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Phaedon; or, the Death of Socrates
by Moses Mendelssohn
A Jew, Late of Berlin
Translated from the German
London Printed for the Author by J Cooper - Bow Street Covent Garden 1789 - First Edition Thus

But Moses. You are just one man.

Zipporah, please. Look at your family. They are free. They have a future. They have hopes and dreams and the promise of a life with dignity. That is what I want for my people. This is why I must do the task that God has given me.

I am coming with you.

- [The Prince of Egypt] 

- [Edinburgh: October 2014]

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24. Headcanon(s)?

Rameses and Moses didn’t start off as close as we know them to be. Little brothers are annoying, especially ones who show up out of nowhere and cry all the time and suck up all the love and attention that everyone in the palace used to shower on Rameses. Rameses isn’t done with being the baby yet - he grows so jealous of this new little person in his life that one of the handmaidens actually catches him shoving baby Moses into a basket, apparently trying to send him back to wherever he came from. Tuya had told him once that Moses was a gift from the gods but Rameses is not having it; he wonders why the gods couldn’t have sent him a new toy or something instead.

Things change once Moses is old enough to play: they bond over the pranks and adventures that get them both into trouble regularly. Being the sons of the pharaoh means they’re seen as close to gods, and a lot of the other children are afraid to play with them. So they quickly learn to enjoy each other’s company.