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So this great post http://foreverfrankandgee.tumblr.com/post/65184421090/guys-remember-the-first-gif-their-inside-joke by foreverfrankandgee inspired me to make a short sum up of what  she’d pointed out and i added some more stuff…

So we’re back to the mustache thing, guys! Or at least we were - in the Danger Days era…

So you know the famous MUSTACHE GESTURE. Frank and Gerard’s inside joke thing? we don’t know what the two of them mean by that but one thing’s for sure, it’s only between the two…

Frank also has it tattooed on his finger, okay, so it must mean a hell of a lot to him, he himself said that what he gets tattooed has a special meaning to him…so this is huge

Anyway……it clearly hasn’t ended, or at least it was not over in the Danger Days era, look at this gif, okay

Frank clearly does the gesture, look at his upper lip, that thing was intentional! Gerard immediately notices, he licks his lip and does the gesture while he leans closer in to Frank…

Now, foreverfrankandgee made a post about yet another moment showing the mustache thing… and i made screen caps of the moment to point out where exactly….

it can be found in this vid:


We can’t be sure whether this one was an intentional move by Frank (or he only wanted to scratch himself) but Gerard caught that and instantly thought Frank was doing their thing so he got onto that…

and here we go, this is where it all begins:

Gerard notices Frank’s fingers in the let’s call it “their mustache area” and he’s instantly drawn by that, he can’t keep his eyes off Frank since…

he keeps staring at him

this is where he gets ready for his move, oh yeah, the same thing he did in the gif-ed mustache moment above, this is how he prepares for that


this is where he finally gets to that, he puts his finger below his nose the same way he did in the other danger days moment and also blackparade one

See? he clearly keeps the finger there doing “their mustache thing”

And then Frank turns to look at him and look at how contented Gerard looks??? Frank has probably no idea…

And this is what happens right after the moment…Gerard’s all giggly ever since, he keeps staring at Frank and is all smiles,rly damn happy

He also begins to lick his lips while staring at Frank

He looks as if he woke up..cuz before that mustache moment he looked pretty bored or tired, this totally had some reviving effects on him

“WONDER WHY” right?

The sad part about this one is that it’s pretty damn possible that Frank wasn’t actually doing their thing, and that he’d probably no idea what it did to Gerard…..aw boy, those two…*sighs*


ps, as for the mustache thing, i feel like i need to add one more thing connected with this and that’s Frank’s uh..well, creation…he created two candy characters, BOYFRIENDS (!) Old Man Winters and his boyfriend Kyle, have you heard about that? if not, read this post:


i think these things are totally related…just sayin’

My participation to the Character Design Challenge of this month (the theme being Game Of Thrones), a quickly made Aemon Targaryen, former maester of Castle Black ~ he was such a sweet, gentle old man. RIP, in the show as in real life :’(


Poznań by erik witsoe


lost in thought by ewitsoe


└ Seriously old man! You CAN’T look THAT adorably cute when owning up to members!

Cr: VS Arashi 02.02.2017

Mafia AU (Inspired by John Wick)-Submitted by Anonymous

This is not exactly a fic but more of a collection of ideas. I don’t know what to do with it. So maybe others could have a go at it.

Victor is an ex-assassin for the Russian mafia mourning the death of his husband Yuuri. Vicchan, Yuuri’s beloved poodle and sole reason why the two of them met, was left in Victor’s care. While coming into terms with his grief by visiting the first place he met Yuuri, Victor has a run-in with Yurio and his friends which ended with him losing Vicchan as well. This triggered the bloodiest war waged against the Bratva yet.

With Yuuri and Vicchan gone, Victor loses all of his mercy and morality. He slips back into his old assassin persona and becomes hellbent on killing Yurio. It doesn’t matter who stands in his way.

As the top assassin in the world and a former associate, Viktor becomes the greatest threat to the Bratva since Yurio is its heir. They scramble to set up defenses on his inevitable onslaught, call in favors for further support, and even raise a bounty on Viktor’s head.

Meanwhile, the Russian government and the Interpol see this as an opportunity to bring down the mafia. They become an unexpected factor in the war as they would sometimes blatantly back up Viktor or take advantage of the chaos the assassin leaves in his wake during his hunt. 

Many allies, both fake and sincere, tries to keep up with Viktor but he constantly leaves them in the dust. He prefers to work solo and he made a vow to never let anybody close again. Yuuri and Vicchan and their memories together will be enough to sustain him until he could avenge them properly. After that, Viktor looks forward into seeing them again in another life.


- Like John Wick in the movie, Victor uses Yuri as a scapegoat for his mourning and loss. Yuuri, an ex-competitive figure skater, died because of a brain injury gained after a bad fall while demonstrating a quad jump to a young fan. It was an accident and Victor couldn’t cope properly with it because he needed something or someone to blame. He felt helpless. So when Yuri and his friends killed Vicchan, he releases all of his pent up frustration and aggression at them.

- Viktor also has a lingering resentment against the Bratva. They made him jump through multiple hoops before finally letting him retire and live in peace with Yuuri. Had they let him go sooner, he would have spent a longer time with Yuuri and Vicchan. He could have been happier for so many more years. He blames them for his “stolen time” with his husband. This resentment grew worse when he discovers during his crusade that there had been attempts on Yuuri’s life by the Bratva before. The reasons for it were unknown but the fact that they tried is enough for him to desire vengeance.

- The “war” goes on for a longer time than the movie because the Bratva is careful in this AU. Yakov knows there will be no negotiating with Viktor so he didn’t bother placating him. He also didn’t underestimate him and straightaway made preparations for the worst. Yuri is smarter as well and is more mature with his reaction against the threat of Victor. He even think of it as his “coming-of-age” test. If he beats Victor, no one will question his authority anymore even if he’s just an adopted son.

- Otabek is Yurio’s only friend and his closest body guard. The rest of people with him when they harassed Victor were just leeches that he had been forced to make nice with for the family’s sake. Those idiots were the ones that grievously harmed Vicchan. Yurio stopped them too late because he was busy with Victor. He’s not a dog lover but he doesn’t condone animal abuse and mercy kills Vicchan to end his suffering - a scene that is forever seared negatively in Victor’s memory. Once Yurio realized how much of a colossal fuck up the incident was, he punishes the idiots accordingly and manages to blackmail their families into helping them in the “war”.

- Lilia Baranovskaya works with the Russian government. She has a history with Yakov Feltsman who is the leader of the Bratva. She doesn’t talk about it but there is an obvious respect between them even if they are on the opposing sides of the law. She also personally knows Viktor.

- Celestino Cialdini and Phichit Chulanont work with the Interpol. Phichit personally knows Victor through Yuuri and genuinely wants to help the assassin.

- Chris Giacometti is a fellow assassin and the only person in the world that Victor might consider as a friend but is extremely dangerous since he is Heel Face Revolving Door trope personified.

- The entire Russian Skating Family had been and/or is still with the Bratva.

- Yuuri doesn’t know about Viktor’s life as an assassin but he can recognize the signs that he was part of the mafia before. It was easy for him to spot them since the Katsukis are yakuza. He grew up in the underworld but eventually escaped from it through competitive skating. His family didn’t resent him for not following the tradition and was truly proud of his accomplishments. Mari was instead groomed as the next leader of the yakuza.

- On their wedding, the Katsukis became suspicious of Victor until Yuuri assures them that his husband really had left his dark past behind. The man is truly enjoying the normal domestic bliss that they share together in Detroit. The family was not entirely convinced. Yuuri allows them to make only idle threats so they will finally let it go but not before extracting a promise from them in return. If ever Victor gets into trouble, the yakuza will help him as they would with Yuuri. Mari would later make good of this promise once she gets a wind of the Viktor’s “war” in Russia.

- Yuuri and Victor met during the Rostelecom Cup. Victor was on a mission at that time when he got “mauled” by an escaped Vicchan. The poodle followed him everywhere and he begrudgingly let him stay with him for a night. He later posts a picture of the dog with some details online in hopes of finding the owner because Vicchan is messing up his schedule. Yuuri later shows up at his rented apartment to pick Vicchan up. They were instantly attracted with each other. Sadly nothing else happens except for an exchange of names but Victor definitely looks up Yuuri Katsuki in his free time after that.

- They met again at GPF Sochi. He was free at that time so Viktor was able to watch Yuuri’s freeskate. Yuuri performed badly because he just received news about his father’s death that morning. Viktor had slipped backstage to check up on Yuuri and heard him crying in the restroom. With no idea how to help Yuuri, Viktor ended up inviting the skater for a drink. Yuuri agreed, blows off the gala and the banquet, and got absolutely smashed with Victor at the club. That night, Victor realized that he actually cares for Yuuri and wants to keep the man close to him. Their night ended with them cuddled up together in a cheap motel dead drunk and half naked. Victor wakes up first that morning and leaves. He left Yuuri his personal contact number so they could keep in touch along with some medicine and water.

- Victor and Yuuri kept in touch after that. They meet up “accidentally” sometimes when Yuuri is competing. They slowly fell in love. They had their first argument and first kiss in a parking lot before the Cup of China gala exhibition. Their first official date was in Saitama during Worlds. Victor finally decides he wants “out” in the mafia after he and Yuuri exchanged rings in Barcelona.

- Victor and Yuuri got married in Detroit. They decided to live there together with Vicchan as soon as Yuuri retired. It was perfect since they both can start a new life far away from their dark pasts together there.

- Victor became suicidal after Yuuri and Vicchan’s death until he meets Makkachin during his crusade. She’s a big old poodle he had “borrowed” from an impound he had broken into during an escape. Makkachin become his Hope Spot.

- No character is safe but between Yurio and Otabek, one will definitely die as the other lives at the end.

- Viktor earned the silly nickname “Old Man Winter” because of his silver hair. The name became synonymous to Boogeyman soon after in the underworld because of Victor’s clinical and efficient kills. No one beats his record yet of the highest body count.


“And you love like you’ve always been lonely.

Oh you love him with all of your body.”

Headcannons list

A list of upcoming headcannons I’m about to do. If you see anyone missing that you want done, please speak up!

Tony stark:



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Batman/Bruce Wayne:

The joker (Leto and ledger):
Dad(ledger is done!)

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Something I’ve been thinking about. 

When Sandman dies in Rise of the Guardians, the whole funeral looks very traditional and rehearsed and it just made me wonder if it wasn’t the first time a Guardian was lost. So I started going through a mental list of who might have been on the roster, and just had the idea of Old Man Winter being one of the originals, but being lost at some point during the Dark Ages. It’d definitely explain why the team might have been weird with Jack joining at first. 

Are You a 12th House Person? What does it Mean?

Having a strong 12th house means the person has a crucial need for alone time and reflection.

There are several ways that someone can be a “12th house Person”, which includes: Having a 12th house stellium,

If the ruler of your 12th house has many aspects (Say your 12th house cusp is Gemini and you have a Cancer Ascendant, then Mercury would be your ruler of the 12th house)

If the ruler of your Sun is in the 12th house, for example, you’re a sun in Pisces, and you have Neptune in the 12th.

If the ruler of your Ascendant is in the 12th, for example, Scorpio rising, Pluto in the 12th. Also if the ruler of your moon is in the 12th.

Having the sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, or Mars in the 12th.

12th house people are often misunderstood because the way they live their life is not ordinary and they look more deeply into their life experiences. While “normal” people go out in the world, seeking validation from others, working for a team, and go along with social norms, people with a strong 12th house will go deep into their inner world, to contemplate the way the world works and come out with insights that others do not accept. 12th house people aren’t as interested in validation from others because they find more fulfillment in solitude. They ask why social norms and cultural customs exist because they are thoughtful enough to come to their own conclusion (of course several other astrological placements could indicate this as well).

Other people say to 12th house people, “Why are you so quiet, you need to speak your mind” but they don’t realize that if a 12th house person spoke their mind, it can be too much for others to handle, they’d rather observe people talk than join into a conversation they find meaningless. Their thoughts can be so abstract that they cannot be put into words. 12th house people only like being social around other people who have depth, people who are capable of keeping up with meaningful conversation, they tire easily around people who talk about pop culture or other frivolity.

12th house people can flow thru the collective, picking up messages from higher realms and the spirit world. They often astral travel during sleep and have very vivid dreams. Loads of sleep is necessary for 12th house people in order to maintain their intuitive abilities. A sleep deprived person with a 12th house stellium will become severely depressed, feeling like they can’t fit into the “real world” while also not being able to tap into other worlds. I honestly think that everyone would be happier if they valued sleep more (regardless of which houses are prominent for them), because thru rest, our brains have this way of resolving emotional issues. When people are well rested, they allow frustrations to roll off their shoulder more easily.

Disclaimer: I own none of these pictures, except for the picture of me at the very bottom. They belong to their respective owners and I would willingly take down any picture if the creator of any picture wishes me to do so.

By looking at what specific planets are in the 12th house, we can literally see what energies are within a person’s subconscious.

Mars in the 12th house can be a person who lets out their anger when they’re alone because they had to suppress their assertiveness throughout life. They internalize the violence of the world, and thus will attract injuries, accidents, and arguments until they purge the frustration in their psyche.

Saturn in the 12th house you can choose to either be very cynical and harsh to other people, or very sensitive to others’ plights. You carry much guilt in your psyche that prevents you from living as jubilantly as you possibly could, this may be so deep in your subconscious that you need to meditate to bring it to surface and work thru it, as it has likely built up from previous lives. Life feels overly serious and problems are perceived as more severe than they are, this person must learn to be more light and breezy, allowing conflicts to roll of their shoulder instead of internalizing them. By viewing situations objectively, this person will be happier, as they may get stuck in a certain way of thinking. If you embrace new ways of life, you’ll rejuvenate your soul. Fear and inhibitions are prominent in someone with 12th house Saturn.

Ask yourself, are there any life dilemmas that get under my skin more than they need to? Am I subconsciously or consciously holding a grudge on anyone? Do I criticize the mistakes of myself or others more severely than necessary? Do I internalize the harshness of people and the world? How can I work thru it? What are thought patterns that keep me stuck?

From an Esoteric perspective, Saturn in the 12th is like the wise old occultist, who asks apprentices to show their worthiness. He is alone most of the time because he discerns that many people cannot fathom the worlds he has experienced. He despises superficiality and living a life of shallow joys, he yearns for that which is full of complexity, and shares his wisdom with those who are genuine. Old man winter holds a lantern of secrets, revealing them with caution. Cabin fever sets in and his brilliance turns into mania, dying alone but with contentment, his spirit lives on inside a Smokey Quartz, will you unlock it’s power? Still your mind to receive messages from stones.

Uranus in the 12th house can be someone with brilliance laying in their subconscious that is waiting to be tapped into as the person grows to understand their learning style, it can also mean that they wish to rebel against the structure and regulations of the world but feel that they are unable to. The 12th house can represent institutions, so I imagine many people in jail have Uranus in the 12th, as they lived life as they chose and got locked up for it. We must find constructive ways to deal with our 12th house planets or else they become a crutch.

Many people with Uranus in the 12th house had parents who wouldn’t let them ask why, they told their children, “this is the way the world is” or, “you should just believe me because I’m the parent”. The youngster grows up feeling oppressed because they find they have to go along with what they’re told because thinking for themselves leads to punishment. Hopefully they will continue to question what they are told in secrecy and they will grow up to realize the times their parents were wrong and not repeat their mistakes, as well as the times their parents were right. They also discover how certain societal norms are not the way humans are meant to be living, and they’ll find a way to live that is true to themselves and their values. Point is, a 12th house stellium can indicate taking a step back from society to find your own truth.

If a 12th house person is forced to go out in the world too much and not honor their solitary nature, their emotions will come out in unhealthy ways. Donald Trump has Mars in the 12th house, and we see the outrageous ways that he expresses his masculinity. Our 12th house planets could come out in extreme ways if a person is not emotionally intelligent enough to reflect on their feelings and experiences, and process them, instead of take out their unresolved issues in their psyche onto other people.

If a 12th house person has to give up their inner world of being a bridge between the worlds, dream interpretation, clairvoyant and other psychic abilities, and communing with spirits, they will feel like something is missing in their life but they don’t know what. Often this happens as we get tossed into the daily grind of work or school, we no longer have time to reflect on what truly matters. The more sleep we miss out on, life becomes more of a drag, less inspired, and everything feels more mundane.

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If you want to learn more about what your 12th house says about your subconscious mind and how to work thru the potential difficulties you have that are rooted in your 12th house, contact me for a reading. I take the effort to be thoughtful and open minded when I give readings, with the hope that I can show you how astrology can help you live a more inspired life!

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