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At 3:33 p.m. ET on Wednesday, SeaWorld welcomed its last orca born in captivity.

The birth at the SeaWorld in San Antonio, Texas, wasn’t streamed live — unlike with April the giraffe — but it will be the final chance for SeaWorld guests to see a baby orca grow up.

“This is an exciting and emotional day for us at SeaWorld and we are all so proud to share this new killer whale calf with the world,” Chris Bellows, SeaWorld’s vice president of zoological operations, said in a statement.

The as-yet-unnamed baby was born to 25-year-old Takara, the matriarch of the park’s pod. She was pregnant for about a year and a half, according to SeaWorld, and was already carrying the baby when the company announced last March that it would stop breeding orcas in captivity.

SeaWorld Welcomes Its Last Orca Born In Captivity

Photo: SeaWorld

SeaWorld’s final baby killer whale is born at Texas park

The last baby killer whale to be born at a SeaWorld theme park has made its debut.

The company said it welcomed its newest aqua-animal when Takara, the 25-year-old matriarch of the SeaWorld San Antonio killer whale pod, gave birth to the calf Wednesday afternoon.

Takara was already pregnant when the company in March 2016 announced that it would be ending its breeding program for killer whales, which are also known as orcas. The program had come under criticism from animal-rights activists, especially since a 2013 documentary claimed that captivity was harmful to orcas. In addition to ending the breeding program, the company said in 2015 that it would be ending its killer whale shows by 2019. (Photo: SeaWorld/AP)

I’m playing Horizon: Zero Dawn and how is every character so pretty??? I keep taking screenshots of the NPCs because my bisexual heart is suffering. Listen I found this guy, Varl? Varl is a goddamn super model. He is a damn pretty dude. And there was this one girl? And this other girl? And idek I’m not that far at all and I’m hopelessly in love with all the NPCs (also Aloy)

Are Homunculus Years Like Dog Years?

OK so I was thinking…

For being over 100 years old, you would think the homunculi would be really wise, sage-like and emotionally mature. Collected and calm, like Hoenheim and Father. But for having lived for literally hundreds of years, they still largely act emotional, immature, and somewhat ridiculously. 

This makes me think that maybe homunculi age and mature differently from humans, given their philosopher’s stones and near-immortality. Perhaps they age on a longer timeline like the Asari from the Mass Effect series, if you’ve seen it: for the first few hundred years they are still in their “maiden phase” where they like to party and be wild, etc, only settling down around 500-600 yrs old, and becoming wise matriarchs even later. Or you could think of it like dog years, but longer instead of shorter. 

And if you think about it, the older homunculi DO seem more mature than the younger ones.

From oldest to youngest:

1. Pride

2. Lust

3. Greed

4. Envy

5. Sloth

6. Gluttony

7. Wrath
***Note on Wrath: Because Wrath started out as a human, remembers his upbringing, doesn’t regenerate and essentially ages and lives like a normal human, it seems possible that he could be exempt from the pattern. Maybe it’s mostly driven by the pseduo-immortality.

Sloth and lust are rather serious characters; Greed less so, but he’s clearly more emotionally mature than Envy the Jealous, and Sloth and Gluttony are so undeveloped that they seem simpler and more childlike than the others. 

SO, there seems to be a linear relationship between the ages of the homunculi and their level of psychological maturity.

So let’s look at a possible ratio. The EXACT ratio isn’t important, so long as it’s a believable approximation of their maturity in human years. For example, a pretty clean ratio is 10:1, where 10 homunculi years is about the equivalent of 1 human year. 

To illustrate, let’s take Gluttony. He’s a little over 100 years old, but let’s call him 100 to make it easy. If 10 homunculus years = 1 human year, that would make Gluttony a little over 10 years old in terms of his psychological maturity in human terms. This actually matches up pretty well with his behavior, which is very innocent, childlike, obedient, and emotional. 

That would make the others…

1. Pride (>300) = >30 yrs old

2. Lust (~250) = 25 yrs old

3. Greed (<200) = <20 yrs old

4. Envy (~175) = ~17.5 yrs old

5. Sloth (~150) = ~15 yrs old

6. Gluttony (>100) = >10 yrs old

The exact ratio may not be spot-on, and people would still mature at different rates, but on the whole, it holds up somewhat well. Gluttony is as innocent as they come, Sloth acts hilariously like a lazy teenager who doesn’t want to do anything but sleep all day, Envy is immature and self-centered, Greed is full of cockiness and over-confidence/arrogance, Lust, in what little time she gets, seems calmer than her younger siblings, and Pride by far comes off as the most serious and mature.

Riding the theory out, this ratio would give homunculi the psychological maturity of those in middle age around 400-600 years old, and they’d be “elderly” and wiser after that. Of course, this isn’t a lifespan per se, because they won’t die from old age, they would theoretically just get increasingly older and wiser!

Anyway, this brings up another question: What are the homunculi like when they are first created? Perhaps they are unintelligent, feral and purely instinctual versions of their sins. 

Another possible pattern is that the older they are, the more human their appearance. Gluttony and Sloth are both the youngest, and they both have bodies that are obviously inhuman. Maybe they are beastly when first created, and slowly come to look more human with age. 


A. Homunculi mentally age more slowly than humans, so that 10 homunculi years = 1 human year, or something close to that

B. The older homunculi are, the more they come to physically resemble humans

The last baby killer whale born at SeaWorld gets along swimmingly with its mom. 

The last baby killer whale to be born at a SeaWorld theme park has made its debut.

The company said it welcomed its newest aqua-animal when Takara, the 25-year-old matriarch of the SeaWorld San Antonio killer whale pod, gave birth to the calf Wednesday afternoon.

Takara was already pregnant when the company in March 2016 announced that it would be ending its breeding program for killer whales, which are also known as orcas. The program had come under criticism from animal-rights activists, especially since a 2013 documentary claimed that captivity was harmful to orcas. In addition to ending the breeding program, the company said in 2015 that it would be ending its killer whale shows by 2019.

If you like Hamilton then give “In The Heights” a try

I’m seeing a lot of non-musical listening people loving Hamilton so I feel I must direct them to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s OTHER amazing musical “In the Heights” 

My absolute favorite musical, it touches on topics like gentrification, community ties, city life in New York,

 preserving culture and identity in a place where you feel both at home but unwelcome, 

and a whole lot of Latin-based cultural quirks that I as a Filipino found to be extremely familiar, 

like reactions to extremes of heat in the summer, hardworking and tired people, 

that one street vendor who goes around selling his wares like a trooper on hot days, 

that one old lady matriarch of the community who everybody considers their grandma, 

responsibility to family, the pressure of one kid from a poor community to be educated and to go far not just for themselves but for the entire community, 

the gossip from the chattering ladies at the local salon, 

every excuse you can get to party and eat and drink and sing and dance you gotta take it, 

inviting the whole barrio to eat at your place during a celebration, etc etc ad infinitum 

The music is ridiculously good and energetic and gorgeous with a very engaging Latin flare 

and amazing raps written and performed by our favorite Lin-Manuel

and the drama is so powerful it’ll bring tears to your eyes 

You might also see some familiar faces/hear some familiar voices as some of the actors in In The Heights perform in Hamilton, like Chris Jackson as George Washington, previously the rapping young entrepreneur Benny 

You can listen to the full soundtrack online, I believe there are tracks on Spotify and I don’t have iTunes but you can check there, and I also know all the tracks are on youtube if you can’t access either

It is my absolute favorite musical of all time, it’s fun and funny and triumphant and heartbreaking and utterly beautiful and I highly recommend it. 

4 am thoughts about emperors

-Do you think that Dragons (Particularly Plague and Lightning dragons, those with desires to learn more/with the savagery in them to actually create these creatures on purpose) in their curiosity to see if what happens with Imperials affects other breeds of dragons buried their dead closely together and observed their grave sites?

-Elementally or Shade tainted imperials buried alongside their brethren by curious or otherwise uneducated clanmates causing the entire creature to reanimate in a different way, Shade consumed emperors dripping black from every maw and whispering in languages long forgotten, Fire consumed beasts with crags in their faces and backs spouting flame, bone and offal as they destroy the places they once called home, Ice coated manes and teeth in frostbitten faces and the mere presence of this frozen giant is enough to make even the Emberglow Hearth frigid.

-Emperors made of dragons that haven’t entirely lost themselves, crying out to their gods or family to be saved from the thing that has become of them, these Emperors somehow finding a way to live among their clans peacefully once more…perhaps until their minds finally start to slip. 

-great leviathans made up of water imperials told to sailors as cautionary tales, superstitions about having an imperial on board the ship running rampant and in many cases, leading to the more devout crew members sacrificing their crewmates to the rough seas.

-Great tempests formed by warring Emperors made up of mostly lightning, wind and water dragons creating storms even in typically clear skies or arid climates, Screaming and roaring masked by thunderclaps and the dark shapes shifting through the sky illuminated by the lightning are far too clear to be any cloud.

-Clans of emperors lurking in hidden places, Taking in their own kind and disappearing into places of legend, fabled areas of Sornieth filled with the mournful sounds of those who cannot find rest.

-Emperors consumed by Gembond frozen in time and glittering in numerous different colors, the stony affliction the saving grace of small clans near where the beast formed, until grave robbers begin chipping away at the statue made of “precious stone.” 

-Emperors made of different breeds thanks to the meddling of supernatural forces, Pearlcatcher emperors with one large pearl that houses every memory of every dragon attached, Mirror emperors covered in scars and bite wounds where the heads disagree, Tundra emperors with perhaps the greatest sense of smell, but the lowest quality of life, without friends and family they’re left to themselves. Fae emperors that are… really no threat at all because holy shit that thing is goofy looking.

-Emperors so large that they can do nothing but sleep, they have no energy to move, the world growing and changing around them, consumed by earth and branches and buried beneath. Some swear they can hear the trees creaking and moaning at night… Others report that attempts to dig in certain territory returns red earth with the stench of putrid flesh and clumps of scales… but these are old Matriarch tales, they can’t possibly be true.

-Circuses and sideshows hawking “Real live Emperor!” in gaudy lettering on massive posters only to reveal a conjoined imperial covered in paint… Nobody can cage an emperor, not one as large as the ones the poster displays, but they have your money now, and far be it from anyone to demand a refund from the carnies.

-A guardian’s charge being the horrific creature soaring through the sky over their clan, or perhaps just one portion of it. So begins the quest to seek it out… and so begins their attempt to keep something that should never have existed upon the mortal coil safe.

-Emperors formed solely of hatchlings, small but tragic in their mere existence, some kept as oddities, most destroyed upon their discovery by terrified clan members.

-Roving clans of emperor hunters, trained from birth to deal with and dispatch the creatures before they grow too large, never mating or stopping their nomadic roaming, sworn to their patron god or goddess for life and taking on no imperial members for good measure.


BIG NEWS! Takara Gives Birth to Baby Orca!

SeaWorld has welcomed the newest member of the SeaWorld family of killer whales. Takara, the 25-year-old matriarch of the SeaWorld San Antonio orca pod, gave birth to the calf at 2:33 p.m. central time, April 19, 2017.

A team of veterinarians and killer whale trainers witnessed the historic birth and are continuing to monitor Takara and her new baby 24-hours a day to help ensure a successful start.

Guests at SeaWorld San Antonio will have the opportunity to visit and observe Takara and her calf during select times.

Although this will be the last opportunity for guests of SeaWorld to see a baby killer whale up close as it grows and matures, SeaWorld will continue to have orcas at its parks for decades to come.

“This is an exciting and emotional day for us at SeaWorld and we are all so proud to share this new killer whale calf with the world, after a year and a half of planning, and observing and providing all the special care,” said Chris Bellows, Vice President of Zoological Operations. “Takara is a great mom and immediately began bonding with and caring for her new baby. Everyday she inspires SeaWorld’s guests to learn more about and do more to protect animals in the wild. She is a true ambassador.”

Trainer Julie, who has been with Takara during her last three births, could barely hold her excitment: “Nothing can prepare you for that moment when mom helps the calf get to the surface for its first breath. The second the calf is born, Takara is 100% focused on its care and well-being.  She knows exactly what to do. It is amazing,” said Sigman.

The gender of the calf will be confirmed at a later date. According to Julie, “We take our lead from mom. Takara will let us know when she is ready for us to meet the calf and begin developing a trusting relationship, just like we have with Takara. In the meantime, we let Takara be the awesome mom she is caring for her baby’s every need.”

Guests will have the amazing opportunity to see Takara and her calf in the coming days, but here’s a photo to help get you by until then!

Yo let me put some (lesbian) twilight in your D&D

This story once again features my noble scoundrel, Gavin… Now known as “Gavena” after a gender swapping incident with a certain belt, which you can read about here: dndstories.tumblr.com/post/131635907719/an-unexpected-lesson-in-gender-studies

Gavena and her fellow adventurers had completed various missions in their on-going war against a risen litch, finding information, forming alliances, and trying to find out what the bastard’s phylactory looks like and where he had hidden it.

Now, however, was a time for reconnecting with our employer: A vampire.

To be more exact: Ellis, a 600 some odd old vampire matriarch with a mansion full of servants in a countryside village. No one in the village knew Ellis’ true nature, and she moved around a lot to avoid locals getting *too* familiar with who she is.

Our initial reaction was suspicion and distrust. However, we determined she wasn’t out for any immediate conquest or bloodshed and had a genuine hatred for the recently risen litch (apparently having been apprentices under the same master wizard produced a lot of animosity). She was a powerful figure with resources, who shared a common enemy. Naturally, we worked under her recommendation.

One of our many initial concerns was of course that she would suck us all dry when we rested inside her house. This didn’t happen… At least, not maliciously. Here’s the thing: We did opt to sleep in her house the first time we met her (supposing she would need to ask permission to enter our rooms anyway), and our undine paladin, upon waking in the morning, found two faint marks on her neck.

Our GM assured the player she had experienced no energy drain of any kind, and medical examinations revealed that she was completely healthy and in no way weakened. We immediately thought of the matriarch, however, there was another possibility: Her daughter.

Morwena was a dhampir, apparently a little over 200 years old. She assisted her “mother” and apprenticed under her (we later learned that female vampires cannot give birth, so presumably Morwena came from another coupling). While dhampir do not require blood to survive the way a vampire does, they do still have fangs, and can nourish themselves with it. So we had two suspects, but apparently no reason to immediately pursue the matter, so we carried on our way.

After returning (with Gaven now changed into a woman) the party reported its progress to the Matriarch, who invited us to rest and recuperate. We did. So after a failed attempt by Gavena to seduce one of the maids (“Could you show me how to put on make-up? Yours is just so sublime.”) she went to bed along with the rest of the party.

The GM called on the sleeping paladin to make a perception check. She rolled low… Then he turned to me.

“Have Gaven… Gavena roll perception.” I looked at the other players, they looked back at me: Now we knew at least that whoever it was, was only targeting female characters. I rolled. I rolled HIGH.

“Gavena wakes to the sound of her bedroom door creaking open.” The GM tells me. I’m silent, contemplating what to do.

“Is it all right to assume that I would have placed my rapier within arm’s reach of the bed?” I ask. The GM nods.

“Gavena is going to crack her eyelids just wide enough to see, but so that whoever’s there can’t tell she’s awake.”

“You can see a figure in the doorway, gingerly stepping toward your bedside. Darkness veils their features.”

“Can I tell from looking at their silhouette if they’re a man or woman?”

“You can tell its a woman.”

A light bulb suddenly goes off in my mind, and a smile spreads across my face.

I take a moment, going over the plan in my head, then:

“Gavena is going to pretend to be asleep until the figure gets within arm’s reach.” My fellow players stare at me, then switch between me and the GM as he says:

“Okay, roll Bluff.” Again I roll, and I roll REALLY HIGH.

“The figure, who you can now tell is a woman, approaches your bedside in complete silence until she stands over you, completely oblivious to the fact you’re awake. She starts to lean down toward you. What do you do?”

I mentally pat myself on the back for the brilliant move I’m about to pull off.

“Gavena shoots her eyes open, grabs the figure by her neck collar, and pulls her into a passionate kiss!”

Jaws dropped. I bowed.

The GM raises his eyebrows, and says: “The woman manages to gasp as you lock lips with her. For a moment, she pushes against you, then slides into the kiss with a sigh and wraps her arms around you. When you break the kiss, you can now see that it’s Morwena.”


Affecting my feminine spanish accent, I say:

“You know… I’ve been wanting to do that since we got here.” I finish with a purred ‘r’. The GM tells us that Morwena sits where she is, contemplating what just happened, before saying:

“That… Went better than expected…”

I nod, punching the air, and continue: “At this point, Gavena’s going to sit up in bed, throw the covers off the side, pat the space next to her and say: ‘Now then, what can I do for you-’” at which point the GM cut me off, saying: “Before Gavena can finish the sentence, Morwena climbs into the empty spot and resumes kissing you… Before the screen fades to black… Mass Effect style.”

The other players applauded. I sat, pouting, and asked “What? No boobies?”


SeaWorld has welcomed the newest member of the SeaWorld family of killer whales. Takara, the 25-year-old matriarch of the SeaWorld San Antonio orca pod, gave birth to the calf at 2:33 p.m. central time, April 19, 2017.

SeaWorld committed to stop breeding killer whales in March 2016. The calf was conceived naturally (likely with Kyuquot, but Tuar could also be a possibility) prior to SeaWorld’s decision to stop breeding.

Killer whales are born after a 17 month long gestation. At birth they weigh around 300lbs and are around 6 feet long.

There is no confirmation on the sex of the calf yet.

The Economics of Time and the Will of Seraphi Abrasax

Some things I would love to see explored.  This is less meta and more a wish list for fanfic and impossible extra $200 million space movies.

One of fireofspring’s wonderful meta posts reminds usthat TIME is considered the most valuable resource in the JA universe.  It’s fascinating to think about, because wemere mortals aren’t used to thinking of time as something that can be bought or sold or controlled in any truly significant way.  It’s pretty obvious that time is meant to be analogous to energy (on Earth), and that Regenex is analogous to oil - that is, Regenex is the dominant way of trading in “more time,” and that the economy is built around it.  I’ll bet you there are “solar power” and “wind farm” analogs in the JA universe that are all about alternate ways of producing more time without the use of Regenex.   


In this framework, your wealth correlates directly to how many “extra lives” you can buy. Maledictes even uses the phrase when speaking to Kalique about the bounty hunters.  “They want another life – we can give it to them.”  Thus, the inheritance that you leave to your children correlates directly to how many years of extra life you leave them…and isn’t that a chilling thought?  Wills have long been indicators of how favorably the deceased viewed you, but to have a will be a direct statement of how much longer they want you to live?  

Seraphi left Balem the largest and most valuable inheritance.  In practical terms, that means the most fruitful planets and the biggest Regenex refinery on Jupiter (theorizing here).  In emotional terms…this would make it appear to everyone that Seraphi wanted Balem to live the longest.  Now THERE’S drama for you.  And her three direct children are only her PRIMARY heirs.  What about secondary heirs?  Tertiary?  How much time could Seraphi Abrasax have bought, and how much time did she leave to each one of her beneficiaries?  

And I don’t believe for a second that Seraphi didn’t have something else going on.  She was a 91,000 year old matriarch of an empire based on genocide; this is not a person that lets her children have what she built easily.  The LEGAL statement might have left Balem the most time, but the children are still squabbling about who Mommy loved the most an unknown amount of time after her death. Seraphi had the brains to play her children off against each other – probably through the affection she exhibited, certainly through their inheritances, maybe even through the amount of time she left between each of their births.  She gave each of them a weapon against the other two.  

My theory is that Seraphi left Balem the biggest monetary advantage, Titus with the most “emotional” ground (she must have given him the most cooing and coddling while alive), and Kalique with the most valuable of all – her ability to scheme ahead.   If you look at the way each of the siblings reacted to Jupiter, it’s clear that Kalique has the most brains of the lot.   Kalique gets what neither Titus nor Balem could quite manage – Jupiter’s trust and willing cooperation.  “She’s on our side!” Jupiter exclaims to Caine when he comes flying in.  Boom – Kalique has the heir to Seraphi’s estate on her side, and is in an ideal position to play Jupiter as a puppet for the Regenex empire.  And notice her quick save when she learns about the Aegis – “I was going to take you myself,” she sighs to Jupiter, signaling yet again that she is a legitimate ally and a friend.  Kalique probably didn’t have any plans of the sort, but Jupiter definitely regards her in a friendlier light than, say, Titus or Balem.  


Now WHY did Seraphi leave her children so bitter and competitive?  Wouldn’t a united House Abrasax be much better for dominating the market?  She had thousands of years to raise them, to forge them into a single fighting force for the empire.  Hmmmm…wasn’t Seraphi the one who hated her life?  The one who was “affected” by the harvests?  The one that…maybe…wanted to stop this whole ugly cycle of genocide for Regenex?  And what better way to do that than to engineer a gradual take-down of one of the cornerstones of the market from the inside?

House Abrasax needs a historical-drama TV show. In space.  

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Entitled to What?  Thoughts on the Royalty of Jupiter Ascending


I just noticed… Koslov’s expression was so… heartbreaking.

He was reminiscing of all the good time he had serving Gram-mamma.

How the old matriarch always take time to greet him, ask him if he’s had breakfast/lunch/dinner… and he could never lie. And if he even missed out just one meal, Gram-mamma would insist that he eat first. Overriding whatever orders Arturo Big had for him.

When he was troubled, he was always welcome with her. She provided a sympathetic listening ear, and always wise words to live by.

And she has her grandma magic; no matter how under the cloud he was, her kind words and gentle kiss on his nose will always be enough to make him feel better, and smile.

Gram-mamma was really a grandmother to everyone working for the Big family.

He still misses her to this very day.

carry-on-my-baeward-son  asked:

How do Deathclaw mommas carry their babies? Do you think they do it like Possums?

Not often will you see a Deathclaw momma actually carrying their young. However, its been said that when a Deathclaw must re-locate from a nest, they will carry those that are too young to fend for themselves on their backs for transport. 

Also, if you ask an old Matriarch, she will almost always tell you: “A BAB ON THE BACK IS A SAFE BAB…”

oklahomasky1995  asked:

Three word prompt: Tired of Bullsh*t

“Man, I’m tired of this bullshit!” Esposito threw down his pen and leaned back in his new desk chair.

“Javi, keep it down, she’ll hear you!” Ryan remained hunched over his paperwork, casting furtive looks into Beckett’s office where his new Captain could be seen frowning at her computer screen through the open blinds.

“Good. Let her. I’m not scared of Beckett,” Espo shrugged, posturing, and Ryan suppressed an eyeroll. He knew for a fact his partner was lying, but it wasn’t worth pointing out.

“What are you going to do about it?” he asked instead. “They’re adults, and it’s their marriage. Has nothing to do with us.”

Esposito leaned forward. “Except it does. They’re our friends. And Beckett being happy is now the whole 12th’s concern. Our overtime pay is dependant on her mood now.”

Ryan nodded sagely. With Number Two on the way, small bonuses like overtime made a big difference. “What’s your plan?”

“Lock ‘em up together, make ‘em talk,” Esposito replied promptly.

Ryan leaned back, folding his arms smugly. “Oh, really? Where are we gonna do that, huh? Beckett has the keys to more of this place than either of us.”

Espo opened his mouth to respond automatically, then paused as he struggled to come up with anything to overcome his partner’s rebuttal. “Fine, then, how would you do it?” he finally snapped.

“Not that way. Marriage is more delicate than that, man. No wonder you’re single,” Ryan shook his head at his partner.

Esposito’s nostrils flared. “Or maybe I’m just too much man for one woman, Honeymilk.”

Ryan simply smirked. He knew better than to respond to the jab. “I go home to the love of my life every night. Not a shoebox apartment filled with old pizza boxes and Mrs. Hernandez upstairs screaming at her husband.

Esposito waved his hand in dismissal. “You’re straying from the point. What do we do about Castle and Beckett?”

“Nothing. It’s not our business,” came the prompt reply, as Ryan picked up his pen to keep going with the form he was working through.

Esposito sent him a withering look. “Seriously, bro?”

Ryan didn’t even glance up. “What do you want me to say?”

Esposito huffed, grabbing his baseball and passing it back and forth between his hands. “What if it was Jenny who tossed you out without telling you why? What would you want to happen so you could talk?”

Ryan paused, pen hovering above the page, and let out a long breath. “Not comparable. Jenny’s a completely different person to Beckett.”

“Come on, you can think of something,” Esposito huffed. “Don’t make me ask Lanie.”

Ryan snorted, flipped the page and filling out more of the form. “Yeah, like she’d help.”

“She might. But that’s not the point. You’ve gotta help me here.” He stopped tossing the ball to lean forward earnestly.

Ryan gestured vaguely with his pen. “I don’t know, invite them both out for drinks without telling the other, then get out of there before things get awkward?”

Esposito slammed his baseball back in it’s holder, standing so suddenly his chair scooted back. “That’s perfect! You call Castle. Friday’s good, right? I’ll talk to Beckett. You’re a genius!” He ran off to tap on Beckett’s office door.

Ryan slumped over his desk, head in his hand. There was no way this was going to go well. Beckett was going to kill them both, and then bust them down to traffic. Castle would never lend them the Ferrari ever again, or sign any more books for Jenny’s grandma – the one thing that had charmed the old matriarch over at the start. He had too much to lose to go along with this.

On the other hand…

He thought about Castle and Beckett, and all they had been through, both separately and together.

With a sigh, he pulled out his phone, searched for Castle’s name in the contact list, and dialled.