old patents

Where does Robbie Rotten even get all of his money from? Like, I know a certain suspension of disbelief is necessary but the dude bought a set of full-sized pyramids with actual gold artifacts and that is something that I cannot ignore. (The shipping and handling costs alone… Just thinking about it destroys me.)

If this were a high-school, slice of life anime Robbie would be that one kid who was Richer Than God who everyone would flock to despite his abrasive personality and I’m not sure how I feel about that, my gosh.

Does he know the secret of alchemy and spends his days turning trash into gold? Did he take part in a few really good heists and then decide to go into an early retirement? Is he from old money?

Does he patent his machines? Are there other villains out there who watch that shopping channel and decide to drop loads of cash on pieces of tech that Robbie had a hand in creating?

Where does his money come from?


The wireless television remote control, invented by Eugene Polley for Zenith in Chicago, 1955

There had been previous remote control devices; however, Polley’s was the first to be wireless. The large, bulky Flash-Matic would emit signals to the console’s photo-cells, turning the set on or off, change channels and even mute the sound! 

Salvage (For driftingfromshore)

An unusual bounty, this was. Not a criminal to be tracked, nor a victim to be rescued. It was more akin to treasure hunting than anything, although most artifact hunters had little interest in robotics. Regardless, a robot was what Douglas had been tasked by a special interest group from Oceania – more popularly known as the resort planet Big Blue – to find. Apparently, they needed help on building better-equipped undersea androids, and most of the designs they were looking at were patented already. As a result, they required something old enough for the patents to be expired to reverse-engineer.

Something from the Light Era would do. That was a breakthrough time in human engineering, and archaeological finds from those years were still being studied for advances in tech that were so far ahead of their time that they were still cutting-edge over 300 years later.

After some fairly strenuous data-gathering and research, Doug found a suitable robot from the period – one Splash Woman, designed by an Albert Wily as an underwater guard dog unit. Problem was, no schematics still existed, so the Captain would have to find the original unit and turn it over for study.

He found her on a junkyard planet with no sun, about half a lightyear from Earth. One arm, partially rusted over, tail reduced to skeletal parts as the semi-organic tissue that originally formed it had long since rotted away. She was deactivated, of course, so it was no trouble getting her onboard the Falcon Flyer and set up on a table. He didn’t strap her down or anything, since…well, after three centuries of disuse, what were the odds of her solar panels still working, let alone being able to draw enough power from the artificial-sunlight lighting in the Flyer?