old once ler

douche cut.mp4
Mild (and awkward) edit of the Lorax Movie so it's not retrospective

I mildly edited the Lorax movie so it’s not retrospective, meaning there’s no Ted sections and no Old Once-ler either. This makes it so during the movie, the ending result of the Once-ler’s actions is not known until seen near the end.

It’s 40 minutes long (including credits).

Notes and some of my thoughts:

- Unfortunately having to cut out the old Once-ler’s narration about how much time has passed between some scenes makes the young Once-ler sometimes seem a little bit whinier than he is when he gets angry. The amount of struggle and effort the Once-ler goes through doesn’t get conveyed across, which is a real bummer. (Maybe I should’ve left some of the narration in at the cost of the non-retrospective-ness…)

- Whenever the Lorax speaks, to me, he really dominates the scene. It feels like the main character of the movie switches back and forth between the Once-ler and the Lorax.

- The file is titled “douche cut” because I feel like the narrative is a douche to both the Once-ler and the Lorax. Both of them lose out.

- The ending. Just having the words UNLESS and then an abrupt “THE END”, it made me think more about how the Once-ler felt during the scene. In the scenes before, his company is dead, everyone has left, and all the clues on what to do next is a bunch of rocks saying “Unless”?! It’s no wonder he mulled over that word for so long, because what in the world would that word mean after he went through a devastating realisation and period of his life? What was the Lorax trying to say to him!? A (hypothetical) audience would be just as confused as the Once-ler if they ever saw a movie whose ending is a bunch of rocks with a word, and then the credits suddenly roll. I think they’d mull over whatever “Unless” meant too.

- I wish I had someone around me who knows nothing about the Lorax, so I could see how they would react to the edited version of the movie, since my perception of the edit is already changed by the knowledge of the full movie. Who would they root for? What do they think of the characters? How has the editing changed the pacing for them, is the How Bad Can I Be era still too short for them? Did the Once-ler’s whole How Bad Can I Be surprise them, or did they see it coming? What did they think of the ending? What do they believe “Unless” means?

- O’Hare’s appearance is never resolved. In-story, that’s awful because it would be impying that the Once-ler isn’t going to be the last person to ruin everything…

- To be honest, the credits song of “Call me Call me” from Cowboy Bebop was mainly random. It replaced Let It Grow because Let it Grow seemed too optimistic for what just happened, plus I didn’t want the song to suddenly be sticking a happy ending on by implying any possible actions the Once-ler might’ve done after the movie. (I wonder how a hypothetical audience would interpret the meaning of the random choice song.)

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last night me n some friends were going through a list of old once ler ask blogs, and let me tell you, true horror is going on a once ler blog and seeing the words “posted 2 hours ago”

ok wow so a few days ago was lorax day and because i follow some lorax fans (dont we all) i got a lot of it shoved in my face.

well, despite the fact that i found the movie to be so okay its average, i really, really love the oncelers different designs throughout the movie. i was gonna draw them all, fullbody and everything, but i was distracted and dont really feel like drawing oncelers anymore so heres a mostly halfassed drawing of old onceler

maybe once i stop having ideas ill go draw more oncelers

I'm still Meh about the movie

I still love old Once ler,
Still Ship Norma and Once ler,
Still don’t understand why fangirls cream their pants over young Once ler,
I want once ler’s green suite,
I love the grandma,Teds mom and that guy with mustache,
Loved the Lorax voice.
but this movie could have been done much better.
the songs where pointless and to me badly written,
the love story with Ted and and whats-her-name was a stupid motivation for him to know about the trees,
and the whole “Trees make oxygen for free” thing was really stupid
Its one tree dude :I
I would have loved it if the once ler was more of an asshole like he was in the cartoon/book
And as much as I thought the ending was sweet
I wish they keep more true to the book :c