old office people

Name: Jaizen

Age: 22


Specie: Zabrak

Home World: Dathomir

Job: sith/ bounty hunter/ rebel

Skills: can pilot everything, good at hand-to-hand and blade/sword/lightsaber combat

Weakness: since he had sith training he can easily turn back to the dark side again

Alliance: separatist (on the past), rebelion (present)

Personality: he is kind, grumpy, gets angry really fast, playfull, sassy, swears like a sailor

Background: Jaizen is the son of darth Maul, he was born with white skin because of a mutation. He was trained to be a sith and a assassin when he was younger. He had to much light on him so he ran away from his master. By the end of the clone wars he became a bounty hunter, his bounties were mostly old separatists officers and important people of the empire. Knowing his work the rebelion offered him to join them. Jaizen accepted.

dentist: young people like the office. old people watch like, friends.

me: i don’t mind friends!

dentist: i can’t stand friends. i’ll die before friends plays in my home


Wonder if at any point, the cast read the script and went,

“Haha post office, that’s a good one”

I mean you could have said to lunch or town, maybe a nice little B&B. But the post office? Thomas really, I know your life has called for little romance but at least make it convincing, Edith’s just be traumatised and you choose post office.

In all fairness, I must say as someone who is from the British Isles, this is typically a British thing, we do love our post offices. We love them even more now at the thought of possible romantic endeavours taking place. Not to mention the old dears would be quite stunned whilst buying their stamps and collecting their pensions.