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11-year-old Marley Dias is the hero we need

You may have heard of Marley Dias. After not seeing herself represented in books, she launched the #1000BlackGirlBooks project. At such a young age, Dias understands and spreads the notion that representation matters. And she’s about to reach even more kids who need it.


I finally have one of these omg

Okay so, as most of my followers know, I have a 3 year old daughter named Marley. She’s full of piss and vinegar most days but I love the little butt, and one thing we share is our love of Pokemon. She doesn’t even know the original 151, its all still very new to her, but she digs it.

So yesterday, we went on a walk to get some dinner for my husband’s birthday, and it was kinda a blast, with both myself and my husband handing her the phone at PokeStops so she could spin them and pick up the items, and by the time we got home, we’d all caught a ton more Pokemon and stocked up well on balls…

But the real plus, to me, was that I got steps in for my eggs. The walk was enough to hatch my first egg, even, a 2k one. I had resigned myself to it likely being a trash ‘mon, and was like, well, at least I don’t have Caterpie/Weedle/etc yet since I only just started playing. We get home, and the ticker clicks over, and the egg is ready to hatch! I call Marley over, she is immediately HELLA excited, 

“SOMETHING IS HATCHING OUT OF THE EGG?!” she didn’t know Pokemon came from eggs yet, and the animation plays, and….out comes a Weedle. I internally groan, but suddenly, Marley’s face lights up.”WHAT IS THAT GUY HE IS LOVELY! I LOVE HER SHE IS FLUFFY AND I WANT TO PET HER!” I explained that it was a Weedle, and it was a Bug-type, etc, and she was literally jumping for joy, “I LOVE HER WHAT IS HER NAME, SHE CAN BE MY BEST FRIEND AND I NAME HER PONY!!”

I actually started crying. No joke. She was SO EXCITED to see that damn Weedle because we hatched it, every Pokemon we’ve seen has been miraculous and special to her, every damn one. No matter how dumb it seems to me, or how many times I’ve caught Paras in all the games, it is literally amazing to her to see one come up, and to catch it.

When I told her that Weedle evolves into Kakuna and then Beedril, she was EVEN MORE EXCITED, since she adores bees. Something that I kinda forget sometimes is that…there are still kids experiencing Pokemon for the first time. So, so many of them. I got upset when I found out that Go was only going to have the first 151 on launch, less even, technically, because legendaries, but it dawns on me…it isn’t really a bad thing. 

It makes it a WONDERFUL way to ease a whole new generation into the series, ya know? There are kids, AND ADULTS, who this is their FIRST Pokemon game. Starting slow ‘cause of that isn’t a horrible thing. I can’t begrudge Niantic/The Pokemon Company that anymore. Not after seeing the PURE LOOK OF GLEE on my kid’s face after seeing that Weedle hatch.

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Marley Dias was tired of reading about white boys and their dogs

That’s how the book collection  #1000BlackGirlBooks campaign was started by an 11-year-old from New Jersey.

Marley Dias is a smart and beautiful young lady. I loved hearing about Marley’s campaign and the joy she has about reading. Her upcoming book club for black girls will also be a success. Keep reading and making a difference Marley!