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Hello. Its me. Gomez Addams. David Paden Marchand, but you’d know me better as Davey Havok. Or perhaps you don’t know me at all, none of it matters much. I sing lead in 4 bands that are completely different from each other; AFI, Blaqk Audio, XTRMST, and more recently DREAMCAR. I’m stoked to be on tour, offer my old man wisdom to everyone. Come chat, I’m friendly (I think) on gho @ killforcvndy@gmail.com

Jung's Story Archetypes

“Yesterday I was 10 years old, today I’m 71 years old. Yesterday I was watching the French soldiers destroying our homes, today I’m watching our Algerian soldiers guarding our homes. Yesterday I was being forced to speak the French language, today I’m free to speak my Arabic language anywhere. Yesterday I was treated as a second class citizen, today I’m a citizen with all rights and duties.

I can’t believe how fast life goes by. Everything I just mentioned didn’t happen in a day or two, but when I think of it now it feels like a a short movie being fast-forwarded towards the end.

And in the end, it doesn’t matter how long you lived as much as what you did in your life to be rewarded in the afterlife. The end is the same, but the test results are different”

“Don’t stop. The only people I know that don’t make it in their field, whatever that is, are people who stop. You know, if you continue to learn and you keep moving forward, you may not become rich and famous - […] but you’re going to become better and better in what you love to do. Continue to do that and inevitably, who knows, you might make money doing it. […] The key is to do something you just love to do with this life.”

~ interview with MCD TV during the after party at the Miami Film Festival

okay but why hasn’t sorachi done a chapter about shinpachi teaching at the dojo (x) like please consider:

  • shinpachi asking gin and kagura to give him a hand as instructors again for a day
  • gin dispensing his useless old man wisdom to anyone who’ll listen
  • shinpachi introducing kagura to the new students as “gura-sensei”
  • zura trying to disguise himself as a homeless man to get in so he can hide from the shinsengumi at the dojo
  • kondo trying to disguise himself as a homeless man to get in because he knows zura’s hiding at the dojo
  • shinpachi beating the crap out of both of them because this shit don’t fly under his roof
  • all of shinpachi’s students coming to respect and fear tae and striving to reach a point where they can hold their own against her as a sparring partner for more than ten seconds
  • kids in the neighborhood looking up to the shimura siblings
  • “shimura-sensei!”
  • shinpachi spending the few paychecks he actually receives from gin on extra food to give his students because he knows that most of them have no idea where their next meal is coming from
  • the dojo starting out as just a place to study and ending up becoming a safe haven for people with nowhere to go
  • shinpachi going on and on about his students and how far they’ve come and how proud of them he is
  • shinpachi crying a little the first time one of his students graduates
  • gin’s chest suddenly feeling tight because something about shinpachi’s generosity and gentle, patient manner of teaching reminds him of someone else
  • gin’s stomach dropping as he realizes that someday shinpachi will have to leave the yorozuya to dedicate his full time and attention to his students
  • but most of all, gin’s heart swelling with pride as he realizes how much shinpachi has grown
  • kagura teasingly calling shinpachi “sensei” for a week or two and shinpachi turns bright red, but his chest still swells a little every time
  • seriously why isn’t this a thing

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random and unlikely old man wisdom 🔥

Old man yells wisdom to the masses. I don’t know if I have any old man wisdom. The stuff that’s coming to mind isn’t exactly inspiring.

Here’s an unpopular one, though: go to college for a job. I went and studied something that would land me a career and I gotta say I like being able to pay my mortgage. People always say that if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. That might be true, but the people that do that are few and far between. Not everyone can be the next Stephen King, no matter how much you really, really, really want to be. Software pays my bills, writing is a fun hobby that maybe one day will turn into something more real. You gotta do what you gotta do. Especially once the student loans hit.

i slip into the silhouette of every person i pass.

sometimes i am a young girl sipping coffee filled with one too many packets of sugar and regrets i can imagine so vividly but somehow have not happened yet. sometimes i am an old man with wisdom bubbling over out of my skin but no ears quite wide enough to hear it and no voice quite strong enough to bellow through the cracks.

on my lips i can taste every first and last and in-between that will never be held tightly enough. the soles of my feet ache from desperation or determination or some mixture of the two that feels both pure and impure at that same time.  

i expand over dreary sidewalks and half-filled classrooms and colorful kitchen tablecloths. it is difficult to remember who i am when i am so many. my mind or one of these minds wants to forget. 

i dilute myself over these landscapes because i am afraid of taking any space. 

i fold myself into these bodies because i am afraid of living any life.

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Ok ok but think about this.... Natris double date with Seb and reader 👀👀👀👀 how great would that be honestly

I don’t know if this is classified as great, but here you go, love. Thanks for the request – and thanks for reading! :)


Natalia came to a short stop in her killer heels when Chris unexpectedly stopped dead in his tracks, his hand paused on the door. “What?” She questioned in confusion when he stared her down.

Chris ducked his head low, giving her the side eye. “Be. Cool.”

“What?!” She cried, incredulously, swatting his bicep with her clutch. “I’m always cool, fool!”

“Yeah,” Chris began with a deep chuckle, pulling the handle towards him to open the door, “sure ya are.”

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Bleach 674

YAASSS I’m actually excited about what happened for once! Although I feel pretty sure it’ll all read better in quick succession instead of week by week. 

Bullet Points:

  • There are a lot of shoe close-ups
  • I kind of dig it
  • Ywach is so gross what is this?
  • Aww Byakuya being sweet
  • Uryuu still going strong

So first of all, there were a lot of weird shoe close-ups in this chapter:

I feel like Shinji was in charge of the layout with the emphasis on fashion. LOOK I NEED SHINJI IN HERE SOMEHOW.

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No but Cas getting frustrated with the way Dean’s a little embarrassed about his freckles so he takes Dean outside on a night where the sky is like newly polished crystal and when Dean starts to point out constellations Cas traces them on the night sky of his arm and after that Dean never blushes when Cas presses kisses to the stars dotting his shoulders

To the Anti-SJW Crowd

I don’t follow you guys, but due to a relationship with a friend, a lot of your stuff has ended up on my dash. I want you to know that I often see things I respect. I’ve seen the kinds of things you fight against destroy people’s lives. The hate-cult that’s masquerading as justice on Tumblr needs to be confronted. I say this because I want you to know that I am not your enemy.

And I need you to know that because there is something you are doing that you need to stop.

To often the last week I’ve seen “sjw” posts met with eye rolling and and cries of “Not another 14 year white American middle class girl!” or some variation thereof. This? This needs to stop. This is the exact same thing as SJWs dismissing people with “lol male tears” and “fedora.” Oh, I mean, it doesn’t have the same connotations of sexism I see in the latter. Or, at least, I really hope it doesn’t. The fact of the matter is though that you are not actually attacking the argument, you are attacking the person, which is a logical fallacy for a reason. Furthermore, you aren’t even attacking the person directly, you are allowing a stereotype to calcify in your mind and using that stereotype as an excuse to dismiss the argument post-hoc. Which is exactly what you say is wrong when a social justice warrior brings up fedoras and friendzones as a way to silence criticism.

Stop it.

I know its frustrating dealing with the very real ignorant children (and adults!) who come to this site, but it doesn’t matter if an argument is made by a 14 year old white girl or an eighty year old man from India. Wisdom, or lack thereof, knows no sex, age, class, nation, race, or gender. Wrong is wrong and right is right, give or take proper context. Approach each argument you find as if you were ignorant of all the ones before it, and judge it, negatively or positively, on its own real merit, not on some conjured image of the poster. This is the only way we're ever going to get past this bullshit in the end.

Yours Truly,


(P.S. If your name is in the tags, I am not making an accusation. I am just trying to get your attention. I figured at least some of you might want to consider this and pass it on.)