old mother goose

Title: Old Mother Goose 

Summary: Maedhros soon figures that above all, Elrond and Elros crave a mother. Little does he know, he fits the criteria for one. After all, mothers come in all shapes and sizes.

A/N: A bit I did a while back that I’d also love to submit for Feanorianweek. This is an AU I guess? For the twins and Maedhros. It’s posted on Ao3 already but I never posted it here! This is just cute, shameless family fluff.

Even from inside, Maedhros could hear Maglor and the twins singing to their heart’s content. The old tunes that each voice manipulated sent Maedhros into a sea of longing, as these melodies were native to his homeland.

However, just as quickly as his heart warmed to the song, he had found himself rather upset.

Not because of the nature or genre of the music, but because Maglor had had the twins for over an hour. For their singing lessons, they were to have one hour, as for they with their literature lessons. Though by now, it did not surprise him that Maglor had a habit of running over time.

He had always kept the boys longer than was intended and it had finally started to annoy Maedhros. The eldest stood and made way to the small garden where he no doubt, saw the boys running around as Maglor sang unattentively.

Maedhros rolled his eyes.

“Elros, Elrond! Inside now, it is time for your lesson, and after wards you must eat lunch.” Both twins attempted a small protest but Maedhros would not hear it.

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