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I’ve got stickers!

I just got these excellent die-cut vinyl stickers printed for my new series of Fast Foodie Tattoo designs. Currently featuring:

Eyes on the Fries
Dogs Before Dishonor
Pizza Slut 
Tacos Fugit
Carpe Panem

Each sticker measures about 4″ x 3″ and is printed on durable, weather and waterproof white vinyl, so you can stick ‘em on pretty much anything and know they’ll last.*

Get them on my Etsy shop for 3 Canada-bucks a pop! That’s only, like, 2 bucks and change for American buyers! 

*Please don’t stick ‘em on dogs. Dogs don’t like that.

Bessie White, shipwrecked off Fire Island, February 1922 

The Bessie White was a Canadian coal schooner that ran aground in a fog off Fire Island, approximately one mile west of Smith’s Point on February 6, 1922 (some historical records conflict and indicate that the year may have been 1919.) All of the crew survived but the ship and its cargo of coal were lost. Pieces of the wreck are still visible today, sometimes uncovered by storms and extreme tides east of Watch Hill.