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Introducing my Probably Intelligent Personal Pixel Array, otherwise known as PIPPA.

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Okay so i wanted to show y'all what I’m working with in terms of a computer

 This is our baby, The Frankenstein. 

 Frankie was purchased as a new, shiny Gateway Laptop waaaaaay back in 2012, 5 years ago.

 Actually, we didnt get Frankie. We got his parts, Jack and Diane.

 See, Frankie is a horrific amalgamation of two different laptops spliced together. 

Jack and Diane were Christmas presents that suffered a series of accidents. After a couple of fatal ones (charger port breaking, water damage, screen bustings, etc) we spliced them together into one working laptop and reinstalled our files off a USB drive. Jacks body, Dianes power cord and battery, some of her circuitry, and her screen since Jacks got busted in a fall. 

 However. At some point around 2014, dianes screen ripped entirely off of jacks body. So then we hooked him up to an external monitor, very old one, could only use VGA(?), not HDMI 

 And then frankies files got corrupted and he slowed to a crawl and a bunch of his keys broke off 

 So we stored him away 

Come 2016, we had another computer (Shoveguts, named for the fact that i had to go in now and again and shove his internals around to get a charge/get it working) fall apart on us and were working entirely off Squishy, a little chrome book that @trash-bot sent us 

When during a cleaning spree, from the depths of the closet rose a box containing Frankie 

So we got out a bunch of cords and hooked him up to a large HD TV as a monitor, wiped his memory, and plugged in all sorts of life support shit (bad speakers so now hes got a speaker system, cant charge so constant power, bad internal  mic so an old rockband USB one, etc)

So anyway thats what i have as a computer. It runs Steam, internet, Paint Tool Sai, and records video and shit so thats all i really need. 

Thrown under the bus and then backed over with it too

I used to work for a national coffee chain. Take a wild guess. I got suspended for a full week for leaving work early.
Let me explain.
I went in for my shift that morning at 4am and immediately told both managers and the team lead that I would have to leave early to be at the hospital by noon to turn in my week old sons heart monitor or else I would be charged $2,000 and I obviously don’t have that kind of money.
Everyone was super cool about it and I left early. Fast forward to the next day, I am at my grandparents 50th anniversary get together with the entire family and my store manager (who was on vacation at the time) calls me. I pick up and she basically tells me that the managers that were on shift the day before didn’t say I could leave early and called her to tell her that I walked out in the middle of my shift. Wtf. I got suspended for a week which was fine because I got to spend that time with my fiancé and our newborn son.
I eventually ended up getting fired for not showing up to work at 4am on my day off.

Little Family

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Sebastian Stan x Reader

Request: Hello 😊 can I ask for a Sebastian imagine where you’re married and have a few month old baby boy who’s totally in love with his dad. One time Seb comes home he finds you asleep and decides to cook for you and take care of the baby (who’s in love with sebs long hair). At the end of the day you lay on the couch together and cuddle and enjoy being with each other ? ❤️ I hope it’s ok to request a Sebastian Stan imagine

Word Count: 697

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Another fine piece of retro computers joins my army! Say hello to Siemens-Nixdorf Scenic Mobile 500! Equipped with Pentium 100 MHz, 40 MB of RAM, 788 MB HDD, Chip & Technologies 65550 1 MB video chip and ESS1888 sound card, it’s a complete beast for DOS and other older OS. One of the downsides is the fact it doesn’t feature any kind of CD-ROM, but at least it has a functioning floppy drive, as well as a serial/parallel port, so I don’t complain this much. Who knows, I might pick up a PCMCIA CD-ROM/PCMCIA-to-SCSI adapter someday.

MS-DOS 6.22 works like a charm, as I suspected it would. The ESS sound card, and its OPL3 clone, sounds as good as the Yamahas I have in my other retro machines (YMF744B in Tecra 8100 and OPL3 SA-x in my oldschool rig). The screen quality is also great, for an old TFT monitor. However, when it comes to the video, this one doesn’t have a built-in BIOS function of screen scaling, so I have to use a small TSR program to force the full screen, otherwise I’d be playing the DOS games in a bit smaller window (the native resolution is 800x600, and the screen is downsized to 640x480).

Just for the kicks I also tried out Windows 3.11, and no problems here as well (though I had to search for appropriate drivers first). Really enjoyed a quick round of SimTower and other Win3.x games.

Overall, just like Tecra 8100, it’s a damn fine machine if you’re looking for an authentic DOS/early Windows experience, but worried about building from scratch and configuring a retro rig by yourself.

Oh and shoutout for @ms-dos5, as I know you like these kind of thingies. ;)

the rule of cool (part 1)

[peter parker x reader]

author’s note: yaaaay this is finally done! spent the last week or so writing it. this idea came out of nowhere but it’s probably the most fun story i’ve written. big ups to my cousin (i know you’re reading this lol) for helping me develop the plot because holy hell it went everywhere. hahaha hope you all enjoy

also tried to post this as one giant post, and while chrome and my phone’s browsing app (safari) handled it just fine, the app kept crashing, so i’m posting this in 2 parts. so sorry if you saw this before 

word count: 10,167


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