old monument


心が折れそうだ・・・・・・ by きいろからー

A chance

Let’s meet at midnight
At that iconic spot next to the waters edge
Where aquatic scorpions reflect in their bright embrace.
Then we can start the earths next orbit
With the resolution to express all the inklings
-Old, new, small and monumental, personal and universal-
Without restraint, without filter (though we have always been good at that)
Without holding back. Higher selves, sans ego.
Intertwine our tools tough and tender.
Every time I use them they remind me I fell for my teacher.
Finally, once gain or the last, it doesn’t matter.
Then a million missed moments taken in our grasp, sharing the first
After a score of moon cycles
At last.

Armed with a 3-D printer and a computer-guided stonecutter, cultural heritage advocates are taking on the jackhammers of the Islamic State and its destructive ideology.

When Islamic State militants seized the Syrian desert town of Palmyra last May, an orgy of demolition began. Using dynamite, fire, bulldozers and pickaxes, the wrecking crew targeted 2,000-year-old Greco-Roman temples, monuments and stone statues. Palmyra’s 20-foot-tall Arch of Triumph, a symbolically important monument, lay in ruins.

For ISIS, it was a frenzied attempt to erase the past — and profit from the illicit sale of the leftovers.

Now, the destroyed Arch of Triumph will rise again, thanks to advances in photogrammetry, which turns photographs into 3-D models. A 12-ton replica of the arch, made of stone, will be installed in London’s Trafalgar Square on Tuesday, with plans to bring it to New York later this year.

Palmyra’s Ancient Arch, Destroyed By ISIS, To Rise Again In London

Photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images