old memories

Small things

It’s the small things in life that you gotta enjoy. An inside joke. A Sunday brunch. A day out with friends. The cute new guy in your class. A flirty text message. Neon socks. Coffee. A smile on your parents’ face. Fireworks. Chicken. Tom and jerry and Mickey mouse. Special episodes of favourite shows. That extra hidden money in your pockets. Old journals. Old school magazines,with whom memories come back flooding. A basketball going perfectly through the hoop. A sudden rush of adrenaline. Unexpected rain. A summery, happy day. A chocolate. Late night conversations. An old dusty photograph buried under your enormous pile of clothes. A simple ‘i love you’ from your best friend, not boyfriend. Long walks. Short sprints. Music. Listening to a song after what seems like decades. Meeting or talking to an old friend after what seems like years. Seeing a smile break out on a face after what seems like days. It’s all worth it. The small things in life make you elated. Even if just for a few seconds. They make your day memorable. And that’s what life is, isn’t it? A collection of memories strung together to make a collage which you take with you, which no one can ever snatch from you. And don’t let anyone do it, because these memories make you go the distance in those times you think you can’t get through.


ALRIGHT GUYS, so I just found very old drawings of my OCs from Fallout3 and Fallout New Vegas, when I was like… 16 I think? And I found Diablo’s old clothes that just look like he’s coming straight from Elvis Presley’s Jailhouse Rock video and I’m DYING. Did they have outfits like that in Fallout before? I can’t really tell. He looks so like a scornful sarcastic asshole and I’m loving this so much. I should totally work on him more with his old personality ! Maybe I should keep the outfit too? mmmh… Also I’ve called him Diablo because his skin was red… guess legit enough?

I also got old characters I barely remember such as Codi and his twin brother Kori (yeah I know, originality). Kori turned into a ghoul and couldn’t speak because his vocal cords got burned by the radiations. 

Please don’t mind my shitty English and drawing skills back then (and today either lol)

Trong giấc mơ ấy, tôi thấy mình của nhiều năm trước, tiến đến vài bước nắm lấy tay cậu. Tôi bảo, “Tôi thích cậu”. Sau đó mặc kệ phản ứng của cậu, từ chối hay chấp nhận, tôi vẫn không tiếc hận theo cách của tôi.

Năm tháng chảy trôi. Cảnh còn người cũ. 

Cậu, vẫn cứ xuất hiện trong những giấc mộng của tôi.

ohh google, how nice it is from you to remind me that I’m growing old so fast…
erre mondjuk ma valamiert eppen nem akartam volna emlekezni, sebaj.
volt ilyen is. most kb a kanaperol nincs erom felkelni, akkor meg mar a hatszazadik kilometer korul jartam, es a sdc elotti utolso massziv emelkedot masztam meg rohogve

Do you ever just miss the way things used to be? Miss how close you were to somebody you never talk to anymore? Miss the way you felt about somebody in highschool or the way you thought about things a year ago? Ever miss the familiar faces of the people you no longer know, or the happiness of being surrounded by people you loved, being comfortable? Do you ever miss the skin you grew up in only to look in the mirror today and ask “what happened?” That is, after all, the big question isn’t it? I know I miss it. Every feeling I felt, every laugh, every tear, every hello even though I knew someday it would be goodbye, yet in denial that things can stay constant. But goodbye came, and our only excuse is that things change, people change and all we’re left with are memories we want to forget or hold onto forever. Maybe I miss so much because I’m not really living anymore. Or I miss so much because things changed in a matter of months that felt like minutes. Oh and I do miss so very much. But hey, things change…people change.
—  Britney