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Poorly written parallel

I tried hard to like episode 12x18. I really did. However, there are many things I cannot deny, no matter how much I still love Supernatural or how committed I am to shipping Destiel and being generally positive about stuff. The episode wasn’t good. It wasn’t even acceptably good, and I’m sorry if some people out there have liked it or found nice things to say about it. I applaud you if you found something to like about “The memory remains”. I wish it were that easy for me.

People wrote meta about the aliases used in the episode: Agents Stark and Martell. Of course the reference to Oberyn Martell, a bisexual character from Game of Thrones, was the first thing to come to mind, so the episode seemed promising.

The very first thing we saw about Dean in the episode was that he was still worried about Cas. Dean had been trying to find Cas and couldn’t be convinced that he’d be fine. It’s so unusual for Cas not to call Dean back that Dean’s even considered the possibility that Cas has been arrested or killed. Besides, Dean’s way ahead of Sam regarding how concerned he is about Castiel. When Sam finally said that it was time to find the angel, Dean confessed he’d already tried. Up until that point, everything seemed normal and in accordance to what’s been happening in previous episodes.

Consistent writing didn’t last long, though. I don’t want to sound mean, but Mr. John Bring didn’t do a good job of portraying Dean. It’s very obvious when people do their homework thoroughly and when people just do some kind of surface research. The fact that Sam is the smart guy who likes to do research and read books while eating healthy food and Dean is the ladies’ man who prefers to do women over research while eating meat or greasy food is something that Mr. Bring copied and pasted from many seasons ago when Dean hadn’t had any character development yet. I hate it when a character’s growth is set back simply because the writer couldn’t be bothered to watch the most recent seasons of the show. That was poor writing, no matter how much we might try to justify it.

Dean behaved like a douche in that diner. He wasn’t paying much attention to what Sam was saying; he seemed more interested in the waitress than in the case that took them to Wisconsin. I couldn’t help having a flashback to many seasons back. Then we were just told that Dean spent an “awesome” night of meaningless sex with the waitress (Carmen), and they didn’t interact after that.

Are you seriously telling me that the only woman who showed up in the episode, whose name we could barely hear, who had literally no lines (except for saying her name) was there SIMPLY TO BE DEAN’S ONE NIGHT STAND? Are you fucking kidding me? That’s stupid writing and I am not going to defend the jerk who came up with that unoriginal, ridiculous idea. Mary had meaningless sex with Mr. Ketch last week, and even their hook up provided more insight than what we were given about Dean and the waitress.

Dean is an almost 40-year old man who is allowed to have sex whenever he wants to. That’s true. He is free to do it just as much as Mary was. I don’t mind if we’re going to have Dean hooking up with random women, but at least that should be relevant to the story somehow. This random waitress, however, was totally expendable. Do this exercise, delete in your mind the scenes where she appeared. When you do that, is there anything missing in the story? Does anything change? Will it be useful in further episodes? At least Mary and Mr. Ketch’s sex scene added to the drama about the whole “Mr. Ketch, eliminate all American hunters” thing that we have going on. Carmen’s whole purpose in the episode was to show us that Dean still got it, that he can still be a macho man who gets the ladies. Repeat after me: That is poor, sloppy writing!

Don’t try to tell me that if Dean is bisexual it means he can be with women and with men whenever he wants to. I fucking know that! I AM BISEXUAL, for Chuck’s sake! I know what being bisexual feels like. I’ve known it all my life. It’s just that this isn’t real life; it’s TV. If the writer of the episode really intended to show that Dean is bisexual, he could have included the meaningless sex as well as a scene of Dean flirting with some random guy. But of course we’re not gonna get that! Of course we’ll only get Dean with a replaceable woman who has no substance or relevance in the story. OF COURSE!

You can tell me that the writer was trying to make a clear parallel between old Bishop and John Winchester. 
And maybe…. MAYBE you’re right. I’ll give you that.

PETE: Old man Bishop, he, uh, he had an eye for the ladies.

Before that line, we got the whole “different moms, same daddy”, which clearly reminded us that John Winchester had Dean and Sam but also had another child. (Hello, Adam!) It’s even more interesting to hear the guy say a line similar to the one that has forever been the Winchester motto: “Saving people, hunting things, the family business”. Compare that to the Bishop motto: “Hunting people, killing them. The family business.”

We know Dean learned to be the ladies’ man from his father. A lesson that he learned pretty well as we were painfully reminded in the episode thanks to Carmen. And here we have two Bishop sons: Pete (the one who wanted to do exactly what his father did) and Barry (the one who wanted to put a stop to it). So who’s Dean going to be? In this episode Dean was Pete. He behaved just like old John Winchester would have expected him to. Will he put a stop to it? Will he be like Barry? I don’t know and these writers fuck up so much sometimes that I don’t even want to speculate about it right now.

I got the parallel loud and clear. But I still think that it was poorly written. In the hands of a much talented writer, we could have gotten something ten times better. In moments like this, I miss Ben Edlund, Robbie Thompson, and even Jeremy Carver. The fact that I kind of understand why something was written doesn’t mean I have to approve of the way it was executed. At the end of the day, 12x18 was an episode that I wouldn’t recommend rewatching.


In honor of The Pete Holmes Show officially being cancelled (booo), here’s one of my favorite clips from the show, where he interviews John Mulaney.

Dersha Fiction: Skylines- Chapter 11

Thank you for all the comments, reblogs, likes and more on the last chapter! I couldn’t thank you enough for the support! This is the final chapter of the Skylines series. Next week, I will post the Bonus + Epilogue to tie everything up. Yes, I said Bonus. It’s just a small bonus since I won’t address certain events in this final chapter *wink wink*

Chapter inspiration song: So Anxious-Ginuwine

Jackson and Harper were eager to see their parents after an entire week. They had a pretty eventful week with their grandparents. Sloane had Harper out in the garden and at the court every day, while Jackson attended the Ram’s training camp with his grandfather. The two children were always being spoiled by their grandparents and they couldn’t complain. Ahsha was Sloane and Pete’s only child which meant all of her children would be given the world, plus some. No matter how much Derek and Ahsha complained about them being spoiled too much, the grandparents continued showering their grandbabies with an abundance of love and gifts.

When Derek and Ahsha pulled up to Sloane and Pete’s home, the children were playing in the front yard. Their eyes lit up when they saw their parents walking up the driveway. “Mommy, daddy,” Harper shrieked, dropping her toy car and running towards her parents. Jackson walked behind her with a big grin on his face.

“Hey sweetie,” Ahsha smiled as Harper hugged her legs. “Were you two good for grandpa and grandma?”

“Yes,” Harper said, moving to her father, who lifted her over his head before placing her on his neck. The small child giggled and rested her hands on the top of her father’s head.

“I missed you two,” Ahsha expressed, hugging Jackson tightly.

“Did you bring us anything back,” Jackson asked, peeking inside the gift bag that his father was holding.

“We haven’t been here for 5 minutes and you’re already wanting gifts? Geez kid,” Derek joked, handing Jackson one of the bags.

“I know right? We’re only good for gifts,” Ahsha added, throwing her arm around Jackson’s neck. “Come on, let’s get inside. We have something we need to tell everyone.”

Pete was in the living room hooking up a new gadget to the television. “Thought I heard you two pulling up. How was the trip,” he asked, wiping his hands on his jeans before greeting Derek and Ahsha.

“Great. Much needed. Dad, what are you hooking up now,” Ahsha laughed, watching her father get tangled up in cords.

“Oh, just a new movie player system. Your mom got it for me and I thought I better set it up. Jackson was supposed to be helping the old man out,” Pete said, glancing at his grandson who was too busy digging through his gift bag.

“Huh,” Jackson choked, his eyes widening.

“Huh,” Pete mocked, sticking out his tongue. “But he’s been doing a good job helping me at the stadium. And Harper is going to grow a green thumb after all that gardening she was doing with her grandmother.”

Harper gasped dramatically and stared at her thumbs.

“Speaking of ma, where is she,” Derek asked.

“Still down at the courts. She should be back in a few,” he replied. “Let’s go sit out in the back. I made some fresh lemonade this morning.”

Harper and Jackson took off in front of their parents and ran towards the back door. “I wish I had their energy,” Pete chuckled, heading to the fridge.

Derek and Ahsha glanced at each other and nodded. The kids were busy playing in the backyard but they wanted to share the good news with Pete. Ahsha assumed her mother hadn’t shared the baby news since he hadn’t mentioned it to them. “Um dad, we have something to tell you.”

Pete stopped dead in his tracks, his wise eyes darting back and forth between Derek and Ahsha. “Tell me what?” After their separation, Pete wasn’t too fond of his son-in-law. They had finally built their relationship back up to what it was before Ahsha left for New York.

“It’s nothing bad. We decided to renew our vows,” Derek answered, squeezing Ahsha’s hand. “And…”

“You’re going to be a grandpa again,” Ahsha beamed, her pregnancy glow in full effect.

The expression on Pete’s face was the perfect Hallmark moment. Being a grandfather brought him so much joy. Adding a new baby to the mix only made his life as a grandpa even greater. “Are you kidding me,” he chirped, placing the pitcher on the counter.

“Nope. I’m definitely not kidding,” she added, placing a hand on her stomach. “There’s a little one growing in here. The morning sickness is no joke.”

When Ahsha told Pete she was pregnant with Jackson, he cried. Then he cried with Harper. His eyes were already welling up with tears as he stood before his daughter and son-in-law. Pete didn’t have a great relationship with his grandfather and he dreamed of having a load of grandchildren running around the house. Ahsha had blessed him with two beautiful grandkids and now he was getting another.

“Aw, don’t cry,” Ahsha cooed, throwing her arms around her father.

Pete pulled back and rested both hands on Ahsha’s belly. “You’re really having another baby?”

“Yes,” Ahsha smiled.

“Or babies,” Derek added.

“Hey now! Don’t jinx me, baby. One more is enough,” she shot back with a playful glare.

“You know the Romans are known for being strong sho-,” Derek grinned.

“Derek,” Ahsha gasped, slapping his shoulder.

Pete erupted into a hearty laugh. He and Derek bumped fists as they continued joking around.

Ahsha rolled her eyes. Men.

Sloane finally arrived about thirty minutes later and joined them in the backyard. The air was cool enough to enjoy a nice day on the deck. The three of them watched Jackson and Harper play on the swing set Pete had set up earlier that week.

“You two have them so spoiled,” Ahsha expressed, shaking her head.

“They are our only grandbabies, what do you expect? Well besides the one growing in here,” Sloane responded, patting her daughter’s midsection.

“Yeah, the baby you didn’t tell me about. I swear these two are always keeping secrets from me,” Pete joked, turning to face Derek. “Hope you have another boy. Before you know it, you’ll be outnumbered.”

Derek chucked. “Oh trust me, I’m praying for a boy. I’ll have enough trouble on my hands with Harper. She’s not dating until she’s 50, we’ve had that discussion.”

“And Jackson isn’t bringing a girl home until he’s 70,” Ahsha added. “But I think this is a girl.”

“Me too,” Sloane agreed with a grin. Like Pete, she loved being able to spoil her grandchildren. Having an empty nest was their excuse.

Sloane’s eyes fell on Ahsha’s ring finger. “Um, is this a new ring I see?”

Derek and Ahsha smiled like two school-aged children. They couldn’t even hide their happiness at this point. “Yes. That’s what we wanted to tell you. We’re renewing our vows.”

“Something I knew before you did,” Pete teased earning a glare from his wife.

“How beautiful. So you two are going all out, I’m assuming,” her mother asked, staring at the new rock sitting on Ahsha’s finger. “This ring is bigger than the last one, no?”

“It feels bigger,” Ahsha added, watching the ring sparkle in the Cali sun. “I think he did a good job.”

“Oh he did a wonderful job,” Sloane cheesed, winking at her son-in-law. “Pete, darling, take notes.”

“Ha! Hey Derek, I took some meat out of the deep freezer last night. Why don’t you help me grill it up for dinner? We’ll leave the women up here to talk about diamonds,” Pete grunted as he stood to his feet. “Plus, I don’t get to spend a lot of time with my son.”

“Awww, quality time,” Ahsha teased.

Derek and Pete grabbed some steaks and ribs from the kitchen and gathered in front of the grill. “I see you got a new grill, pops.”

Pete was the grill master. When the kids were out of school for the summer, they begged him to grill every evening. Harper even went as far as asking him to grill waffles, though her grandfather declined. “Yeah that other one finally died on me. This one here is my new baby. I’m out here every weekend on this thing,” Pete replied, patting the top of the grill.

“I bet. It’s nice,” Derek said.

There was a short moment of silence before Pete finally piped, “I’ve never said this, but I appreciate the way you stepped up and took care of business. I haven’t seen Ahsha smile like that in a long time. You’re a great man for her and a great father to the kids.”

“Thank you. Just doing my job, sir,” Derek noted with a nod of his head. “Keeping them happy is my number one priority and of course myself included.”

“I know what you mean. When we had Ahsha, I was scared out of my wits. Sloane was the one trying to keep me calm. But she’s probably the best thing that could have happened to us. She turned out to be an amazing woman,” Pete gushed, glancing over at his daughter and wife.

Derek followed Pete’s gaze. Sloane and Ahsha were deep in conversation. “Yeah, I’m lucky.”

“You both are. She’s just as lucky to have you,” Pete added, slapping his son-in-law on the back. “Now let’s get these ribs on the grill. I’m starving.”

Later that evening, they had dinner on the deck and shared a lot of laughs. Derek and Ahsha also shared the baby news with their children. Harper was beyond excited about the new addition. Jackson was fine either way. He knew he would be tortured by his younger siblings and didn’t look forward to that part.

The family joked and reminisced into the night.


5 months later

Harper rested her head on her mother’s stomach as they watched cartoons from the bed. Ahsha and the kids had officially moved back into the mansion. Their new home was in the process of being remodeled on the other side of Los Angeles.

“Mommy, when is the baby coming out,” Harper asked, her tiny fingers pressing into her mother’s rounded belly.

“A few more months, baby,” her mother answered. Ahsha couldn’t wait until she finally popped because carrying this baby was a lot harder than her previous pregnancies.

“Is it a boy or girl,” Harper quizzed, her big brown eyes full of so much curiosity and innocence.

“We find out today. What do you want it to be,” Ahsha asked in return.

Harper pondered on the question for a few minutes. “A girl. I can play with her and dress her up in my princess stuff. I’ll let her play with all my toys.”

Ahsha laughed at her daughter. It was quite obvious that she had a plan and it didn’t involve having a baby brother. “I hope you share. You’re not the baby anymore. How do you feel about that?” The topic of being a big sister hadn’t been brought up to Harper. Her parents took her excitement as an indication that she was ready to give up her baby title.

“Good,” she answered quickly, still rubbing her mother’s stomach. “I’ll be a good big sister.”

“Will you,” Ahsha raised a brow. “You won’t be the baby anymore and mama needs for you to be a big girl. Can you promise me that?”

“Yes, I promise,” Harper smiled, holding out her pinky.

“Alright,” Ahsha answered, linking her pinky with Harper’s.

Loud footsteps sounded off on the steps indicating that Derek and Jackson were back home. Derek had taken Jackson to football practice. Jackson was excited about having his father there and even more excited that Derek was assisting the coaches.

“How are my two beautiful girls,” Derek crooned as he walked into the room to find his wife and daughter laying across the bed. “Sorry we’re late. Practice went over a few minutes.”

“That’s okay. Kyle is on her way now,” Ahsha replied, kissing Derek’s lips. “Figured the kids could get some quality time in with auntie Kyle while we’re at the appointment.”

“Yes,” Jackson cheered to himself. Going over to Aunt Kyle’s meant he could play video games all day. Plus, she let them eat all the unhealthy foods their mother wouldn’t let them eat at home.

Later that afternoon, the couple was on their way to Ahsha’s appointment. After months of guessing and making bets, they were finally going to find out the sex of their third child. Derek’s hand rested on Ahsha’s thigh as they drove down the jammed packed highway.

“It’s a boy,” Derek said, his eyes set on the road.

“Nope. A girl,” Ahsha shot back, propping her head up on her hand.

“Hey, I just want a healthy baby with all 10 fingers and toes,” he replied, massaging the smooth skin of Ahsha’s leg. “I’ll honestly be fine with whatever.”

“Me too,” she smiled, laying her hand on top of Derek’s. His intense gaze sat on her eyes for a second before he turned his eyes back to the road.

The car fell silent for a few minutes, the radio softly playing in the background. Both of them seemed focused on other matters before Derek spoke up. “Remember when you wanted to see a marriage counselor?”

Ahsha’s brows crinkled together. “Yeah. Why?”

“Well back then I was being super stubborn and didn’t want outside help. I wasn’t into that “wacky” psychology stuff and I didn’t trust someone else trying to tell me what was wrong with my marriage. Looking back, we could have really used that help. Who knows what could have happened had we gone to see that doctor like you asked,” Derek began.

Still confused, Ahsha frowned. “Oooook.”

Derek’s grip on the wheel tightened. “I want to see a marriage counselor. Even though we’re fine right now, it wouldn’t hurt. Right?” He hated getting ‘help’ from others and this was a huge step for him. Thinking about seeing a marriage counselor back then was such a hassle. He didn’t trust another person telling him how to fix his relationship. What did they know? What if they took that information and sold it to the press? How did they know that their methods would work? He had so many doubts back then but since he had gotten older, Derek had a mature outlook on it. Having an outside person they could talk to actually seemed like a good idea.

The expression on Ahsha’s face told Derek that she thought he was joking.

“Seriously Ahsha. I refuse to go down that road again and if talking to someone helps us, then that’s what I want to do,” he added.

“Okay then. That’s what we’ll do,” Ahsha replied with a wide grin.

There was no denying the growth they showed not only as a couple, but as individuals.


The anxious couple finally reached the doctor’s office forty minutes later. Derek helped Ahsha out of the truck. He couldn’t hide the smile on his face. She looked so beautiful carrying his children.

“Whew, this baby is wearing me out already,” Ahsha grunted as they walked through the glass doors.

“My boy,” Derek boasted with a cocky smirk.

“Whatever Derek,” she chuckled. “I bet you dinner that this is a girl.”

“Deal,” he smirked, placing a hand on her lower back as they neared the receptionist’s desk.

A short time later, the couple was returning to their truck with a sonogram picture in tow. Ahsha shook her hips before sticking her tongue out at her husband. “You owe me a big pot of spaghetti with homemade garlic bread and a nice slice of apple pie.”

“Oh so you already had the meal planned all out,” Derek laughed. “Alright, I got you…and you,” he added, kissing her stomach. “Can’t wait until you get here.”

Ahsha’s ovaries exploded every time she witnessed Derek have moments such as these with his children. Seeing him as a father was such a beautiful blessing. “I can’t either,” she responded, laying her hand on top of her husband’s.


A few weeks later, the Romans and their family and friends gathered in the backyard of the new Los Angeles mansion. Derek and Ahsha had purchased a new home to begin making new memories as a family.

With a rounded belly, Ahsha literally glowed in warm California sun. It was hard to believe that a short time ago she was living across the country, barely speaking to Derek. Now here they were, renewing their vows in front of close friends and family.  Just thinking about all they had endured made her tear up.

“You done in here,” Kyle asked, peeking into the master bedroom. “You look gorgeous!” Her best friend slid through the door and shut it behind her.

“Thanks girl. I feel like a whale,” she complained, looking at herself in the mirror.

“If you don’t quit! You look beautiful, big belly and all,” Kyle replied, fixing a piece of Ahsha’s hair. “I’m so happy for you, Ahsha. You deserve all the happiness in the world.”

Kyle wasn’t lying. The effects of the separation were also draining on her as a friend. Derek and Ahsha were both good friends of hers and she hated to see them unhappy. Witnessing the fight to get back what they had, made Kyle emotional.

“Awww,” Ahsha cooed, pulling Kyle into a hug. “Thanks for being there for me. I know you got tired of listening to me cry all the damn time.”

“There were times I wanted to tell you to pull it together. But I understood the circumstances,” Kyle claimed with a wink. There were many nights that Ahsha would call her just needing to talk. Being a great friend, Kyle would stay up and let her vent. Many of those nights would end in tears. “Now you can be up all night for other reasons,” she added, raising her brows.

“Yeah, that’s what got me knocked up and looking like this,” Ahsha chuckled, pointing to her stomach.

A soft knock at the door interrupted their moment. “They’re ready for you, honey,” Sloane whispered.

“Okay, I’m coming,” Ahsha answered, taking one last glance at herself in the floor to ceiling mirror. Kyle and Sloane got one last hug in before helping Ahsha down the long staircase and to the kitchen.

Harper and Jackson were a part of the ceremony and were excited to walk with their mother down the aisle.

“You look pretty mommy,” Harper gushed, hugging her mother’s waist.

“You look beautiful, mom,” Jackson added, hooking his arm around his mother’s.

Their sincere words almost made Ahsha cry but she held herself together. “Thank you. You two are too sweet,” the mother replied, placing a kiss on both of their cheeks.

“Ready,” Jackson asked Ahsha as he led her to the back door. Harper was holding on to her mother’s hand for dear life. Ahsha nodded and Jackson walked his mother and sister out to the spacious backyard where Derek awaited.

Derek winked at his wife as she slowly hobbled down the porch steps and sidewalk. Seeing his children and expecting wife walking towards him on such a special day made him emotional. To think about where they were in the last year made him feel incredibly thankful for what he had now.

“Hey beautiful,” Derek crooned as his family finally reached the end of the yard. Jackson placed his mother’s hand in his father’s and took his spot on her other side. Being a daddy’s girl, Harper ran to her father’s side and took his free hand.

Pete took his place in front of the family. “Good afternoon. I would like to thank you all for joining us on this beautiful day to celebrate Mr. and Mrs. Derek Roman. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing these two grow as individuals as well as a couple. Two kids…well three,” Pete continued, causing a few laughs. “Three kids later and they are still going strong if not stronger than before. Today they reconfirm their commitment to each other. May you two continue to love and cherish one another despite any hardships or challenges thrown your way. May this renewing of your vows open the door for more memories and serve as a reminder of the love you share for each other. Please join hands and share your vows.”

The couple turned to face each other and linked hands. Their eyes stayed locked on each other, lips curved into bright smiles. This day would be their new beginning as a married couple. The vows they delivered years ago weren’t fulfilled and after today they would live by new promises.

Derek’s thumbs massaged Ahsha’s knuckles as he began speaking. “Ahsha, when I first met you, I didn’t think you would give me the time of day. I wasn’t the type of guy a woman like you dated. But you gave me that chance and we’ve built great memories with each other since then. All these years later and I still see you as the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on. You’ve given me two beautiful children and I’m sure our third will be just as amazing. I can’t thank you enough for the love you have given me even when I haven’t returned it in the way I should. From this day forward, I want to continue building on our love and making new memories with each other.  I couldn’t ask for a better woman to be my wife and the mother of my children. You’re my best friend, the love of my life and the one person who has cherished me and helped me become a better man. In the past, I’ve taken advantage of what we’ve had. I am here today to move forward with this renewed commitment to you and our family. I promise I’ll always look out for you. I love you with all my heart and I always will.”

By the end of Derek’s vows, there wasn’t a dry eye. Everyone was thrilled about the couple renewing their love. Ahsha quickly blinked away her tears, though one escaped down her cheek.

Taking a deep breath, she began, “Derek…there have been times when I’ve taken our love for granted. I’ve done things I’m not proud of and I’ve been wrong. We’ve been through so much in these past few years and our love still survived. If that isn’t proof that this is meant to be then I don’t know what is. The trials we’ve been through only made us stronger and the bond we share cannot be broken. I’ve never met someone as giving and kind hearted as you. The joy you’ve brought to my life outweighs the pain we’ve encountered. We aren’t perfect by any means but I don’t wish to be. I want to continue building a life with you while learning how to better myself to be the best mother to our children and wife to you. Today, I want to renew the vows we made a long time ago and pledge my love to you. I have never stopped loving you and my heart has always been yours. I promise to cherish you as you have cherished me and I can’t wait to begin this new chapter of our marriage with you by my side. I love you Derek Roman and I always will.”

The couple remained hand in hand as Ahsha finished her vows and Pete rejoined them.

“Now you may exchange rings,” Pete demanded.

Derek and Ahsha turned to their children to receive their new rings. Harper placed her mother’s ring in Derek’s hand as Jackson gave Ahsha his father’s new ring. Kissing her hand, Derek slid the new ring onto Ahsha’s finger. She slid Derek’s new band onto his finger and turned to face Pete.

“Today, you have renewed the vows that you made to each other on your wedding day. You have reconfirmed the meaning of the rings you wear each day. I ask that you continue to love each other through the good times and bad. You have renewed the vows that bind you as husband and wife. You may kiss your bride…again,” Pete concluded, stepping back.

Derek grinned as he leaned in and captured Ahsha’s lips in a sweet kiss. The small crowd clapped as they watched their favorite couple renew their love.

“Ewww,” Harper frowned as she watched her parents kiss.

Ahsha laughed as she pulled away from her husband’s lips and pulled her children into a tight embrace. The family shared a quick moment before turning around to pose for pictures. As the photographer along with family and friends snapped shots, Derek and Ahsha shared a moment of their own.

“Looks like you’re stuck with me forever,” Ahsha muttered, resting her head on Derek’s shoulder.

“And I’m perfectly fine with that, Mrs. Roman,” he said, kissing her forehead.

They were both perfectly fine with that.

Thank you so much for all the support and love I have received while writing this story. It’s been such an amazing journey that I don’t want to end but I know it’s time to stop it here. I will be posting a bonus+ epilogue in the next week or so. You will get to meet the new baby then! Introducing the baby in this chapter was a little long so I thought I’d save it. The next one will definitely be the last chapter of the series. Again, thank you!

Pete Carroll and Andrew McMahon: A Love Story

So if you’re not a super big football fan but are planning on watching the Super Bowl tomorrow, I suggest you root for the Seahawks. Why you ask? Because Pete Carroll and Andrew McMahon have an epic bromance. 

Like, it started out innocently enough: 

That’s cool bro, glad you’re digging it… 

Like, really digging it. Now, before he coached the Seahawks, Pete was the coach for USC. And he fell in love with Andrew’s story so much that he invited him to practice one night. To, you know, teach football bros how to be a badass… 

And even though Pete had to move to Seattle, he still made sure Andrew felt the love: 

(I helpfully tweeted that only the name was done, so hopefully he rocked the EP when it came out…)

So basically what I’m saying is that you should embrace this beautiful bromance and root for the Hawks.