old nyc photos

@MingNa_Wen : Me and 6 month old Michaela visiting NYC. This photo was taken on 6/11/2001. Who could’ve imagined that in 3 months time, we would all witness the horrors, the tragic events of 9/11? 😪😢 I remember being in bed the morning of 9/11, just hanging with my baby girl, when my husband yelled out for me to turn on the news. I couldn’t believe the images of the plane hitting the North tower….and then to actually witness the second plane hitting the South tower. The news anchors and reporters confused and in shock, the towers crumbling, the lives lost. We sat there stunned. Numb. I couldn’t take my eyes off the devastation. News of the Pentagon and another plane down in PA. All a total nightmare. Surreal. I will never forget holding my baby, my sweet darling Michaela, and fearing for her growing up in this new era of terrorism. This photo reminds me a time of greater innocence. My love for NYC is boundless and runs deep. I still consider myself a New Yorker. Remembering the victims/heroes & their families. If you can, visit the 9/11 Museum. We must #neverforget. #911 #americastrong
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