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funkyracoon  asked:

Could you possible do Spacedogs please :) "Can I borrow your sweater. It smells like you."

Definitely <3 Sorry to make you wait! Here it is.

Adam lay in bed, sheets pooled around his hips while Nigel searched the floor for yesterday’s clothes.

They’d taken them off in such haste that the room looked like it had been looted. A sock hung from the closet door knob. Adam tried to remember how it got there, but all he could recall was Nigel’s mouth on every inch of his skin.

“How long will you be gone?” Adam asked.

Nigel buttoned his jeans and then patted the back pocket, checking that his cigarettes were still there. “Shouldn’t be more than a couple hours, darling. If you go back to sleep I’ll be back before you get up.”

As Nigel bent to retrieve a shirt from the floor, Adam caught him by his necklace. With a little tug to the chain he pulled him in for a proper kiss.

Nigel grinned. “Trying to lure me back into bed, gorgeous?”

“It is working?”

“All too well. Care if I borrow your sweater?”

In Nigel’s hand was the old navy sweater Adam had been wearing the night before. Adam had worn and washed it so many times it had begun to go misshapen; waist too loose and arms uneven. Adam frowned.

“You can, but I don’t know why you would. I’m not sure it would fit you,” Adam said, “If you really want a clean shirt I have much nicer sweaters in my closet.”

“But those nice clean ones don’t smell like you. And this one does.”


He watched as Nigel pulled the sweater on. It fit just right around the middle, but the sleeves left several inches of bare wrist. Nigel pushed them up to his elbows.

“Alright. I’m gonna go take care of business, and grab a bag of clothes from my place and I’ll be back,” Nigel said as he pulled out a cigarette and tucked it between his lips. “And then I’ll stay the whole weekend if that’s what you want, gorgeous.”

“I’d like that very much, Nigel. Be safe.”

“Always am.”

With a wink and a wave, Nigel was gone.

Adam curled up, Nigel’s still warm pillow in his arms. He thought about Nigel moving through the city, wrapped in his clothes. Wrapped in his scent. Adam smiled, pressed his face into Nigel’s pillow, and inhaled deeply; the smell of Nigel causing his heart to flutter.

Aaaaand that’s all folks! Thanks for all the amazing prompts, and I’ll catch y’all in march.


Where To Shop?!?!?

In-store Edition.
The Big Fashion Guy

Well besides Casual Male XL and Rochester Big and Tall. (Which I don’t shop at but do not exclude)

When it comes to shopping I gets down and dirty. It’s all about searching…searching…searching.

A lot of men get lazy or intimidated when it comes shopping and just settle for one store and get in and get out.

But if you are a large and tall stylish gentleman you have to put in the effort to get a bang for your buck and at the same time finding the particular items that you want.

Which means…Shopping Around!

Here are a list of stores that I shop at and that has great Big & Tall finds.

For Suit, Blazers, & Shirts:

JC Penney’s- which goes up to a 52 size and they always have sales.

K&G Stores- has great shirts and suits but in most cases you might have to sacrifice quality for price.

Old Navy: great shirts, sweaters,polos and shoes.


Macy’s (not all of them have a big & y’all section)- I always seem to have good luck with finding pants at Macy’s and I like the way Ralph Lauren pants fit me.

Marshall’s- most of the time chas greats deals on big & tall pants and they have a decent big & tall.

& Burlington Coat Factory-


Nordstrom’s rack- has great deals on shoes and they go up to a size 18 and sometimes above.

DSW- they always have great deals on shoes and go up to a size 14 in-store.

Accessories: socks, ties, glasses, & bags.

Now I go every where when it comes to Accessories!

TJ Maxx- socks & ties and $5 happy socks
Marshall’s-socks & ties
Burlington Coat Factory- ties, watches, & shits
Target- socks, underwear, ties, and bags
urban outfitters-glasses and socks
H&M- hats, shoes, & bags


Selling lots of small masculine clothing. I don’t fit in them anymore. All proceeds go to my top surgery fund! :) buyer pays shipping. Prices are negotiable.

Vests and jacket:
Black suit jacket custom fitted to me. Closest to a 34S. $20
Black H&M vest 34R $5
Gray vest from kohl’s S $15
Dark gray vest espress S $20

Pants and shorts
Kids 18 tan cargo shorts $5
Black and pink Russell kids xl $3
Black and1 kids xl $3
Black Kenneth Cole 30/30 dress pants $8
Black express dress pants 29/30 $15
Gray express dress pants 29/30 $15
Red express chinos 30/30 $15

Dress shirts:
19 express 1MX shirts all fitted xs (13 -13 ½) in many colors and patterns. $12 each. Buy more than 2 and they’re $10 each
1 xs H&M gray shirt. $5
2 zoo York plaid shirts S $5 each

Old Navy Small gray, red, orange, white $5 each
Old Navy Xsmall berry, orange, maroon, 2 black $5 each

Old Navy Small black, cream, purple argyle - $5 each
Express black and gray heavy quarter zip $12 each

Black family guy sweatshirt S $5

Old Navy Small dark blue Henley $3
All character tees are Smalls $4 each
I also have a bunch of Hanes undershirt ts that I haven’t really worn for $1 each

Let me know if anything peaks your interest! My tumblr is becoming–ayden.tumblr.com. my ask is open. Or ayden.michael.khan@gmail.com