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Φλορέτα! Kreidler Florett TM (1967-1974). Moschato, Greece, 2014.

OK, these are terrible photos, and my limited editing skills did little to improve the mess, but after some Kleinkrafträder like the Sachs, the Simson, the Puch or the Jawa, I just had to have a Kreidler on this blog.

The Kreidler Florett, known locally as Floreta (plural: Φλορέτες), was a huge success in Greece around the ‘60s and through the '70s. According to Arvanitopoulos, there were even “Floreta-freaks” who, like the Vespisti, spent considerable money in adding custom accessories. Growing up in the '80s, Floretes were still a common sight, I think I had a friend in school who had one, but nowadays it took me months to find one, and even then it is a rather late model.