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Just a lil mob AU thing I’ve been working on for awhile now. Finally finished it! Basically Jack finds a picture of Rhys in his old school uniform and unexpected feelings ensue. 

Jack had been somewhat surprised when Rhys had brought up the idea of going through his father’s things.

In the immediate weeks following the man’s death, most of those more personal items had been boxed up and locked away into the now deserted bedroom. Rhys had hung onto the more utilitarian items—furniture, dishes, light fixtures—that lacked the sentimentality that might send Rhys into that too quiet, too still state that made even his stoic bodyguard uncomfortable.

It danced in Jack’s mind to steer Rhys away from going through those more personal items, but though the omega would often listen to his council, he was growing a far thicker stubborn streak than he had had in the past. Jack had gently asked him if he was sure only one time, and when Rhys affirmed it, he let it go, only staying close and providing physical and fragrant comfort as he sat with Rhys on the floor sorting their way through the boxes.

Things had not been well organized. Clothes and toiletries had been crammed in alongside paperweights and magazines, the boxes bulging near the bottom from the haste of packing. Jack had not been in this room since he had helped Rhys to put the boxes up here after his father’s death. A thin layer of dust crusted over most of the cardboard, floating in the light filtering in from the barely drawn velvet curtains as they sorted through the belongings.

Jack rolled his dress shirt up to the elbows, kneeling next to a smaller, flatter box filled with what appeared to be several leather-bound books. The first couple he leafed through seemed to be classics, including an edition of War and Peace with a freshly cracked binding, while the next couple seemed to be dog-eared medical books from at least a few decades past. He set those aside in a small stack as he picked up one of the wider books and set it in his lap. He opened it, peeling away plastic pages that stuck together, his eyes widening at the sight laid out over his thighs.

“Rhys…what are these?” An affectionate smile curled over his lips as he scoots over to where the young omega is rifling through his father’s old office supplies.

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Title: Curiosity

Genre: AU, Platonic, Teenagers

Word Count: 12, 928

Warnings: Brief blood mentions and speculations of paranormal activity

Description: In which Phil is an amateur urban explorer/photographer/YouTuber who encounters Dan, an amateur graffiti artist, in an abandoned hospital by surprise. They decide to explore together and find a lot more than just empty rooms and random chairs, if you know what I mean.

Author’s Note: Told in first-person perspective. Sorry, I just found this interesting side of YouTube recently and decided to write about it and exercise my sensory imagery skills. Also, finally back on schedule, hopefully. (Please remember that this is fiction.)

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g u e s s i n g g a m e : play

not play, but play-fully

its the mob AU thing i previewed last night :0

“Rhys…what are these?” An affectionate smile curled over his lips as he scoots over to where the young omega is rifling through his father’s old office supplies.

“What are—oh my god, Jack, no!” Rhys blushed, making a grab for the book only for Jack to playfully lean back, his smile gleaming.

“I did not know you were so cute!” Jack chuckled, his finger resting on a picture of Rhys as a child, sitting on the steps outside of the mansion with a bright smile on his face.

“Ohh, no, Jack those are suuuper embarrassing!” Rhys covered his blushing cheeks, looking down at the collection of baby pictures splashed all over the pages of the photo album. Jack beamed, turning the page to see even more images of Rhys as a child—on vacation, by the pool, smiling brightly next to his mother.

“So sweet little Rhys. Ah! Look at your little suit!” Jack cooed at a picture of Rhys posed at a wedding, standing next to his father with a little blue boutonnière pinned to his lapel. The omega frowned, grabbing for the book only for Jack to jerk it away, inadvertently causing a picture to slip out from the pages and flutter onto Jack’s lap.

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talk about something that brings you comfort


Like, okay. Lots of people like that smell, but I mean. My grandfather used to own an office supply store when I was little and I just remember sitting in the back office playing with pads of paper and high lighters and all that shit and then after he sold the store his basement was filled with boxes of supplies still and I used to hang out there when I visited each summer so that weird, musty smell of old office supplies just triggers so many happy memories growing up and spending time with my grandparents when my grandfather used to teach me how to draw cartoons