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the funcom incident, or: sometimes love don't feel like it should

i felt like i had some shit to get off my chest about this. although honestly it’s less about funcom and more about me. SO CONTINUE AT YOUR OWN RISK I GUESS?? BRACE FOR A LOT OF SENTENCES WITH PERIODS AT THE END WHOA SERIOUS

people who have been following my tumblr or been my friend for- jesus, almost the last year- will know what i mean when i say i fell for tsw and i fell hard. go check how many pages there are in my #adventures in apiculture tag if you don’t believe me.

the setting was pretty much everything i’ve ever wanted. the writing was some of the best i’d seen in an mmo and some of the best i’d seen in a video game, period. there were poc characters and female characters and queer characters who were taken seriously, and that meant a lot to me. 

and it was a funcom game. and i have trusted funcom for over ten years.

i played anarchy online as a tiny child. i loved the setting and i loved how the company interacted with the rp community. i had a terrible self-insert character who i loved and who people liked way more than she deserved. i met a lot of friends and as a weird, awkward, nerdy kid with no real friends irl, that was a really important fixture in my life. 

and then i found myself, ten years later, falling for another funcom game. i was wary because listen- i remember how goddamn buggy AO was- but the writing won me over. not to mention, again, how the company interacted with the rp community. it’s a rare thing. and so ten years later, i found myself once again getting way too invested in my terrible [arguably somewhat self-insert, let’s be honest here] character, who people like way more than he deserves.

and when the actual official IC accounts took notice of me, i freaked out a little. because if my eleven year old self had ever been contacted by funcom reps, she would have died on the spot of glee. 

i am telling you this so that you can better understand why i kind of feel like i’ve been punched in the gut, here. 

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like ok lets go out on a limb here. are yall ready for the big rp rants

im not even gonna get into the people playing gross racial stereotypes cause i don’t really know where to start with that one other than ‘whoa there friend’

but i keep seeing this thing where characters have some kind of gross bigotry going on to give them a flaw of some kind?? like you wanted to make a Complex Character so you slapped some racism in there?

which like ok- aside from the fact that this generally ends up being a bunch of people sittin around patting themselves on the back about being able to recognize that this blatant outdated stereotype of 'BOY I SURE DO HATE [X] PEOPLE’ racism is a bad thing while perpetuating the ubiquitous, more subtle racism that is fuckin rampant

that isn’t… really my idea of a fun time?

like these are generally the people who talk about how they ~tackle SERIOUS REAL-WORLD ISSUES~ with their rp and even discounting all the ways this ends up being super gross, man, i am definitely not here for that. the racism is the most common but i’m white as hell so, you know, i’m not really the guy to speak to about that, even if it does make me super fuckin nauseous. but to put it in more personal terms:

this is stuff that already makes me ill irl. i’m here playing with my urban fantasy occult horror dollies in the corner. i get to play pretend as somebody who was born as a cis dude. the dollies bleed and cry a lot and then i smoosh their faces together and make them kiss all queer-like. i’m not really all that interested in having a tvtropes-derived ~snarker badass jerkwad who thinks people like me are subhuman but its ok he has a heart of gold~ in my dollie pile. i already see enough of those, like, out in their natural habitat. but with way less anime hair and occult gunswords. 

also, honorable mention for the people who, when the blatant outdated 'BOY I SURE DO HATE [X] PEOPLE’ racism gets called out, immediately jump to 'well heh maybe YOU’RE the real racist for being intolerant of their intolerance [smugface]’

ok well first of all i will bet Dollars that that’s you and not just your character talking, and second of all thank you for being on the reddit level of sociopolitical discourse, peace, I’M OUT 

[slams eject button, ollies over a pile of fedoras]