure and pretty.

11. I love rain. Mostly in the spring. I really hate heat and bright sunlight.

12. I graduated Book Publishing. 

13. Speaking of that, my favorite book is “The picture of Dorian Gray”. 

14. I got 3 apps on my phone with rain sounds… I know.

15. I was obsessed with “Glee”.

16. I cry every time watching “Titanic”.

17. My favorite song is “Careless whisper” by George Michael.

18. I got very weird feeling that I am “an old soul”. I like old music, old fashion… old stuff.

19. I think I am more a cat person than a dog person but I love all kind of animals.

20. I like boys with shirts and blazers. 

21. I have a crush on celebrities too much too often.

22. “Total eclipse of the heart” is leaving my heart broken every time.

23. Most of my friends (girls) were really into the boys at age 12. I was wondering where my nose is and how to make a sandwich…

24. So my first kiss was at age 15. Was perfect.

25. I love autumn!

To be continued …

lemon-wedges  asked:

You are an inspiration. sometimes i feel bad about making art for a fandom thats long dead, but then i see how much fun you have with these old glee characters and tell myself I can have fun too. I love your love for characters

omGG ;________________________; this is SO sWEET IM LITERALLY ABOUT TO TEAR UP TT o TT !!

never feel bad about making art for dead fandoms! the best part about it is that people WILL see the love and enthusiasm you have for it!(  im really happy u see mine :’0 ) 


♥️THE CARYL SPELL♥️ Why are we so mesmerized by the slow burn Caryl relationship?

At least I can say for myself that Caryl is my real OBSESSION.But I came into the Caryl tag and was flashed how many people feel exactly the same. I have the feeling that this ship is really special,extraordinary,precious,simply addictive.I never met people so devoted to a ship than in the Caryl fandom.

I wondered,why is this?Why does Caryl trigger our most colorful fantasies,sweet,awkward,or even really dirty?Why do we feel so lovesick reading good Caryl fanfiction,imagining headcanons or watching Caryl scenes?It just NEVER EVER gets old.I could easily spend my whole day thinking about these 2.Forever.

A while ago I read an article about the slow burn phenomenon.

It says, QUALITY TAKES TIME TO CREATE. And time as much as quality,are rare these days…we are “a generation of professionals who have mastered the short-lived adrenaline spike of excitement, but have miserably failed at conquering the fine art of the tease.” We are literally virgins when it comes to the “let’s take it oh-so slowly, indulgently draw it out until you’re pulling the hair out of your head, biting your lower lip until it HURTS, begging, swearing, cursing and trembling because you want it so bad” tease. We are simply and totally used to the INSTANT GRATIFICATION.

So,Caryl is a PREMIUM QUALITY TEASE for us. There is a RESTRAINT we don’t get to feel in real life very often anymore.We literally CRAVE the physical action between these two, because this is what the real world normally shoves into our faces instantly every day,if we want it or not.

But Caryl is different.With them,the writers and actors delivered a masterpiece.

There is so much mental stimulation,devotion and emotion( which plant the sexual seeds),there is a ton of delicious tension,so thick we can literally feel it hanging in the air. And all we want them to do is grab it,finally able to touch, see and taste it – and we know the release for them (and us) will be absolutely mind-blowing.

Right now Caryl and we all are in a state of out-of-control frustration.But there is no denying that in a way, this is also a huge turn-on. This turn-on is building for 6 years,and we are breathless with cravings and anticipation.

The payoff/release has to come soon, and it has to be HUGE.We reached this  point. Brace yourself for the Caryl love ( almost wrote orgasm☺️) earthquake.


should you fight this young avenger?
  • kate: 200% fight kate. she probably blew up something that day and knows it. what a poop. fight kate. fight kate all the way. if you don't fight kate, chances are she'll try to fight you. fight her.
  • eli: well you could. you'll probably hurt his feelings but you could. also he might lecture you in the middle of the fight so if you're into that. But make sure to have a good reason. If no then there are better people to target.
  • cassie: wtf? why? isn't she like actually 12 now? Who fights twelve year olds? Don't fight twelve year olds. Don't fight cassie. Don't touch cassie. what's wrong with you?
  • billy: sweet gullible little child. why would you fight him? no. answer me. do you just get off on punching people who have done zero things to deserve it in their lifetime? How can you make him sad? he's just trying to be a good cookie. let him be a good cookie. (also he inherited mommy's flaring temper and magic powers so even if you're a monster who will fight small children it's probably not a good idea to fight billy)
  • america: no see, you have no say in this. if she fights you, then you're fighting her whether your punk ass wants to or not. You'll lose but it'll at least be a good show.
  • teddy: no. he's just already trying his best. what more do you want from him? what more can you take? he'll probably sit you down and ask you why you're doing this and then be supportive and stuff. really. why fight this nerd?
  • tommy: do not even touch. he doesn't deserve it. you may WANT to fight him and I'm here to alert you that that's kinda normal. but I'm telling you to resist because this small baby has had enough shit in his life and needs to be kept away from fights. no fighting. leave him be. also he blows things up and you probably couldn't catch him anyways.
  • noh varr: just. do. it. why not? might as well. he most likely has done something. and if not, he probably won't even mind. he'll think it's a cool trend or something.
  • david: fight david. what a nerd. push into a locker. he knows like 20 different ways out anyways, he's fine.
  • loki: fight loki. fight loki for no reason. fight loki for shitty reasons. there's always a reason to fight loki. relentlessly fight loki. laugh and fight loki. invite your friends and fight him together. hell, invite loki and fight loki.
  • jonas: why would you even?
  • nate: fight him. do it. he'll cry. you'll feel kinda bad but then you'll REMEMBER and then feel much less bad. fight.

anonymous asked:

! first off- thank you so much for the heaven's send that is your writing ! your writing is so elegant and detailed but neat and i adore it to no end?? anyways ahah- your writing has inspired me to dig up old fics and rekindle my love for writing ie create a writing blog. but fired up as i am my problem at the moment is that i like to write for multiple fandoms and i dont really wanna make separate blogs for each fandom. is it possible for me to do all of them on one blog or is that like, taboo?

This is so sweet????? J bzbdosnanndbsbs I can’t 😭😭 thank you!
I don’t think it’s taboo at all! Posting fics for multiple fandoms on one blog is more than fine! Just create a masterpost/masterlist so people can find what they’re looking for! :) I’m so excited for you and I wish you the best!!! ^^