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Some of your may have already seen my guest comic “Bubble Trouble” for the Steven Universe comic either in print or online but I wanted to make an official post on here.  I included some bonus WIP pages: the final pencil lines and thumbnails.

As this was my first official comic, it was a bit of a learning experience, especially in editing and formatting.  I’m still learning about how I like to go about my watercolor comic process, like what order I layer the colors, how I make the panels etc.  

I thumbnailed this comic back in September and I think I’ve improved since.  I feel that in the end, if a comic has strong, clear posing/staging and a good flow, then that will shine through an exterior that could maybe use more polish.

lmao guys because club penguin is shutting down i’m hanging out on the website for old times’ sake. find me my name is the same as my url bc i couldn’t remember the password for my old penguin lol. i’m on skates and i’ll be around the night sorry “dance” club if you want to join me.

  • *2.30am, 221B Baker Street*
  • Baby Holmes: *crying*
  • Sherlock: *pacing the flat, rocking his son; yawning* Alright...alright, you win! You can come with me on my cases.
  • Molly: *making coffee; scoffs* I don't think so.
  • Baby Holmes: *still crying*
  • Sherlock: *desperate* It's been an hour, Hamish *sighs* Fine, I'll buy you a car, you can play with John's gun...I'll even give you the entirety of Mycroft's liquor cabinet if you let Mummy and Daddy sleep.
  • Molly: *chuckles* I'd prefer for you to take him on your adventures *places his coffee on the table*
  • Sherlock: *rests Hamish on his shoulder; smirks* I knew you'd come around.
  • Baby Holmes: *snivelling*
  • Molly: *relieved* Oh, thank God. Don't move...I'll get some blankets *hurries to the bedroom*
  • Sherlock: *rolls his eyes; to the baby* Thanks, son.
  • Baby Holmes: *falling asleep*
  • Molly: *returns wiht the blankets and baby monitor; sets them on the sofa* Be careful. Don't wake him up!
  • Sherlock: *gently lowers to the sofa; sighs* Oh, I'll be fine, don't worry about me. Excessive time spent sleeping on the sofa, not to mention supporting our tiny human-
  • Molly: *kisses his forehead* I'll massage you in the morning. Fair?
  • Sherlock: Mmmm.
  • Molly: *ruffles his hair* Happy Anniversary, handsome.
  • Sherlock: *sleepy* Happy Anniversary.

Sometimes I stay up at night and I wonder how the relationship between Kreia and Revan worked when it came to them being master and apprentice, living together, training together, learning together, sharing stuff and doing things together; because from what I see Kraia is this salty old grandmother that probably monitors your breathing patterns while you sleep while Revan seems to be master dork extraordinaire who probably wears mismatching socks during jedi council sessions just to spite the old people. 

Did they ever argue about each other’s definition of keeping the apartment clean? Like Revan never finding anything in Kreia’s “minimalist crypt decor” and Kreia constantly fighting down headaches upon seeing Revan’s “organized chaos”?

Did Revan ever sneak out of the temple in the middle of the night and Kreia had to go find and drag them back by the scuff of their tunic not because they got out but because they could have at least had the decency to NOT frolic around the garbage disposal in search of spare droid parts?

What did they do in their off time? Did they spend time together arguing about who got to pick what they were going to watch on the holovid that evening? Did Revan ever have to plea with Kreia to go out and eat “decent food” at some cheap cantina in town with Kreia ending up as the one who enjoyed the food the most?

Did Kreia ever had to bail Revan out of prison because they accidentally started a workers’ riot in the main sector? Did Revan ever had to bail Kreia out of jail because she started to heavily critique the republic senators on their new bill WHILE IN SESSION?

Did they ever get in fights? How did they go about apologizing to each other? Did Revan ever go around to put on a sock puppet shows for Kreia to say they were sorry which ended with Kreia unbelieving she ended up having a conversation with a piece of cotton?

Was Kreia putting up with Revan’s eccentricities because she couldn’t stop her padawan or was she actually subtly encouraging them, because she sometimes watches Revan and sees herself if she only had someone to be there for her when she took the risks to be herself?

There are so many possibilities why are we not talking about this?