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royal arranged marriage au

february 15 | “family”
(Here’s the overview for an AU with all of the tropes because why not.)

Royal Arranged Marriage AU with supernatural fantasy elements. Gabriel is a wraith who’s the literal Prince of Darkness, equally loved and feared by everyone in Blackwatch, his city. Overwatch, a nearby kingdom that Gabriel’s always been wary of, approaches him one day, seeking an alliance. They offer him their Prince’s hand in marriage in exchange for Gabriel’s help defending against Talon, an insurgent force seeking to usurp them from within. 

Gabriel is irritated but agrees to meet his potential husband-to-be, since he’d apparently accompanied the envoy anyway. He’s surprised when the handsome, scarred vampire he’d assumed was a bodyguard steps forward and introduces himself as Jack, the Prince of Light. 

BONUS: Jack and Gabriel had already met the night before out in the city while avoiding their royal duties and being Grumpy Old Immortals. Neither had realized that the other was a Prince.

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what the hell is wrong with you

{1} - The Sweetest Euphony
  • jimin/seokjin
  • nc-17, smut, romance
  • warning: camboy!jimin, daddy kink

Summary:  Jimin does have a job. Of some sort. It’s not one that pays brilliantly and he definitely wouldn’t go around bragging to everyone about it either. Park Jimin is a camboy. One could find Jimin online every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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there are a surprising amount of tumblr urls that are like, ok, this is either the humor blog of like, a woman in her early 20s who is pretty funny and good at making relatable, maybe slightly surrealist jokes, or it’s the blog of someone who loves jacking off to old men