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Hey, my name is Craig.
I’m 23 years old from Newcastle Upon Tyne in the United Kingdom.
I’m 6ft 2 and my latest weight was 77.8kg on (Wednesday 4th January 2017)

A 4+ stone weight loss! Started my weight loss journey in June 2013 booking into a boot camp to kick me up the butt! Changed my life and now gym every single day. Unfortunately was left with excess / loose skin around my stomach. I’ve had a abdominoplasty / tummy tuck to remove this on Wednesday 4th January 2017. 2 days post, in a little pain but here’s a picture of me from my hospital chair 👍🏽😘

Tumblr: http://craig-campbell.tumblr.com
Instagram: @CKC93
Snapchat: @CKC93

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NAME:  kitty !
GENDER:  cis female 
EYE COLOUR:  hazel
ZODIAC:  taurus ( i almost wrote this as tartar ? )
FAVOURITE PLACE:  old newcastle in my state 
FAVOURITE HOLIDAY:  fourth of july 
FAVOURITE VIDEO GAME: super paper mario
LAST SHOW YOU WATCHED:  it’s always sunny in philadelphia 
WHAT’S YOUR HONEST OPINION ABOUT YOUR MUSE?: jenna hunterson literally  ?  saved my life  ?  i’m p sure she’s my favorite fictional character in the entire world.  i see a lot of myself in her.   she is incredibly complex,  and the best description of jenna i ever heard came from sara bareilles.  sara described her as  tender, disillusioned,  and scrappy,  which really stuck with me.  of course, she is many other things as well,  and all of that mixed up and baked in a beautiful pie.  originally,  i wasn’t going to give her a blog.  i’d thought about it back in august,  but wasn’t sold until i saw the show for the first time in october.  i literally made her twitter on the train home,  and started her blog the next day.
WHAT ARE YOUR FAVOURITE KINDS OF THREADS?:  i love threads that test both jenna and myself to expand the waitress universe !  the majority of the show takes place in the diner,  and jenna herself is a character who feels very stuck throughout the course of the plot,  and as i have discovered,  even afterwards on occasion.  any threads that expose her to new things,  whether they be places,  people,  feelings,  or situations are my favorite.  also,  threads where she is allowed to break down.  her troubles aren’t instantly healed after lulu  !  it’s important to explore post - waitress jenna as well. 
ARE YOU A SELECTIVE ROLEPLAYER?:  i’d say semi-selective,  honestly.  i have trouble expanding my horizons on my rp blogs,  so i tend to ease up on that rule a bit for my own sake.  still,  if our blog styles don’t match,  i’ll refrain from interaction.
DO YOU HAVE A FAVOURITE MUSE?:  jenna !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love her so much
WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO JOIN THE FANDOM?:  okay this is kinda a funny story ?  when i first really gave waitress a chance,  it was around april 2016.  in all honesty,  i thought,  from the previews i’d seen,  it was just okay.  during the time,  i was on a belated heathers kick.  when i saw jessie mueller perform at the tonys, i fell in  LOVE  with jenna.  note: jenna.  i didn’t know how much i liked the show.  still,  i managed to get tickets,  and watched the bootleg beforehand.  by the time october 1st rolled around,  i practically tore down the door of the brooks to see the show.  after watching she used to be mine live,  i knew i needed to make jenna a blog,  which i did asap.  i was so hooked i went back to see the show again,  and its been my favorite ever since,  and has/continues to help me through some very hard times.
DO YOU SEE YOURSELF STAYING WITH THE FANDOM FOR A LONG TIME?:  yes yes a MILLION times yes.  i have hyperfixation issues,  so this is a given.  plus, waitress is forever going to be my FAVORITE show.  

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