old navy jacket


faux rockstar looks 🎸😝🌹

top: old navy
jeans: primark
jacket: forever 21+
shoes: nine west
chokers: nordstrom rack
nacklace: kate spade new york
sunnies: walmart


Go Blazers!! This is my look of the day. Another casual look.

Banana republic patch knee skinnys
Old navy oversized camel coat
Michael Kors black bag
H&M wedge boots
And of course my Blazers beanie


||❥ at the rink

s e u n g k w a n ! s c e n a r  i o

f i g u r e s k a t i n g ! a u

words; 3.2k

genre; cutesy fluff + stuff that makes u warm on a cold day

request; You know,I’m a figure skater myself so I’ve always wondered what a figure skating!seungkwan au would be like. Would you think of giving it a shot? Your woozi and mingyu baseball!au got me thinking

At first Seungkwan was reluctant to drive his little sister to the skating rink every Saturday, but he just couldn’t protest when his mother would grace him with her pleasant smile while holding up her cutting knife.

“You’re taking your sister to figure skating whether you like it or not, you hear?” She had quipped one evening while prepping supper, the glint off the knife’s silver blade matched with her sickly sweet smile enough to convince Seungkwan to concur. 

Of course his mother would never harm him, yet he wasn’t taking any chances. It really wasn’t that bad driving Yura to figure skating every Saturday, Seungkwan had learned to roll with it.

During Yura’s first practice at the rink, Seungkwan watched with mellow interest from the stone cold bleachers, jacket zipped up to nose while his hands were nestled in the warmth of his pockets. 

He didn’t know much about skating, nor was he very good at it. The ice just looked too shiny and slick, and Seungkwan had to hold back his wince whenever he noticed Yura faintly stumble or wobble in her skates.

The rest of the figure skating class continued to swirl around the ice rather smoothly, though anyone could tell they had a lot to learn before they perfected anything close to a spin. However, it was on Yura’s first day at the rink that Seungkwan found the perfect reason to continue driving her every morning, it was because he got to see you.

He remembered the whole memory clear as day, your form emerging from between two heavy metal doors, pure white skates laced up neater than woven thread with your hair tied delicately in a silk ribbon. 

Seungkwan remembered how his heart raced a little too rapidly at the sight of you, how his lashes couldn’t stop flicking up and down and how his hazy eyes gleamed after your every move. You had on the cutest pair of light wash jeans, a jacket that looked similar to his wrapped around your upper half.

You were Yura’s figure skating instructor, and it was then that Seungkwan realized he was happy to have complied with his mother that one evening.

“The way she skates is really pretty, don’t you think?” Yura bubbled from the backseat, her toothy little grin bouncing off the rear view mirror that Seungkwan couldn’t stop glancing into. He halted the car at a red light, cottony steam brewing into the dry winter air.

“I guess… Why are you asking?” Seungkwan knew he shouldn’t have posed that question the second it left his lips, instant regret foaming away in his stomach. Yura had caught him staring after you on the ice, his eyes just peaking above the collar of his jacket as you elegantly brushed from side to side to swiftly stop at the rink’s exit.

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Bountiful PokeBalls

Well, I believe that I accomplished something today. What about you guys? Today, I hit up the mall with a friend (who actually bought stuff) and swiped stuff like it was nobody’s business. We did beep 5 times though… I believe it’s that damn purse I got a while back. (Idk where the fuck the trigger is to stop setting off the alarm.) Anyway, this is all the stuff I got. 

So all the stores we went to in order:

  • Claire’s
  1. Rings - $14.50
  2. Jade(ish) ring - $10.50
  3. Earrings (not shown) - $18.50
  4. 3D Nails - $30
  5. Faux Nails - $12
  6. Friendship bracelets (not shown) - $8.50
  • Bath & Body Works
  1. Body Lotions - $25
  2. Perfume - $14
  3. Hand Sanitizer - $3.50
  • Victoria Secret
  1. Noir Tease - $25
  • Ulta
  1. Mascara - $7
  2. Eye Liners - $10
  3. Chocolate bar Palette - $49
  • Francesca’s
  1. Prayer Box - $12
  • EarthBound
  1. Fan - $4
  2. Oils - $60
  3. Statues - ?
  4. Earrings - $10
  5. Soap - $6
  • JcPenney
  1. Capris - $50
  2. Shorts - $44
  3. Backpack - $40
  4. Bras - $171
  5. Belt - $20
  • Rue21
  1. Cuticle Oil - $4
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods
  1. Tanks - $50
  2. Sports bra - $35
  3. Shorts - $35
  4. Tights - $45
  • Old Navy
  1. Jacket w/ Shirt - $20
  • XX21
  1. Makeup bag - $7

Looking up the things I swiped without a tag, was a bitch. Like omo. Anyway, the whole total is: $840.50

So close-!

I took some other things also, but I gave them to said friend mentioned earlier, so I won’t count those.