old man or hipster

impractical-insanity-guide  asked:

Okay but please consider Kraven wearing a sweater with black leggings and hiking boots thinking he is the height of fashion and nobody has the heart to tell him he's dressed like a fourteen-year-old girl.

okay well to be fair, once an adult man does it, dressing like a teenage girl is always the height of fashion

but knowing him they would be some fucking big-ass combat boots. that’s why he wears ballet flats all the time. all his other shoes are huge pain-in-the-dick boots that take forever to put on and take off.

… i distracted myself looking at pictures of combat boots, i’m just going to publish this before i get worse


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Joshua/OFC: Once bitter, and twice shy

Originally posted by joshuashong

Genre: Fluff/Romance

Word Count: 1615

Characters: Joshua Hong/Original Female

Summary: On Christmas day they go on a mission to find the best hot chocolate in Seoul. 

He definitely did not come here little enough. But it reminded him a lot of home, so sooner or later he had to buy something from here one of these days. The layout was a gaudy mango and raspberry fest which littered the wallpaper, the styrofoam cups, and the furniture. But he was desperate for something warm and it was cold as hell (excuse him for the oxymoron, he’s just used to the slang) so he went in anyway.

“I’ll have a medium hot chocolate, please.” he asked the cashier, pulling his wallet out.

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