old mother goose

The Old Fashioned Mother Goose’ Melodies Complete with Magic Colored Pictures. 45 color lithograph plates by WLS[heppard]. New York: G.W. Carleton, 1879.

With numerous classic rhymes by Mother Goose, including a rather unusual retelling of “Ten Little Indians,” which adds several US-specific regional references (“Six Nantucket whalers” and “Five Nevada miners”), as well as two stereotypical and derogatory views of African-American youth (“Four naughty colored boys” robbing an apple tree and “Two little Nigs in Florida”).

pipermccloud  asked:

What made you choose 'goosedawg'?

My callsign in the army and in Iraq(mainly) was mothergoose. As a platoon Sergeant I worried over my guys and made sure they were well taken care of and disciplined when they screwed up. I always went behind them to make sure things were good to go before each mission. Not that I did not trust them, but I wanted to make sure that they were prepared for anything and had everything. I was either called old man, goose or mother, just depended on who you were. Sometimes Sgt.

Fic: Bad Day

The fifth of my one-shot prompts, the original prompt will be at the bottom of the fic to avoid spoilers. To submit your own one-shot please click here. I will tag all the one-shots with the tag CPoneshot so you can easily find them.

Bad Day | 1,500 words | PG Rating

Regina heard the front door slam shut and paused in writing notes on the paperwork in front of her. Henry had long since been taught to not slam the front door which meant it could only be Emma. Since the blonde Sheriff had moved in three months ago the noise levels in the house had increased by ten-fold which Regina found strange considering they were now only a household of three.

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