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Lost It To Trying #2 - [EXO] Jongin CEO!Au

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[A/N] The promised part two. 

Paper flying across the table. A stack of documents pushed off the edge as his assistant swallowed in nervous spit. “Again.” He commanded. His hooded eyes showed no mercy what so ever. Its been months now.

The thought of you and your vibrant presence at the bottom of every bottle. It clouded him ever since he realized what absence meant. “So this is what it feels like.” Her presence was strong, so her absence is pain. When he came in his stretched limousine, everything felt like everyday. Nothing exceptional. The long lines of employees anticipating his arrival at the curb. He let the iPad fell from his grasp in the car after he checked his schedules of the day. His assistant puts his flight to Frankfurt right after a meeting without leaving an hour gap-the gap he always demands.

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Paper currency issued by Massachusetts in 1776. The engraving for the plates to print this money was done by Paul Revere. The value of the money is one shilling and six pence, and the back has the Pine Tree design (the Pine Tree was an important symbol for New England and was on some of the earliest flags).

just had a dream that i poured water into a shoebox full of old school papers and money and my dad got upset, which i’m now realizing is the perfect metaphor for me dropping out of Georgia state 4 yrs ago