old man in a kilt

problemsofabookaddict  asked:

hey, you have a great blog!What romance books do you recommend?

Thanks love! And I recommend finding a time period/location that you love and going with that first. 

For example, I am a sucker for Regency England. You put a girl in a ball gown in front of me with a strong lord in the background, and I am done for! So if that's what you enjoy, I’d suggest anything by Julie Quinn, Stephanie Laurens, Charis Michaels, the old standard of Julie Garwood (love a man in a kilt…)

But if that’s not your thing, you kinda just have to dig in and see what floats your boat. And it’s February, thus my lonely single ass will be reading a lot of romance novels this month. So if you think you want some more specific recs later on, hit me up.